Review of wireless headset SVEN AP-B770MV

Review of wireless headset SVEN AP-B770MV

As a rule, seeing the headset with patch ear pads, the user subconsciously makes it slightly excessive demands. Want to see this headset not only allows a carefree chat via Skype, but also enjoy the soundtrack to games and movies, and ideally more and listen (and not just hear) music. For a certain amount thousand all this is quite possible to get. And then – only on condition that we are dealing with a wired headset. But can such requirements apply to the wireless headset, but still worth only two with a small thousand rubles? The answer is obvious – if you can, then only to a certain extent, giving aware of the fact that the target audience of the universal inexpensive device wants to get a headset for every day, and not Headphones for immersion in classical music. It is with this approach, we have begun to explore new wireless headset company SVEN, which came to our test lab. Model SVEN AP-B770MV positioned as a long-playing universal headset with a high degree of sound insulation, which works with all devices that have on-board module Bluetooth.

The headset comes in a cardboard box big enough for SVEN traditional white with large blue cross, moved there with the Finnish flag. The box has a transparent blister, which was visible to the headset itself.

Inside, in addition to the device itself, we found only a USB-cable to charge the internal battery and a printed user manual in Russian. Complete headset cover to transport manufacturer, alas, did not. No supplied and power adapter to charge the internal battery from the mains.

Review of wireless headset SVEN AP-B770MV

Unfortunately, the manufacturer gives the official table of specifications is not the full information about your product. For example, there is no such information is no small as the type of speakers, the level of maximum power and even the type of built-in battery. But clearly painted the operating frequency range and sensitivity, as well as a complete list of connectivity protocols. According to him, we have a modern stereo, connect to virtually any smartphone, tablet, or USB-adapter Bluetooth, works with any of the most common today profiles such as HSP, HFP, A2DP for stereo transmission and AVRCP for management tracks. Interface cable connection from SVEN AP-B770MV not at all, so that in the event that the battery discharges headset, plug it in some alternative way to fail.

SVEN AP-B770MV: Appearance and ergonomics

The headset is available in single colors – black. All the basic elements of the case are made of matt, unremarkable plastic. But the external surface of the cup, on the other hand, attracts attention with its somewhat unusual polyhedral shape, more and more resembles a turtle shell. This headset would fit quite Turtle word in the title, but the manufacturer decided to limit the abstract alphanumeric code.

Plastic cups made themselves, their holders and all the main parts of the headband, with the exception of internal sliding mechanism, which basically has a steel plate. Runners on it too plastic, but worry about the reliability of the design is not necessary – everything is made to last. Needless headband is covered in soft faux leather with a filler for comfortable wearing.

Holders cups, though made of plastic, but also look strong enough. They allow cups otklonyatsyana angle of about 45 °, and do further rotated in one direction by 15 °, and in another 90 °, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the size of the headset during transportation. The latter circumstance is partially compensates for the fact that the design SVEN AP-B770MV provided by the folding mechanism of the headband.

Review of wireless headset SVEN AP-B770MV

Cups themselves look quite massive. At the bottom they are three control buttons narrow power, volume and sound reproduction. On the left cup is additionally fairly large metal grid, behind which a microphone, and on the right is closed with a rubber stopper port MiniUSB. The latter is designed exclusively for charging the internal battery.

Ear pads have SVEN AP-B770MV not be replaced, although the soft parts can be removed. They are almost completely cover the ears when wearing and almost have no how any serious pressure on the head due to the well-chosen density filler, covered as a headband, soft leatherette. He is, however, hardly breathe, but pleasant to the touch.

Overall quality of the headset we have even a little surprised. All moving parts move smoothly without squeaks and jamming, fasteners installed neatly, and the construction itself headset says its relatively high impact resistance. And only a simple design and the highest quality plastic issue in this device it belongs price.

SVEN AP-B770MV: Working with the headset and the sound quality

To establish the first connection to a specific device, the headset must press and hold for five seconds, the power management button. In this case, the headphones do not just turn on and go into search mode. Connect the headset to Bleutooth-adapter takes just a second or two, then the device is ready for use. We tested the headset when connected to a laptop ASUS ZENBOOK UX51 and smartphone Samsung GALAXY S3. Radius at the line of sight is really close to the claimed ten meters. The apartment headset worked well even when the sound source has been separated from her interior walls. No distortion at the same time was noted.

