CPU cooler Reeven HANS


For most ordinary users not seeking to accelerate every megahertz in their computer, Reeven has affordable and simple models. One of these coolers is Reeven HANS (RC-1205).

This is a relatively compact model of tower type, designed to cool any modern CPUs. Its features and options will be discussed in today’s article.

Reeven HANS is sealed into a compact box, made of cardboard and painted in a red marble. Its obverse depicts cooler and lists the supported platforms.

The side and back of the box are as informative as possible. They have the key features of the cooler, its size and specifications, as well as a few warnings for use.

Parts are sealed in flat box containing plates for mounting the cooler, installation manual, a set of screws, nuts and washers, an extra pair of clips to install a second fan, and a bag with plastic bushings, rubber gaskets and thermal paste.

Reeven HANS is a cooler of classical tower design consisting of an aluminum radiator with heat pipes and 120-mm fan. It is thanks to the latter, its bright yellow impeller, HANS looks quite interesting in terms of design.


In addition to the bright fan, HANS is interesting due to nickel-plated tubes and decorative plate on top of the radiator, which bears the name of the manufacturer. Such, albeit small, parts distinguish the cooler from the faceless mass of other CPU cooling systems in this price class.

In the four copper nickel-plated heat pipes of 6 mm in diameter, extending through the nickel-plated copper base, with an intercostal distance of 1.85 mm are pressed 50 aluminum plates with thickness of 0.45 mm. Dimensions of a plate are 125 × 49 mm, so the area of the radiator for the cooler of this class is a very, very decent – about 6920 cm2. Some proprietary technologies and optimizations in the radiator is not declared and not implemented, everything is very simple, including molding plates with heat pipes.

However, it is worth noting properly spread across the whole area of ​​the radiator plates, heatpipes that evenly distribute the heat flux in its ribs.

The distance between the tubes, which are laid in the grooves and soldered at the base equal to 2 mm and the minimum thickness of the copper nickel plate underneath them is 2.0 mm.


The contact surface of the base with area of ​​1634 mm 2 (43 × 38 mm) is more than sufficient for covering any modern CPU heat spreader, including constructive LGA2011. At the same time, it is clearly not treated to a mirror.

Reeven HANS is equipped with one 120 mm fan COLDWING 12 (model RM1225S15B-P). Bright yellow impeller with diameter of 114 mm has 11 blades and rounded edges of the rotor.

Due to the racks curved in the opposite direction of rotation of the impeller side, COLDWING 12 has more focused airflow than comparable 120 mm models from other manufacturers. Support of PWM control ensures a rotation speed in the range 300 to 1500 rev/min, air flow from 16.6 to 82.1 CFM, static pressure of 0,076 to 1,702 mm H2O, and the noise level in the range of from 4.0 to 29, 8 dBA.


CPU cooler Reeven HANS updated: November 18, 2015 author: Darina