Review monitor BenQ BL2700HT

Review monitor BenQ BL2700HT

Today our guest Monitor BenQ BL2700HT, which has the potential to become a bestseller for a wide range of buyers. In our view, this model (at least, according to the characteristics and known retail price) is an excellent balance between price and quality. What is interesting BenQ BL2700HT? Firstly, the image is formed A-MVA matrix with a diagonal of 27 inches and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Of course, the size of a single element is somewhat larger than the WQXGA-monitors, but in practice, taking into account the usual viewing distance, see the individual dots is almost impossible. Secondly, as a backlight uses modern LED panel. Third, it is rich communications capabilities that provide broad compatibility with a variety of monitor video sources. And, fourthly, a modern design support, which allows you to fine-tune the position of the panel. Engineers take care of comfort to the user during continuous operation as a solution to reduce the load on your back and the organs of vision throughout the day.

Review monitor BenQ BL2700HT

Do not forget the developers and the comfort for the eyes. Our guest today supports several proprietary technologies designed to reduce eye fatigue. This system does not flicker Flicker Free, mode Low Blue Light, which smoothes out the peak of blue color in LED lighting, and feature reminders break. Profile Low Blue Light can be adjusted depending on the task.Collectively, these systems can significantly reduce the burden on the eye, especially if it is necessary to spend a lot of time before the screen.

Let’s talk about the benefits of VA-type matrices. Until recently, most graphics monitors, was built on the basis of IPS-panel and its modifications, and today a noticeable part in this sector uses the VA-matrix. Why did this happen? The fact that the strength of the VA-technology has always been a high static contrast. However, a few years ago, these screens have a major drawback: color distortion at a deviation from the normal view, that was especially true at high angles. The new generation of panels issue with accurate color reproduction was resolved, and the developers have the opportunity to take advantage of the old asset.

In general, BenQ BL2700HT – not only interesting, but also very hot novelty, which appeared on the market in November last year. The expectation level is very high, and we can not wait to get acquainted with the model, and to learn its strengths and weaknesses.Traditionally, therefore, wish good luck BenQ BL2700HT and proceed to testing.

BenQ BL2700HT | Specifications

Monitor Specifications BenQ BL2700HT
Brand BenQ
The Model BL2700HT
Device type Monitor
Price, rub. 16500
Projection System
Diagonal inches 27
Resolution pixels. 1920×1080
Aspect ratio 16: 9
Cover Matt
Image Options
Type of matrix A-MVA
Backlight Type LED
Max. Brightness, cd / m2 300
Contrast the static 3000: 1
Dynamic Contrast 20,000,000: 1
Display Color 16.7 million.
Horizontal refresh rate, kHz 30-83
Vertical refresh rate in Hz 50-76
Response time BtW, ms 12
Response time GtG, ms 4
The maximum viewing angles horizontally / vertically, ° 178/178
D-sub 1
Audio Out 1
Audio In 1
Built-in speakers: number x power watts. 2 x 1
Physical parameters
Screen position adjustment Tilt, height adjustment, rotation around the support, portrait / landscape
VESA-mount: Dimensions (mm) 100 x 100
Fixing the Kensington Is There
Power supply unit Built-in
Max. power consumption: in / in standby mode (W) 45 / 0.3
Dimensions (with stand): DhVhG mm 519 x 623 x 230
Dimensions (without stand): DhVhG mm 367 x 623 x 51
Net Weight (with stand), kg 6.3
Net Weight (without stand), kg ND
Warranty period, years 2
Features Office Monitor

Because we need to evaluate the capabilities of the display BenQ BL2700HT, analyze performance similar monitors: 27 inch and A-MVA-matrix with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, equipped with the LED backlight. It was found that these models are quite a few and spread the price is very high. Claimed brightness of 300 cd / sq. m – a typical figure in the classroom.The contrast of 3000: 1 is not the highest value of the monitors for this type of matrices.Dynamic contrast is also reduced, but, nevertheless, no practical value it has, despite impressive levels. The response time of the panel between the grayscale – only 4 ms. In our view, gamers, this monitor can be very interesting.