Review of wireless headset SVEN AP-B770MV

The headset is easy to cope with switching between talking and playing music. To accept an incoming call, you need to press the power management. By using the same button, you can repeat the last outgoing call, or switch your phone and the headset in the voice dial mode. Also traditionally arranged and management track is playing.

It is worth noting the sensation of wearing SVEN AP-B770MV. Purely subjective comfort of wearing this headset experience that is called, not for the money. If unfamiliar with the device to ask the person to close their eyes and put on his head this headset, make the call it an indicative value, then this figure is sure to be higher than what it actually is. The thing is almost perfect geometry of the body, the movable plates and well-matched filler for the ear cushions and headband. Simply put, but manages to achieve this is not for everyone, and the manufacturer is no longer in that price category, which positioned our guest today. Ear cups almost completely cover the ears and do not have to have absolutely no negative effects. The same applies to accurately adjusts to your head headband. All this allows you to wear the headset without a break all day. Ears at the same time, of course, a little vspoteyut, but this drawback, alas, can not escape.

But the ease of operation at SVEN AP-B770MV, by contrast, does not hold water. Long, narrow rows of buttons is quite impossible to find by touch. As a result, often pressing the power button instead of pressing the volume down or pause the track being played instead of the transition to the next. And the placement of the buttons at the bottom of the cups, too, can not be called a good solution – they are very uncomfortable to press.

Microphone sensitivity level is high enough. When talking in complete silence the microphone transmits voice without any distortion, but should see a small external noise as your companion already have to listen to your speech – Microphones broadly, that is, he not only listens to you, but all that is happening around them. Especially sad situation with voice quality on the street – are external noise can completely drown out your speech.

Insulation from SVEN AP-B770MV not ideal, but most external noise is successfully extinguished. Part of the noise drowned out completely, and some muted to a comfortable level. Of course, if you wear this headset on your head and plunge into the Moscow subway at rush hour, external noise and hubbub will not disappear as if by magic, but the difference in his volume and saturation with headphones and without them clearly felt. In this case, the people around you to listen to your music with you will not. For this you can not worry because the headset out, being placed over the head, the sound is almost released.

As for sound quality, the headset special surprises us is not presented. Quality music turned out to be quite expected, rather high (within the genre of inexpensive Bluetooth-headset) level. Noise and distortion has been noted. The rest of the picture is familiar to many users of inexpensive headphones: enhanced bass and not enough clear mids and highs. In addition, the sound seemed to us not very bright. If you change the analogue wireless headphone Philips SHB4000 impression that between the ear and the ear pads removed some “film”, which mutes the audio. In general, the sound quality SVEN AP-B770MV deserves a solid “good”. This headset is fine for listening to different genres of music on the road or in the workplace. In this case, the sound quality, it is easy to match with most wired models costing up to two thousand rubles.

Review of wireless headset SVEN AP-B770MV

The manufacturer claims that the playback headset must run continuously for 22 hours. In practice, the average (comfortable) the volume of sound device lasted 18 hours 13 minutes. Less than promised, but the result is still impressive. If you use a headset only from time to time (eg commuting to work), then it will not have to charge the whole week. But for long journeys SVEN AP-B770MV can be called a perfect option. If you do not forget the pre-charge the device, look for an outlet at the airport just do not need.

SVEN AP-B770MV: Conclusions

Headset SVEN AP-B770MV – is a product that is definitely worth the money spent. Less than three thousand rubles a user receives a wireless model with sound quality as that of wired headphones for a little less or the same amount. The advantages SVEN AP-B770MV need to include:

  • clean, smooth sound without distortion
  • high quality workmanship,
  • unusually high level of wearing comfort,
  • good sound insulation,
  • long battery life.

But not without a fly in the ointment – the headset has a couple of drawbacks:

  • very awkward layout of the controls;
  • omnidirectional microphone is ill-suited for conversations.

If the above shortcomings you are not confused, then as a headset for every day model SVEN AP-B770MV can be purchased. In its price range is one of the best universal wireless headsets.

Review of wireless headset SVEN AP-B770MV updated: January 12, 2015 author: John Malkovich