Review Edifier S760D

Review Edifier S760D

A good speaker was once a natural part of a PC configuration, but in 2015 the market has been reduced to cheap copies, models should look especially beautiful and headsets. The lonely audiophile who still are looking for a set of the quality and strength of legendary speakers as the Creative GigaWorks S750 or Logitech Z-5500, should shift to hi-fi components or construction sites scour – or not? One brand still delivers a high-end speaker system for the PC with the required specifications on paper. We submitted several months to our ear to the Edifier S760D and to report.

Edifier is a brand that takes place in the Netherlands, with varying degrees of success in the picture. Some products come from our excellent testing other bit disappointing. This originally Chinese manufacturer has more success in many other countries, but here in the Netherlands does not really break it, even though arch-rival Logitech mainly stabbing drop when it comes to PC audio.

Where the quality of Bluetooth speakers and sometimes has been hit and miss in the entry and mid-range in the past, the Edifier S760D is part of the premium line of the brand and there are very few compromises. Some years ago we discussed the 2.1 S730 and we sighed that we wanted to see it like as a 5.1 set, complete with Dolby and DTS decoding. It took a while and then a little longer before reaching a set of our lab, but the S760D plays on almost all surfaces, the dream of the PC audioliefhebber.Vooruitlopend the conclusion we can say that you should go on ahead savings, if you have the ultimate speaker desires, because the average cost Edifier S760D 600 euros.

There you’ll get something in return, as we will show in the following pages. Where you have to account for is that you are going to need space because satellites or subwoofer are small: this set is based on classical speaker technique, which means thick and solid wood, enough space to move air and separate speakers for high, middle and low tones.

In short, it costs a small fortune and presumably you’re an afternoon doing a clean installation (also for the cables to the satellites to overcome), but then you have a speaker for, with luck, the rest of your life.

Edifier S760D : Satellites

When we talk about the ‘box’ of the Edifier S760D we actually mean two boxes. Along with the pack is all set ie over 35 pounds and modern health and safety standards prohibit postmen and deliverers to bear, that kind of weight. The satellites and the subwoofer are also packaged separately. To give you an idea: the satellites together weigh 11.5 pounds for five surround speakers and a center, or just under 2 pounds each, and the subwoofer weighs over 22 pounds.

Furthermore, we find in the box a control console and a standard for it, an oversized wireless remote control, a large amount of speaker wire and a sprain cables to connect devices. Even an optical cable is present.

The speakers are made of thick MDF. Edifier notes also that ‘lesser’ kits to use often chipboard with film but that is not the case with the 760D. The MDF is coated with a layer of plastic or something similar, with a sort droplet pattern in it.

Review Edifier S760D

As mentioned, there are five satellites and a separate center speaker. The satellites are identical as far as we could discover, the center includes an additional midrange driver: where the satellites have one, it has two. Therefore be voting, which are usually sent over the center with multi-channel recordings clearer. All satellites contain in addition to the 92 mm drivers and a 25mm silk dome tweeter.

By default, the satellites at the front provided with a frame over which a black protective layer fabric is stretched. In real life they look so less ‘present’ than in this picture.

Furthermore, the satellites contain a crossover to split the audio signal between tweeter and midrange driver. Both the electronics and the cable connections are of significantly higher quality than we usually see on the PC speakers.

The subwoofer of Edifier S760D is as blessed a colossus almost forty inches high, nearly fifty centimeters deep and more than 35 inches wide. The sub has a 26 cm woofer and two (!) Passive radiators.

In addition is in this impressive cube all the electronics for the amplifier and the connections. The satellites are powered by 60W into 4 ohms, the sub with 240W at 8 ohms. The electronics contain a decoder board for Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Pro Logic II.

In terms of connections we find on the back of the connection points for the satellites in the form of clamp connections. Furthermore we find a 5.1 analog input, two stereo inputs for other sources, three optical and one coaxial digital input. The RS232 connection for the controller. There is a physical power button. A relatively small heat sink dissipates heat of the amplifier.

Review Edifier S760D

Edifier S760D : Bracket

Where the quality of the speakers of the Edifier S760D itself without more convincing, the weak point of the set is undoubtedly the control console. This is made of plastic and is unrelated to a shaky-looking plastic socket. In the picture it looks even nice, in practice it is less impressive. The design does what ‘cheap’ to. The control console is connected to a fixed RS232 cable to the subwoofer (which all connections and inputs are). That cable is not very long, barely 1.5 meters. Fine for a drawing at the desk, but if you like to put away the sub in a corner, this is not convenient. You can buy a separate serial extension, but that means an extra thick cable that you should eliminate. Especially when placed in the living room as an alternative to a home cinema, this is just something to consider.

The console also includes an infrared receiver for the great remote. Can be used to operate all functions of the set, and there are quite a few. So you can adjust the volume for each channel to compensate for example for an asymmetric placement relative to your listening position, you can change input and adjust the tonal balance. In addition, you can adjust both high and low of the whole set, as the subvolume screwing or decrease. The display is lit up and you can adjust the lighting in three steps from dim to some brighter – but it is quite disturbing bright the highest position not. The large display further indicates what input receives the set, so stereo or multichannel. A headphone jack is also on, useful if you have the console stand on a desk.

Review Edifier S760D

Edifier S760D : In practice

Connecting a 5.1 kanaalsset always more tedious than a stereo set and the Edifier S760D is no exception. We used the set in a living room in an arrangement of approximately 3×3 meters and the cable is more than enough to connect the rear speakers; the length of the front speaker cables is obviously shorter, but still more than enough to create a wide stereo image. Join the set with a PC on a desk, then you will surely have enough cable in most scenarios. Because standard speaker cable, you can of course always make custom cables and connections.