Review monitor BenQ BL2700HT

Communication capabilities of the display BenQ BL2700HT fully comply with its terms.There are all protocols – from analog D-sub to the modern digital HDMI. It is noteworthy that all interfaces are able to meet the needs of matrices Full HD, but the relevance of analog protocols in terms of applicability in the adapters is highly questionable.

Built-in power supply model. This is the right decision, which will be especially relevant in the case of placing the device on the wall. It will also save space normally occupied on the desktop. For special bracket developers provided a seat standard VESA 100×100.

Power consumption model is slightly above average level among classmates: 45 watts. The weight of the monitor that is 6.3 kg and weight comparable to similar devices. This is easily explained in terms of a significant size of the display and modern design support, which requires reinforced nodes. Dimensions 519 x up model 623 x 230 mm.

BenQ BL2700HT | Package

Dimensions packing medium, the sides are two slits for hands.

The official website of the section with the instruction manual in electronic form was not there, so we estimate the supply list, based on their own experience. With the monitor BenQ BL2700HT in the box contains the following items:

  • Cable DisplayPort – DisplayPort;
  • Cable D-sub – D-sub;
  • power cord;
  • CD-ROM with quick start guide;
  • Quick Start Guide.

In our opinion, the only thing missing – a connector mini Jack – mini Jack. With the help of the rest of the connection can be arranged in a matter of seconds. Well, cable HDMI – HDMI also would not hurt, yet it is one of the most common interfaces.

For more efficient use of the internal volume of the packaging design engineers made the monitor team. The base support is mounted to the support itself by means of captive screws, wherein the process does not require the use of tools and takes less than a minute.

At first glance, we have quite a normal monitor: straight clean lines, a minimum of inscriptions and no artistic delights. But this is only at first glance. Interesting details and structural findings are revealed gradually, as familiarity with the model.

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the monitor – a combination of brevity and functionality.The lack of artistic accents fully compensated practicality and ease of use. Adjusted proportions and the combination of simple geometric shapes not only give the harmony of the whole image, but also allow perfect fit in the display environment of a modern office or home office. Due to the size, the desktop monitor looks solid though not as impressive as the huge 32-inch displays, recently visited us at the office.In principle, in the visible “grayness” of our hero is not unusual. BenQ BL2700HT positioned as a monitor for office workers, so as you might guess, is intended primarily for work. So, it is important that the user anything from this work is not distracted. As a result of the design of displays, there was nearly an image that is often taken as a basis for manufacturers of professional displays: a brutal design, strict geometry and color in dark colors. And our guest today is a typical representative of this trend.

BenQ BL2700HT
 uses LED backlighting, so the bar is much thinner tube counterparts. However, in the central part, where the electronics unit, the thickness of the monitor is still quite significant: It’s all in the frame of the screen and enhanced passive cooling, ensuring silent operation.The color scheme is fully consistent with the concept of non-interference in the workflow, so done in dark colors. This decision, among other things, has a couple of advantages: color perception on a dark gray background more accurate and more comfortable for the eyes, well fit into the interior of the model easier – shades of gray combined with all other colors. It is worth noting that the office model is usually not very diverse in terms of texture. Typically, the entire surface of the matte monitors. It is very practical: there is frequent contact with the fingers are always clean, and thus to maintain a well-groomed appearance will be much easier to monitor. However, the company decided to have some artists to complement this approach and used on the rear panel of the monitor is very interesting zigzag texture. She looks very fresh and modern.

It is necessary to pay attention to quality and workmanship. Monitor assembled perfectly, and the mechanics of support running smoothly. No backlash, no scratches were observed. BenQ BL2700HT is made of high quality materials, so pleasant tactile sensation during the operation will be provided.

Review monitor BenQ BL2700HT

BenQ BL2700HT equipped with all analog and digital interfaces: D-sub, DVI-D and HDMI. Here, engineers have shown the principle of reasonable sufficiency: the capacity of each protocol would be enough for the matrix Full HD. On the one hand, this is a good solution that provides full compatibility with all types of cards, and on the other – all the same urgency analog protocol is not very high.

