HyperX Cloud Revolver in Description

A number of headphones have been as ruling as Qpad’s QH-90, which was vitalized by HyperX with its identically original fantastical Cloud headphones, and have the USB based on Cloud II.

Presently HyperX goes along with the Cloud Revolver, which is a very peculiar product as distinct from  other produce of this company.


The Cloud flaunted a one-piece headband, but the Cloud Revolver has reliance in a resilient suspended upholstered band with a steely frame that prolongs right round to the ear cups. This product looks less cumbersome than others, it’s powerful and unfussy. Some red splashy details in the ear cups emphasize it’s originality.

The ear cups look like they might revolve for control volume. The microphone on/off selector are managed by the remote console. The aggregate length persists at 3m, so you can not even require an enlargement cable if your purpose to employ the Cloud Revolver with a control panel.


The ear pads are covered in the usual imitative leather and have loads of space for big ears too. The are not exactly as soft and bright as its in the initial Cloud headphones, but on the assumption of common practice it is very convenient. The headphones automatically adapts according to the proportions of your head, therefore there’s no handheld control for this. It means that the ear cups little deviation permit a little additional pressure at the basis of the ear cups under your ears, and the effect is inconspicuous.

The headband is surely soft, although post especially long period of employing, the cushioning was not enough to completely liquidate small quantity of tension-concerned discomfort on the top. The headband wears alike to that in the Cloud and QH-90 headphones, not counting the fact that the Cloud Revolver is about 10 percentage heavier. There’s more touching matter here, that is the steely frame echos like a adjustment fork if touched on or moved on and this resound is projected outright at your eardrums. It’s a bit bizarre matter that we haven’t seen anywhere near as poorly on the other headphones, but the primary Cloud headphones was untouchable to this as the ear cups weren’t fixated in spot to the frame and instead of sat on loops.


Despite the fact that the ear cups can shift around on it’s own to conform your head, the steely frame appears somehow able to relocate any knocks or vibrations directly to your ears throughout the ear cups it’s intruded into. It occurs on other headphones too, but the steely band produces the noises that you hear more distasteful and diverting.

The microphone is demountable and readily repositioned. Moreover, it was detected that if you transport it a little bit of inch away from your mouth, it issues with a dramatical drop off in volume recording. It also wasn’t starry in sound degree either, sounding a bit shrouded, and it endured regularly from vocal plosives.


In addition, there’s the audio high-grade of the headphone itself. The Cloud Revolver employs 50mm drivers with a covered-back ear cup styling. Frequence response holds at 12-28,000hz, which is justly broad. While the soundscape was justly even pervasive, it seemed to lack several details and definition with several instruments resounding justly flat, while the bassline was a bit missing in times of punch matched to gaming-orientated headphones such as Corsair’s latest Void variety.

We can’t really commend it for bass and drum fans. There was a good quantity of pieces at the low end, and the upper end was in particular vibrating, clear and gratefully this revealed itself just as well in vocals as it did in shots, jingling bullet and footsteps casings in games.

HyperX Cloud Revolver in Description updated: May 11, 2016 author: Darina