Review of the Headphones Bose QC25

Review of the Headphones Bose QC25

Continuation of the best known noise-canceling headphones, Bose QC15. What has changed, except the design? A key innovation – work even if the battery of the village. But let’s see what else is new will give us Bose QC25 …

Design, construction

If you look at the Bose QC15, then I somehow pops into your Call of Duty: Black Ops. Bellied TV and radio, the Cold War, our missiles in Cuba, fantastic design of different devices, it is naive ideas about the future. Well, and so on. Retro style with all the attendant details. In the Bose QC25 from retro was gone. But Bose and style here is good too recognizable, take at least a complete cover. This carefully thought-through thing is made of eco-leather, lined with a velvety material reminiscent of suede. On the back of – pocket elastic suede, you can put a boarding or anything else. You can attach the carabiner clip, easy to attach to a backpack or bag. Inside cover – very well done holder airplane adapter, the adapter has a connector for 6.3 mm. It is shown how to fold the headphones to fit inside the case. A pleasure to deal with such accessories, that’s what I mean. Now let’s look at the headphones.


  • Full name: MTS SMART Run
  • headphones
  • cover
  • airplane adapter
  • Data Sheet
  • AAA battery

They are available in two versions, dark and light, the latter can advise girls. In the US, there is a possibility to order “custom”, choose the color on the site, we can not.

Review of the Headphones Bose QC25

On plates – the lining of aluminum headband made interesting top – cloth bottom – something like suede. The material is not particularly collect dust, looks clean. Inside cups – lining fabric ear pads hold snap if wear, easy to change. Let me remind you, these headphones – the original designer, and they are designed for continuous operation. Cable breaks – you can buy a new one, here it’s even easier, the usual 3.5 mm jack, except that the plastic around the plug must be small. Ear pads are worn out – put new, they are easily removed. Only put back is not easy, you need to gently press on all tabs. Rails of iron, foldable design, this model can withstand very high loads and be your companion for years to come. Believe my experience with other headphones series Quiet Comfort.

There is an option to supply normal audio cable and a remote control for technology Apple, I chose this. The remote is small but very comfortable, convex buttons, easy to find here a good microphone, talk comfortably.

Review of the Headphones Bose QC25
Headphones sit perfectly, cups completely cover the ears, wearing Bose QC25 comfortably for a long time. Eventually, they are comfortable to sleep. But here on the neck wear is not very good, as well as QC15. If tried, will understand what I am saying. Build an excellent, classy design, updated headphones I like the old ones. They are simple, concise, perceived as a thing with a capital letter. Note cups are formed, so that the headphones can be worn even in the pocket of outerwear.


We headphones Bose noise reduction system is implemented in the best way. In general, the optimal opportunity for readers to buy a good thing – a spy, that journalists are buying for yourself. Most of my colleagues uses a MacBook Pro, iPhone, Nexus, Cameras Sony – and Bose headphones during flights. I fly a little, but Sasha Pobyvanets flies much more. And he will not lie, QC15 perfectly cherish your nerves, allow a comfort to sleep, watch movies, listen to music. Children cry or cries of drunken people you do not hurt either. And it’s worth it. You think a hundred times why I did not buy noise canceling headphones while you endure four hours to some of Barcelona near the drunken company or young parents with their two children.

Review of the Headphones Bose QC25

In the Bose QC25 «denoising” has become even more effective, although the system remained the same. Silence – that’s the key word. However, some object to me – and here I am sitting in the subway in these headphones and hear the train coming! I hear the noise! Miracles do not happen, and suppress the noise completely “civilian” model can not. This is not a tactical “ears”. But QC25 cut a lot of noise, soften it. On the plane initially seems that hum is still there, but when you shoot Bose, once you understand what’s going on around nightmare, very noisy. Just want to hide back.


Headphones work on one battery AAA, operating time – about 35 hours, it is very, very much. Unlike QC15 in the fact that the headphones continue to work even when the battery is low. However, noise reduction system is turned off and ActiveEQ, active equalizer adjusts the sound quality for the music that is playing through the headphones. I would recommend to hold in your hand luggage another battery just in case. Slot for the battery is on the right cup, with extraction problems have arisen.

Review of the Headphones Bose QC25

Sound quality

The sound quality compared to the QC15 seriously changed, it became better – better detail, vivid impression of the music as a whole has changed. I used to say so: QC15 – a good tool to stay in silence and listen to music, not really paying attention to quality. But Beats Studio 2 is good in terms of sound, but they did not squelch so effective. Now there is a universal option – Bose QC25, and the sound is excellent, and you can quickly isolate themselves from others.

Review of the Headphones Bose QC25

In a system of headphones Active EQ, sound adjusts depending on what you’re listening to – or rather, must adapt, but I did not notice the work (‘ll be honest). Describe the nuances do not need to listen when buying themselves. I think among wireless headphones sound Bose QC25 most interesting.


The average cost of the headphone is 14 990 rubles, in my opinion, the price is quite adequate opportunities. If you do not fly often, not much point in buying there, although Bose QC25 can help you to work quietly in the office, cafe, do not hear the noise in public transport. Evolution proceeds as expected, now headphones can work when the battery is over. The next version will certainly wireless, rather you will be able to use it with a cable, and Bluetooth. Hours excellent design too, the sound quality is great. And plus, headphones will serve you for a long time, ear pads, cables can be changed. In general, I am delighted and he will use the Bose QC25 in flight and not only.

Review of the Headphones Bose QC25 updated: December 19, 2014 author: John Malkovich

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