Review of smart watch for fitness – FitBit Surge

Review of smart watch for fitness - FitBit Surge

The FitBit saddled theme pedometers and recently expanded the range of pedometers and bracelets with the same functionality as the first clock, which modestly called the Fitness Super Watch. If the first device company focused on those who are not actively involved in sports, but rather to monitor their activity, whereas in bracelets FitBit she began to climb into the territory of the players, producing products for those who are running around the clock and announced its ambiguous claims to this piece of the market. Despite the fact that the clock should become FitBit Surge sports accessories, the company does not try to use the word “sport” and talk about fitness. This device is not intended for professional athletes or those who are seriously training. FitBit Surge – is a device for those who are engaged in fitness, running for yourself or engaged in some other loads, whether it is work in the weight room or a walk on the bike.

FitBit Surge will be available in the US in January, but it was impossible to buy them, all stretched out for several weeks, in retail stores simply did not have. In Europe, the clock has not yet gone on sale or present in small quantities, but they can be purchased in the online stores. In April it acquired its Surge in Hong Kong, where they are widely represented.

For FitBit traditionally offers two sizes of the strap at a regular store – S and L. buy more strap only to the online store FitBit, there is proposed size XL. Unlike bracelet Charge HR, that I was too small, held on the last hole and openly pressuring arm (size L), with the clock bracelet noticeably wider and has better coverage remains free 3-4 division. In any case, check with the help of a centimeter, what size is right for you not to miss it.

Watches are available in three colors – black, blue and orange.

I watch in black, the other options when buying was not, but I think that eventually took them hours or blue, they are not as bright as the orange. Construction hours not folding, but nice strap fits the hand, soft elastic band, broad and firmly fixed on the hand. Of the minuses, which became for such devices already typical, I note that for the week under strap appears whitish coating of flakes of skin, it is easy to wash off with warm water and soap. The manual explicitly states that it is not necessary to wear a watch 24 hours a day and seven days a week, sometimes worth their rent.

Latch clock is good, while working on the computer almost does not interfere, but the clock is still better to shoot. Comparing FitBit Surge with any of the bracelets from FitBit, I can say that the clock on the procedure more comfortable, they are well fixed on the hand, do not slip during sudden movements.

In terms of design, it’s pretty predictable. On the inner side visible pulse sensor, two green LEDs, translucent skin, and an optical sensor that measures the heartbeat vessels. Contact pad appears and becomes the point of contact with the hand, the clock hand is adjacent to the sensor. What can I say? It’s not so bad, because the hand is not much sweating under the sensor, there is space for ventilation. In the same Apple Watch sensor pad is made much larger, and the hand underneath sweats in FitBit is taken into account and did everything right.

Now, about the time that I was frankly annoying in products from FitBit. Company for nearly every device comes up with its cable and charging cable, in this case differs from the Charge HR, although it was possible to hope that they will be the same. But alas, it did not happen. The new connector on the cable, which arose only because of the desire to sell an additional accessory.

Sufficiently long string that has figured insertion and must be securely fastened to the body, everything in life is exactly the opposite, the cable is easily flies out of the slot. Several times on the machine set the clock on the charge, and it turned out so that the cable waste. As you know, I showed it had shot clock when charging. It’s a shame. We have to be careful and watch that charging has begun. If you have domestic animals, the cat passed the hours, easily pull the cord and stop charging, so keep that in mind. Obviously flaw constructors FitBit. Charging time – less than an hour from the laptop, about the same from the wall outlet (1A, 5B).

The most intriguing aspect to the FitBit Surge is a protection against water, which is expected to see in this device. At the time of announcement hours FitBit said that unlike Charge HR, which is maintained at 1 atm, in this FitBit Surge 5 ATM and, therefore, they can be immersed up to 50 meters. Even before the start of sales of watches mention of it has disappeared from the page of the product, and then re-emerged, but with the caveat that you can not swim in hours. They are protected from splashes and rain, they can be washed in the shower, but do not try to swim, as they may be damaged. What? Protect 5 ATM assumes that you can safely dive in these hours and they will survive any stream of water that will sustain your hand.

Review of smart watch for fitness - FitBit Surge

Even more incomprehensible and strange. I got the feeling that the lawyers decided FitBit protect the company from any problems and just crossed the function, which in this watch is. Silly? Not a word.

Over the past month has been hours in the rain, washing your hands, but also several times in the swimming pool, diving and wash in the shower. No problem with them watching, they continue to work as intended. I decided to look for user reviews, it was found that many do not dare to use them so, because they are afraid of failure. I can not advise anything here, but my experience is that FitBit simply reinsured and that kind of nonsense. As proof I can give test DCRainMaker, where the clock is stoked and created conditions of immersion in 40 meters. The clock is not drowned! The conclusion that the authors did a test that is difficult to drown hours. To join such a judgment. By the way, our video we did before I ventured out to use the watch in the water. From pleasant – pulse sensor in water works, though sometimes fails, but the pulse shows.