In our view, there really is not enough built-in USB-hub for connecting external drives and peripherals. In the course of office work to overestimate the usefulness of this device is not possible. In addition, support for memory cards such as SD and would not be superfluous: it is always easier to view photos on the big screen than on the tiny screen of the camera.

BenQ BL2700HT is also a full-fledged multimedia device, so you can watch a movie or listen to music without the use of additional equipment. To connect only need one cable. In addition, if the quality of the built-in speakers are not satisfied, you can always connect external speakers.

Management BenQ BL2700HT performed by a group of keys. All of them are located on the rear side of the screen. Such a decision we have already seen in the company monitors BenQ. At the level of the buttons appear on the screen graphical hints, which is very convenient, especially during setup BenQ BL2700HT in low light conditions.It is necessary to say a few words about the support of the monitor. Developers provided to adjust all possible degrees of freedom of the height, inclination angle, rotating around the axis of rotation of the bearing and the display of the horizontal to the vertical position. This solution not only allows you to fine tune the position of the screen space, but also contributes to the long hours of work in comfort. In our view, such a design has long been necessary to introduce as the standard version.

BenQ BL2700HT | Settings

Management is built on the proven pattern: Pressing any button causes a quick table of contents, and then the user selects the desired function. Here you can select images and video source, set the volume, and enter the main settings window. щ

The menu consists of six items. All adjustments are well structured, so to understand the structure and parameters can a beginner. Submenu “Display” allows you to select the input signal and activate automatic image rotation. In the case of an analog connection, you can carry on auto pictures, adjust the position of the image on the screen, as well as set the frequency and phase of the clock.

Review monitor BenQ BL2700HT

In the “Image” you can adjust the brightness, contrast and sharpness of the image, select one of the preset gamma curve and color temperature, and adjust it yourself, adjust hue and saturation or reset all color settings to the factory level.

In the “Image Settings” user accessible features such as profile picture (it can be compared with the standard installation), dynamic contrast, departure sweep fill mode, video color space and color scale range for HDMI.

“Audio” allows you to adjust the volume, select the audio source or turn on the “mute”.

In the “System”, you can configure the service functions such as interface language, the time display of the main window, menu lock, auto power off, activation protocol DDC / CI, automatic selection of input HDMI, output service messages, as well as information about the parameters of the monitor. In addition, there is the possibility to program three custom buttons and hold to reset all settings to the factory level.

In the “Ergonomics”, the user can enable automatic reminders that it is necessary to take a break.

Traditionally, all preset images are ready combination of brightness, contrast, a hue, gamma curve index and color temperature. It is worth noting that within any preset can be adjusted only some of the indicators, with only the profile of the “User” has access to all parameters. Because we need to adjust the foreground of the monitor, then agree to take such mode “User”.

Recall that the study BenQ BL2700HT conducted in a manner which we have described in detail in the review of the monitor BenQ EW2740L . Engineers have provided eight ready-made profiles Image: sRGB, “Standard”, Low Blue Light, “Cinema”, “Photo”, ECO, M-book and “User”. First of all, examine all modes with default settings, but we’ll start with the brightness range.

According to the results of measurements of width brightness range our guest today has shown very good results. The maximum level of the white point was 308.2 cd / sq. m, which is even higher than the declared value of 300 cd / sq. m. As for the measured contrast, its value was 900: 1 at 100% of the highest luminosity. This is a good indicator for the monitors on the basis of A-MVA-matrices, but to the declared value of 3000: 1 far. It is worth noting that all measurements were carried out in the “User”.

Leader in the category measuring the brightness became preset sRGB. His record: 306.2 cd / sq. m. This result is slightly higher than the declared value. Next come the modes “Standard” and “User” with indicators of 263.3 cd / sq. m and 262.7 cd / sq. m, respectively. Closes the table pre-Low Blue Light and ECO with brightness 181.2 cd / sq. m and 183.9 cd / sq. m, respectively. This is already enough. In the category of measured contrast was the best sRGB preset with an index of 920: 1. This level is less than stated, but in absolute terms is a very good result. On the bottom line of the table is placed preset “Cinema”. Its ratio of black and white was 650: 1.

