On Kickstarter appeared world’s smallest contactless “smart” thermometer

On Kickstarter appeared world's smallest contactless "smart" thermometer

If you combine the qualities of a caring parent and advanced user who prefers high-tech gadgets, the device is called Wishbone become mandatory attribute of your kit. Classic mercury and even electronic thermometers for measuring body temperature has long passed into the category of archaism and remnants of the past, which came to replace the non-contact device for instant determination of the necessary parameters. The next step of evolution can be considered “smart” thermometer connected to the smartphone. It is to this class of gadgets applies Wishbone, production of which has been made possible thanks to the site Kickstarter.

What is the difference of the new analogs available today? First of all, the status of “smart” device requires the owner to keep Wishbone “at hand” for measuring the temperature of a smartphone or tablet computer. A tiny gadget is not able to fulfill their direct duties as an independent unit and need to be connected to the mobile electronics through the 3.5 mm audio jack.

Built in Wishbone sensor and software, as adapted for the platform iOS, and Android, will allow to measure the body temperature of a non-contact method. If you invest in a startup step over the mark of $ 60 thousand., The developers added a function of temperature measurement of objects and liquids, and when it reaches $ 70 thousand. Wishbone be able to track changes in ambient temperature.

On Kickstarter appeared world's smallest contactless "smart" thermometer

As regards the procedure measuring the temperature of the body, it looks as follows: the user brings the smartphone gadget set it at a distance of about 3-5 cm to the target, activates the determination of temperature and two seconds later remove the device readings appear on the display.

All operations are carried out, as mentioned above, a contactless manner, and after the received data stored in a database. If, say, someone from relatives or friends feel unwell, then record the temperature measurement clearly show a trend of improvement or deterioration of health status.

It should also be noted that the Wishbone – this is the small device from all available on the market today “smart” analog thermometers. Operating temperature range gadget from 0 ° to 100 ° C, and the measurement accuracy in the range 0,2 ° C for the living organism. The error in determining the temperature of the object is equal to ± 1 ° C. Wishbone autonomy provided built-in lithium battery type LR41 (AG3), which would require replacement for no earlier than one year of operation.

On Kickstarter appeared world's smallest contactless "smart" thermometer

At this stage startup 28 days before the end of the fundraising has already managed to attract donations in excess of $ 53 thousand., Although the developers originally set the bar at a rate of $ 20 thousand. The cost of goods for participants Crowdfunding is $ 33, and the beginning of deliveries scheduled for April 2015.

On Kickstarter appeared world’s smallest contactless “smart” thermometer updated: February 1, 2015 author: John Malkovich