CPU cooler CRYORIG H7: tech simplicity


It is simply looking cooler has absorbed a lot of interesting technical solutions and received the perfect from the technological point of view fan of the same brand. So today’s review promises to be quite interesting

Today we look at CRYORIG H7, for use in horizontal cases of HTPC type.

Packaging and set

The compact box, in which CRYORIG H7 is shipped, is made of cardboard and decorated in the typical style for the company’s products. The front side shows a photo of the cooler, and a brief description.

The side and back of the box are reserved for the listing of the key features of the cooling system, its size, specifications and a list of supported processor sockets.

Together with the cooler comes already familiar kit by CRYORIG, which includes everything you need to build and install to the processor, as well as an extra pair of wire brackets for the second fan.

Designed by Taiwanese engineers, CRYORIG H7 is produced in China. The cooling system is added with three-year warranty, and it costs just 34.5 US dollars.


Design features

CRYORIG H7 is a cooling system of tower construction with aluminum heat sink on heat pipes and 120-mm fan. The design of the cooler, in our opinion, is interesting. Silver plates of the radiator on nickel-plated heat pipes, the ends of which are closed on top with the decorative cover and combines with a fan, which consists of matt black frame and white glossy impeller.

One of the main advantages of this model, according to the manufacturer, is its small height of only 145 mm. This, according to developers, will allow to install the cooler in horizontal cases of home theater systems. In turn, the width of the cooler is 123 mm and the thickness – 98 mm.

Cooling system weighs just 711 grams, of which 577 fall on the radiator.

Structurally, the cooler is really very simple: on three copper heat pipes passing through the nickel-plated copper base, with the intercostal spacing of 2.2 mm are pressed 40 aluminum plates of 0.4 mm thickness. The sides of the radiator are partially closed, and with one side set 120 mm fan. Area of the radiator turned out to be pretty decent for a cooler of this size and cost – 7130 cm2.


That seems to be all. However, engineers of CRYORIG realized in such a simple-looking radiator several interesting technical solutions.

First of all, it should be said about the heat pipes, there are only three of them, but they are distributed on the “body” of the radiator at the highest possible distance from each other, allowing to evenly distribute the heat flow in the ribs.

Secondly, it is already familiar Jet Fin Acceleration System, consisting in the cellular structure of the ends of the ribs at the inlet air flow to the radiator.

Let’s recall that such a structure of ribs allows passing through a greater volume of air flow, contributing to its compression at the output of the cells, increasing the speed of its passage through the ribs, as well as structures air jets and reduce turbulence. All of this should help to improve the efficiency of heat exchange and reduce the CPU temperature when cooling CRYORIG H7.

In the radiator outlet ends of the ribs have a variable height, and are bent slightly in opposite directions.

The fourth reason for pride of CRYORIG for model H7 is a new fan QF120 Balanced.


Its features are slots in the frame, thanks to which the blades of the impeller may enter the air flow of increased volume, consequently, the fan itself is able to inject it into the radiator at a higher level than conventional models. However, the characteristics of this one can hardly say anything, because the claimed 49 CFM for 120-mm fan at the speed of 1600 rev/min can not be called an outstanding value. The lower limit of the speed of this model is declared at the level of 330 rev/min and is regulated by the PWM turns. The noise level should be in the range of 10 to 25 dB and silicone inserts in the corners of frame blanking vibration contribute to its reducing. Static pressure is stated at around 1.65 mm H2O, and the life of the firm bearing HPLN (High Precision Low Noise) is not specified, as well as electrical characteristics.

Securing of QF120 Balanced on the radiator is carried out by wire staples.

An additional pair of staples is included in the package, so if you want to, you can hang an additional fan on CRYORIG H7, however, it will somewhat spoils the philosophy of compactness of this model.


CPU cooler CRYORIG H7: tech simplicity updated: September 30, 2015 author: Darina