As for the measurement of color temperature, there is a better all made sRGB mode with the result of 6600 K. Excellent! Furthest from the standard presets were “Standard” and “User”. Their performance matched the white point and amounted to 7200K.

Developers should consider three additional preset color temperature – “Normal”, “cold” and “warm”. There is also a custom setting for the three basic colors. According to the results of research into the best category for measuring the brightness began to preset the “User” with a score of 307.0 cd / sq. m And closes the list of preset “cold”, whose figure was white level 204.9 cd / sq. m. As for contrast, here the leader is preset “User”. Its luminance ratio of white and black appeared at the level of 950: 1. Lowest contrast again demonstrated preset “cold” – 630: 1.Recall that all the measurements we carried out in the “User”.

Review monitor BenQ BL2700HT

In the category of measuring color temperature closest to the reference made presets “Normal” and “User”: their performance in line and accounted for 6,400 K. This is an excellent result. But the white point preset “Cool” is on the furthest from the reference value of 11 700 K.

In the category of research transfer function no winners. All modes in varying degrees different from the standard. Closest to the reference curve graph profile “User”, the farthest – preset ECO. With regard to the stability of the color temperature, the leaders began here regimes “Photo” and ECO. Their results throughout the entire brightness range amounted to 270 K and 260 K. This good performance.

Also, engineers have provided here five additional preset indicator gamma curve. In the category of the measurement of the transfer function best made preset “1”. His schedule is almost perfectly coincided with the standard. As for the color temperature stability, there was preset leader “5”. Its spread was 450 K, and it is an average result.

In the category of measuring color covered almost all the modes were excellent. Seven of the eight profiles showed the result of 100% of the sRGB color space and 76% of AdobeRGB. Mode M-book a little behind: 99% of the sRGB and 76% AdobeRGB. This remarkable performance.

The best in the category of measurement precision display of individual colors become modes “Standard” and “User”. Their average deviation was only 1.39 and 1.38 respectively. This excellent results.

BenQ BL2700HT | uniform illumination of the screen

In the category of measurement uniformity of brightness on the field screen BenQ BL2700HT showed a maximum variation of 16% to 17% depending on the level of luminosity. This is a satisfactory result.

One of the main goals of our research is always to determine the optimal combination of parameters that the user can install itself and thus obtain the best image quality. In this case, the mode “User” user preset color temperature and gamma curve figure “1”. Next, we determine the maximum possible quality indicators, which are reached during calibration. So, we were able to improve the fidelity of individual colors: from 1.38 to 0.91. That’S Perfect!Now BenQ BL2700HT can rightfully be on a par with professional displays. Color gamut unchanged. White point and gamma curve figure very close to the standards, and the brightness and contrast slightly decreased, but are still at a high level.

Before calibration After calibration, Target Options
Brightness, cd / sq.m.
White box 306.3 297.8 Maximum
Black box 0.31 0.32
Contrast 988.1: 1 930.6: 1
Gamma 2.25 2.23 2.2
White Point, CIE (x / y) 0.314 / 0.332 0.313 / 0.329 0.313 / 0.329
Delta Eab
Minimum 0.32 0.26
Maximum 5.5 4.13
Average 1.38 0.91

BenQ BL2700HT | Conclusions

It is time to take stock, because all the tests that we have conducted in the our laboratory, completed. We recall the main advantages of our guest today: the matrix A-MVA with Full HD resolution and a modern design. What can I say about BenQ BL2700HT after the trial?

Review monitor BenQ BL2700HT

Monitor spoke very well. The model showed excellent brightness and high contrast, an exact match schedule transfer function standard, wide color gamut and good stability of the color temperature, as well as excellent reproduction of individual colors. The disadvantage is a high uniformity of illumination across the field of the screen. After calibration BenQ BL2700HT has every reason to be considered a professional display means.

In our opinion, the model will be interesting to a wide range of users. With the default settings, the monitor can provide high-quality images that will satisfy most users. After calibration, BenQ BL2700HT will be in demand among enthusiasts working with color. It is worth noting that a very nice price, even taking into account the market situation will certainly be a very pleasant surprise.

Review monitor BenQ BL2700HT updated: April 4, 2015 author: John Malkovich