Review of Bluetooth-headset Jabra Move

Review of Bluetooth-headset Jabra Move

I got the impression that the headset Jabra Move was created to deal with the unknown inexpensive brands of earphones – what was the result? Over five thousand rubles you get a pretty nice product, but the sound at the same Revo better …

Design, construction

How was born Jabra Move? Or rather, why? Everything is very, very simple. In the market there are more very inexpensive stereo headsets or, if you prefer, wireless headphones. In fact, this conventional ingot from the factory, which produces accessories – used its own packaging, “his” name, there is such a product is not particularly expensive, but with all the quality is not very good. I’ve seen different. Saw the body broke into two halves (not a very good glue), after the first turn left earphone stopped working, fall off the ear cups. Of course, the marriage may be encountered and Jabra, but the risk is not so great. In general, Jabra Move companies just need to deal with anonymous inexpensive devices. Let’s see what it represents.

Review of Bluetooth-headset Jabra Move

The headset comes in three colors: black, red and blue, the colors dull and very pleasant.

Small cups, wide headband, metal rails. On the headband – packing fabric, black fabric top, bottom light. For a couple of days of use did not notice that the material quickly loses its form, on the frosted plastic invisible fingerprints, especially anything to the fabric does not stick. Ear cushions eco-leather on the right cup – microUSB connector for charging on the left – 3.5 mm audio cable, headphones can be connected to a smartphone or tablet in two ways. Note, if you connect to your phone via cable, Bluetooth connection is terminated.

Weight is 150 grams, the size – 172 x 146.1 x 59 mm. Indicator lights miniature, I will not quibble.


On the plates are the volume rocker with the multifunction button in the center, turn the lever and activate pairing mode. There are voice prompts, the headset can connect to two phones at the same time or to a smartphone and a laptop.

Review of Bluetooth-headset Jabra Move

With the multi-function button, you can start and stop playback, it also is responsible for receiving the call. The standard functions include last number redial. There are voice prompts, if you wish, you can turn them off – a female voice will report fully charged battery should be charged, connect the two devices.

Operation time

Claimed battery life of about 8 hours, in standby mode the headset is working about 288 hours. For charging you can use any cable microUSB. To charge takes about two hours.


Voice quality is quite good, in a quiet environment, you can communicate without any problems on the street is better to use a smartphone, everything is typical. Profile Bluetooth 4.0, the speakers 40 mm, range of work – about six meters, tested in the apartment.

Review of Bluetooth-headset Jabra Move

The sound quality is quite good, but it does not Jabra Revo, the latest I like much more. I do not know what there differences in the stuffing, but once you understand that you listen to a Bluetooth-headset, phone calls, a little blurry. Listened to the iPhone 6 and Sony Xperia Z3, the result is the same everywhere – not bad, but nothing more.

Review of Bluetooth-headset Jabra Move


In the retail headphones cost about 4990 rubles, good design, assembly, the headset can work with two smartphones, good voice quality, but the sound is poor. Recently I tested the Sony SBH-60, it seemed to me much more interesting in all respects – and is worth 2990 rubles. In general, you can listen to something, and the other device to make the right choice, but the Move seemed to me rather strange product. Packaging and impression of the product as a whole is much better here than on some obscure gadget, but with the sound should work carefully.

Review of Bluetooth-headset Jabra Move updated: December 19, 2014 author: John Malkovich

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