Returning to the exterior of hours. On the left side is a button that shows the clock menu. Despite the fact that the clock touch screen, he does not support clicking on specific items, menu line only paging. Therefore, for the choice of particular menu items (in the list) are two buttons on the right side. It’s weird and unusual, but here is a touch screen, it can only scroll through the information. But there is light, it can be set to automatic operation (reacts to the movement of watch and lighting), in the always-on mode (activated by pressing on the screen) or even shut down.

Navigating the menu does not pose any difficulty, you can choose one of the types of hours, they are not very many – the choice is carried out in the application on your smartphone (Android / iOS / Windows Phone).

Scrolling through screens you can see the following information: the number of steps, heart rate, distance, calories and passed floors. In the settings on the phone or in the web interface it is possible to change the data in some places, to remove some of them. All in your hands.

As in all pedometers FitBit, you need to configure the software on iOS / Android or on your browser (for PC use USB Dongle from the kit). For me, it is more convenient to establish synchronization with your phone, then it is not necessary to think, all of the data is constantly relevant.

When you first set you specify sex, weight, height and other details about you. Probably should indicate his real name, so your friends can easily find you and compete to see who was more than a day, week or month. The social component in these devices is very important.

There are silent alarms when you can set the clock to the vibration, he very gently wakes you up. Disable it by pressing the button. Among the few drawbacks and shortcomings strange note, set the alarm, you can only program on your phone or the web interface, the clock is not possible!

Charge the bracelet can be an hour on the computer, this will be enough for 5 days in memory stores all data in the last 7 days (per-minute) or 30 days (results of each day for each parameter), but I think that the synchronization will occur more frequently.

In the settings have notified when you receive calls and SMS, while the screen shows the caller’s number or SMS, no other notification no. By default, this option is disabled, as it is not always and everywhere work. For example, in my case, run it and could not – watch steadfastly refused to show the notice, on another phone function has earned exactly until the moment when a wireless headset is not connected, then the notification is disabled. Crude function that does not really need.

Another thing – the music control, double-click the left button, and you can manage your tracks on your phone, listening with headphones is connected in any way to the phone.

Tracking of sleep is much more interesting, especially because your watch do not interfere even in a dream.

The site Fitbit you can view all the information about your activity during the day (and at other times). Of the additional features – the ability to enter data about the food, as well as your weight. Both the first and the second option is superfluous for me, I do not use them. Maybe someone will find it useful.

And now the most important thing is the social component. You can add other people’s friends, to see how much they have been, it motivates many to small feat, especially when they are good friends. Measurement accuracy in pedometers FitBit one of the best on the market, they can be considered a benchmark, almost no false positives. And it’s all about the moves. But let’s look at how this is the case with the measurement of the pulse.

FitBit Surge: As measured by pulse – shortcomings technology

These watches are almost identical Charge HR, differs only in the width of the strap, which makes the FitBit Surge better in dimension, it is not as crawl on her hand, increases accuracy. But the lack of a built-in technology itself did not disappear, and it is the biggest minus of the product, however, everything in order.

On the inside you will see a heartbeat sensor, the two green LEDs, and optical sensor technology called PurePulse. Similarly, the work of MIO Alpha version, and many other devices. The advantage of such an approach is that the measurement takes place by transillumination skin visible light spectrum that is not harmful. Measured changes in blood vessels, depending on the pressure, and then the data is processed. The advantage is that the technology allows data to 24 hours, at least for 5 days on a single charge. But if you turn off the sensor, the time will increase even more.

Now about the accuracy of the measurement. Of course, when compared with sensors that are built into the phone and you want to apply to them the finger, you get roughly the same results. They will not be very different, but this measurement is at rest, which we should not be much interested. While walking to compare the results with the MIO Alpha, they get about the same, I noticed that on the Charge HR, these results are a slight delay in a couple of seconds, it is possible that since the measurement algorithm works.

Review of smart watch for fitness - FitBit Surge

And now the most interesting – the technology requires relative immobility hand, when vibration or sudden movements of measurement will be inaccurate. The company does not mean that you can not use the watch under some kinds of activity, such as playing tennis. But in fact, cycling provides the most accurate measurement, run – is slightly worse, playing tennis – really bad. Any hand movements affect the quality of the measurement! And here we come to the most embarrassing moment of the tracker, it is not accurate in most situations under extreme stresses.

Imagine that you have come to the gym and decided to work out a little dancing. You jump, waving his arms, and the tracker measures the pulse in the few moments when your limbs in a fixed position. That is, it selects the value of relative rest, which leads to an underestimation of the frequency of heart rate, so the algorithm works, and it is clearly inferior to any kardiopoyasu that accurately reads. If you squat with a barbell bench press or do, then there is another problem – the exercise provides a greater load on the heart and the blood vessels, but it short. That is, the time of measurement also does not occur and the real value behind.