We tested the Edifier S760D for a long time with a mix of application purposes: games (also in combination with an Xbox 360), movies and music. Initially with the default settings, with some compensation for the volume of the satellites that were further away from the listening position, but soon with some extra volume for the center and front speakers, for lay people in the default voices some far-off are at our listening position approximately 2 meters of these speakers.

The subwoofer is responsible for frequencies from 35 to 110 Hz, the satellites from 160 to 20,000 Hz. On paper there is therefore a small gap between 110 and 160Hz, in practice you can actually nothing of it.

Edifier S760D : Games

For games is set in the default actually what subtle. The subwoofer is barely audible unless you turn away from him completely: you realize that the layer is suddenly a lot less present. However, it is very subtle, and this is certainly no sub you thumping all corners of the room shows – unless you run it subvolume up, then pounding it still not but feel low and do so strong that those who are sensitive to is, there actually suffer from experience, as revealed by our listening sessions. At Project Gotham Racing 4 is the audio experience a delight, with growling engines and a fantastic placement of the sound image. Also sound of weapons in GTA IV are crystal clear and razor sharp, while explosions you hear and see let perish. But the cozy atmosphere of Fallout 3 and Morrowind comes beautifully into its own. As a good display gives an extra visual dimension to games, so this speaker makes for a significantly more immersive experience.

Review Edifier S760D

Edifier S760D : Video

With any additional inputs which contains the S760D would use a shame it only in combination with PC and game console. We used him therefore a time as standard audio system for movies and series, where he great job lost. As mentioned earlier, some extra volume for the center useful votes to get even more from the people, but apart from that nothing but praise. The leading role in the modern Sherlock Holmes adaptation Elementary is characterized by a decent deep voice, which many speakers is bad understandable because the bass there is unnecessarily put at work. When S760D is no question of there. Dialogues are easy to follow, while music and background sounds are perfectly defined appear. We take an action scene at such famous lobby scene from The Matrix, you can hear every shot and every entry – rather than a sound like mush lesser speaker sets provide here. The controlled operation of the subwoofer is really excellent – as I said you can give him some pep desired by turning the volume up, but in default you are assured of present but unobtrusive low. This is not only a natural sound, even the neighbors will thank you in the fall. The adage of a good sub that you only notice when you take him, is certainly applicable. A film which mainly consists of gunfights and explosions as White House Down has become a lot more entertaining, rather than an exhausting experience.

Edifier S760D : Music

The toughest test for a 5.1 set is undoubtedly music playback, because usually manifests the lack of a real woofer and to effect the sub tasks where it is not really intended for. The Edifier S760D however shows that a very decent music playback is certainly possible, with the large satellites with separate tweeter and midrange driver maintain excellent, and the sub merely some body grants where required. At Black Mambo Glass Animals is the strumming in the high perfect balance with the heavy bass line and the voice of the singer, while the extra deep bass in the first bridge is tight nicely put down by the subwoofer. If you then listen to the same song on the whole not bad Logitech Z-2300 (an older set that its quality is still excellent in its class), you’ll still definition. Hall of Yasmine Hamdan (from the special vampire film Only Lovers Left Alive Jim Jarmusch) is a far from simple task for a standard speaker to display, but the S760D lost here as well of this task, the piece an almost magical dimension obtains. Summertime Sadness Lana Del Rey sounds fairly flat in a simple speaker, but at the S760D, the dynamics of the song into its own. The same applies to Lordes Royals. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, Will Do TV On The Radio, we have also heard a lot of speakers to be reduced by an unpleasant hodgepodge, but here they sounded like new. Cucurucu Nick Mulvey sounds sparkling, without to be nimble thanks to the impressive low that produce this set knows. And Testament of Bram Vermeulen, where a subwoofer in most sets quickly rumbles by disturbing sounds subdued and raw, as it should.

In short, music for the S760D is an excellent speaker. Of course, it is not a high-end stereo system, but you have a very discerning listener to have separate stereo speakers to want this next Surround.

Edifier S760D : Conclusion

Many are no longer made there: high-end speaker sets. If you have to spend about 300 euros, the Logitech Z906 is the only option. The Edifier S760D costs twice while on paper the power is similar. Also in terms of functionality and links the two are comparable. However, practice shows clear differences. The S760D is definitely a class better, both in terms of construction quality (including the Z906 is plagued by a mediocre constructed console) and in terms of sound quality. Where the sub of the Z906 is quite present, acts of the S760D is as it should, and the larger satellites put a precise, wider sound image. Even the famous Z-5500 off worst in a direct comparison.

You should therefore have to dig deep into their pockets, but on the other hand, a HiFi sound quality that it provides cost a lot more. Of course your liver in the comparison with the S760D or in ease of use (all connections on the sub with its cable spaghetti instead of a base unit) and functionality (HDMI inputs you do not find on this speaker). Need HD audio decoders and HDMI inputs, then you better look for a home cinema, but then the better sets of individual components, for an all-in-one box of a few hundred dollars is not in terms of representation in the neighborhood the S760D. Did you not needed and you just want the best sound for your PC at which you can use in the living room, the S760D is an excellent buy.

This is clearly a set for a small niche of users, but who will be very happy. We take in any case with some pain in my heart goodbye to these speakers, where the shaky connection to the console is the only plaster on the wound – a sub that you can not put a little out of sight in the living simply not convenient. Nevertheless fits only one award at this superlative speakers: Edifier allowed with gold home.

Review Edifier S760D updated: February 1, 2015 author: John Malkovich