Canon Maxify MB2350 and MB5350 review: Business ink of Canon

Canon Maxify MB2350 and MB5350 review: Business ink of Canon

Business ink, or the use of injet printers in business environments, has long been on a steady rise. Canon took a long time what aloof, but now with the maxify line. We discuss the MB2350 and MB5350.

Manufacturers like Epson and HP have several years trying to print with ink SMEs (eg Pro X line of HP and the WorkForce Pro line of Epson) and in the case of HP with the Officejet Enterprise line also big business market to enter. Canon did not join them for a long time. Since the company a few months ago changed that, with the introduction of the maxify line. Which consists of five models, iB4050 (currently the only printer in the line-up), the MB2050, MB2350, MB5050, MB5350. These models cost an average of respectively 160, 155, 170, 210 and 300 euros at the time of writing. From this range, we have therefore been sent to the central model and the top model to test the MB2350 and MB5350.

We go below separately in the two models, where we discuss the various features. Later we return to performance and whether Canon with these devices interesting business inkjets placed on the market that can compete with some Epson and HP have to offer at this time.

Maxify MB2350

Canon Maxify MB2350 and MB5350 review: Business ink of Canon

The Canon maxify MB2350 is the middle model of the new line. You can play printing, scanning (including ADF for 50 originals), copying, such as an all-in-one should. On the back we see a further RJ45 connector for a wired network connection and a USB B connector, in case you prefer to hook the printer via USB. In wifi is also provided. You can connect this printer to your wireless network. Additionally you can set the wireless module that you use the printer as an access point. At least, that’s what we gather from the name “entry mode. However not possible via this wireless connection merge the internet was in our test. Via WiFi Direct printing without using a router from a tablet or smartphone is possible in this mode. Keep in mind, moreover, that not all Canon apps coped with all printers. In the example case of the maxify line is that the Mobile Printing app but not the Easy PhotoPrint app does work.

Canon Maxify MB2350 and MB5350 review: Business ink of Canon

The control panel of the MB2350 is very spacious, with six large buttons which is fine clear what they are for and quite a large touch screen with a diagonal of 3 inches. This screen is equipped with a resistive touch layer. Like the physical buttons, the screen icons are nice and big. Sweeping is also supported, although you sometimes sweep twice by the resistive layer. Further still is the USB connection, where you can connect to external storage: you can scan here and print away. Canon offers the MB2350 equipped with two paper trays, each with up to 250 sheets of paper. Useful if you use multiple media types / sizes, not inconceivable for a small business user.

In terms of opportunities we see several cloud-based printing services. In addition to Google Cloud Print is also maxify Cloud Printing, which you directly from cloud services (Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive) can print. You can do this from a smartphone, but also from the screen of the printer. Scanning also belongs to the possibilities. Default is scanning to e-mail is not the maxify-all-in-ones, so even on the MB2350. However, Canon uses an SMTP server in the cloud, so this is indeed possible. You can further include all kinds of apps. Attachments to e-mails automatically print you can set. For that you need the printer of course first register with this service.

The management menu that you can access through the web interface does not particularly amount to much. It is particularly to set the various cloud services and to check different things (such as ink levels and number of prints). For example you can not change or manage fax network settings with this. For this, the IJ Network Utility is required, a separate program.

Maxify MB5350

The Canon maxify MB5350 is the highest positioned model in the new line. Appearance he resembles the cheaper MB2350, except for the front, the valve which is more recessed than the MB2350. The only external difference is the height: the MB5350 is about 3 inches higher. This difference is purely in the upper part, because the MB5350 has sit two paper trays, each with room for 250 sheets at the bottom. If we pull open the valve, then it seems the difference in height to be pure in order to accommodate the larger cartridges. Those in the MB5350 are good for 2500 print black and between 1295 and 1755 prints for the three colors, while those in the MB2350 respectively 1200 and can deliver between 780 and 1,020 prints.

Canon Maxify MB2350 and MB5350 review: Business ink of Canon

The control panel is thus as stated above is exactly the same as with the MB2350, and the format and capabilities of the resistive touch screen. In addition, the number of connections is the same and that are also all in the same place. The ADF on the MB5350 also further accommodate 50 originals. At this point we have also seen an important difference. The MB5350 namely has a so-called single-pass ADF. This means that you can scan duplex along with a passage there-sided originals. For an all-in-one of about 300 euros is that as far as we know very rare, if not unique.

Canon Maxify MB2350 and MB5350 review: Business ink of Canon

The possibilities are as far as we can determine it identical to that of the MB2350. Not very extensive so, at least not through the web interface, but with all wireless (cloud) services that are common at this time. In terms of management, we look at both models, however we discuss something strange. There is of course a password on the web interface, but this is very easy to turn off. On the device itself, you can simply specify that the password must be removed without further prompted authentication. Granted, you can set very little in the web interface and the device is primarily aimed at small businesses or home offices, but this is what typically our opinion.

Test Procedure

We made the Epson L555 Ecotank through our regular testing procedure. On the following pages you can see the results. When ‘from command’ in brackets after the respective test state, this means that we have left the stopwatch at the moment we clicked on the computer on “Print”. State that there is not behind, then we will measure the moment we hear that the machine picks up the paper. This distinction is important in order to get an idea of the time it takes for a printer to process the job that he receives from a computer. In particular, in laser printers is the ‘cold start’ test we perform important. The parts must warm up that type of printer, which can sometimes lead to very noticeable delays in the first print of the day. We test the speeds with the printer via USB connected to the test computer. Performance in network printing differences here generally do not.

The test document where for the tests refers, consists of four mutually different pages: a page of text, a page with a photo, a page grids and with gradients (text, images, graphics, grids, diagonally printed text) . With this we can see how well a printer to print various types of handles together and we can give an opinion on the print quality of the various species. Finally, of course, we also look at things like capabilities, power consumption and cost per page. The power consumption is measured at several moments in which printers consumption in idle and standby are most important. After all, there are printers, the greater part of the time. The price per page, which we here have entered into a separate table, we calculate based on the ISO values and the standard cartridges. The price displayed is only what you spend on ink or toner for printing.

Price per page and print

The price per page of the Canon maxify MB2350 is nice and low. For a page of text you’ve lost 2.2 cents, 5.5 cents for a color page. That is really neat. In MB5350 are those costs even lower. 1.2 cents for a page of text and 4.9 for a color page. Mind you, this is the price for the paper you are using any excluded.


The print quality of the MB2350 is like text print comes better and sharper than that of the MB5350. The texts that roll out of the MB2350 come pretty close to what you might call stung sharply and the density is fine. Also the density of the MB5350 is good, but the text so little less sharp. The color print of the MB2350 and MB5350 are surprisingly good, for devices in this segment. Real photo printers are of course not, but if you occasionally need to make a color copy (whether on paper), then you definitely should not be ashamed.


The MB2350 and MB5350 maxify Canon now offers small business inkjets on the market. In particular, the MB5350 is a very interesting device in our opinion. He is affordable, has two standard paper trays for a total of 500 sheets, is tasty rap and delivers bottom line good print quality for a nice low cost per page. The single-pass scanner also is certainly a valuable addition. The MB2350 can us despite what better text print still enchant anything less. Which is in our opinion too slowly. For both devices, do you should not expect too much in the field of management.

Canon Maxify MB2350 and MB5350 review: Business ink of Canon updated: February 14, 2015 author: John Malkovich