On the support forum Fitbit has a huge branch with a discussion of the measurement results with other Cardiosensor, high load and intensity exercise (the same run), unlike Charge HR and Surge in lower values that differ by 20-35 percent, depending on the person. This is very far from the statistical error, the results are extremely inaccurate, and put them into practice is impossible. Look at the chart below.

One of the users has shown the difference with the sensor Polar H7, the result FitBit – lower with a shaded area. Impressive discrepancy? Not a word. For reference, you can find almost fifty pages frustrating and very detailed comparisons with other Cardiosensor. The main feature that is advertised in Charge HR / Surge, was extremely inaccurate in those results that it gives. Do you use the sensor? Of course, if you just go and do not have any large loads. Whether the hotfix is available with the new firmware versions? I doubt very much, because it is impossible to change the sensor itself, and the inaccuracy associated with the algorithm of its work. Rubbish from the input data can not give precise data on the output.

For those who want to buy these devices for jogging or a sport like I do not recommend them only for walking, and in the quiet pace. On the other hand, all require a very accurate measurement.

Probably not as important as the software part is arranged on a smartphone if heart rate measurement does not work, but still focus on this point, there is also a curious. Despite the fact that the bracelet has a vibration is, no measurement of pulse zones is not provided, then they are displayed in the program, with peaks that can be seen on the bracelet, somehow filtered out, you do not see them. Apparently, FitBit considered that a high probability of error.Calculation of areas occurs on a standard basis: 220 minus age – is the maximum value. Standstill – a 50%, burning fat – 50-69%, cardio – 70-84%, peak area – 85%.

There are no warnings about the transition from one area to another is not provided. Furthermore, when practicing the screen goes blank and displays data. The same Alpha Mio constantly displays them on the big screen and quality, the pulse can be seen in all conditions.

Disappointment. Measuring the pulse at the FitBit Surge with relative accuracy is only possible for a very specific user in all other situations, this useless toy that gives the incorrect data. Results-oriented measuring pulse on this unit can be dangerous, because your heart rate will be higher in reality, it is easy to bring themselves up to fainting. Here is a report on the pulse and load the program on a computer or smartphone.

FitBit Surge: Built-in GPS, as the measured tracks

FitBit Surge is a big plus built-in receiver GPS, it hardware, and does not depend on your phone. Not really, telephone and geospatial data can be used to quickly determine the coordinates, so you can start training as soon as possible. Typically, the first point of the clock is less than a minute, that speaks directly about the use of A-GPS from your phone. When I hung up and tried to find the coordinates, it took about the same moment, but then I looked at the error on the map and saw that the clock a little missed. It should be borne in mind.

Using the GPS is very simple – choose the activity menu (run, bike, or something else), press the button and start searching for satellites. Then you can start a movement, the watch will automatically show circles, and if they do not, then the rate and time as well as a pulse.

As a result of training the resulting values are shown in the program on your phone or the web version, you can see what it looks like training, how to change heart rate and other values. The information is very detailed and well presented.


FitBit Surge: Impressions

FitBit Surge extremely sporty design, the suit will not do such a watch, and every day they are not so different, look strange.However, having overcome first impressions, such as szhilsya with them a few weeks later they started to like me. Not in terms of design, namely as a tool – an alarm clock, a good and a big screen that shows what I need. I especially like the screen with the clock by default, you can see how much you’ve been active for hours.

From what do not like is how the pulse sensor, exactly the same problems as in Charge HR, but for everyday measurement of the heart rate enough for the eyes. For serious training such a sensor is not suitable. The built-in GPS – is a huge plus for those who ride a bike, run or just wants to remember the route, and does so not with the purpose of fitness and traveling on foot. Why not?

The presence of water protection, which denies FitBit, will be a pleasant advantage for those who are not afraid to lose the guarantee. Once again, that social component FitBit products is very large, people compete with each other, and it’s a huge plus. We must try to understand what it is and what gives you motivation.

Price FitBit Surge does not look low – $ 249 in the US and 249 euros in Europe. On the market there are several devices that measure heart rate, for example, MIO Alpha 2, which I was disappointed, because there is no progress in comparison with the first version, but FitBit Surge on their background looks like a spaceship on the stuffing and the fact that he can do. It turns out that in order to engage in fitness, such a watch can be a very good help. Unfortunately, the settings can not be directly used FitBit two devices, such as a pedometer One and watches. I would walk at night and wore Surge, and the rest of the time went to a conventional pedometer. But while such a scenario is not realized in FitBit, something tells me that they can implement, and rightly so.

The bottom line about the Surge I can say so. Not a perfect product, but in practice it is captivating in a couple of weeks of use, my initial opinion has changed greatly, which is rare. Just meticulously evaluate why you need Surge, you want to get from them, and from this knowledge come to the choice of hours.

Review of smart watch for fitness – FitBit Surge updated: May 21, 2015 author: John Malkovich