Beddit launches a sleep sensor for couples

Beddit launches a sleep sensor for couples

In the era of “all quantified”, the young French company Beddit, specializes in monitoring sleep (or sleep monitoring) and offers a new version of its sleep sensor which it extends the analysis to the couple.

Connected objects dedicated to the analysis and sleeping comfort break on the market. In addition to the projects deployed on funding sites such as the Sleep Luna – a sub-sheet connected supposed to regulate the bed temperature, track sleep and awaken the sleepers each at the right time – we recently mentionnions even bedding stores Traditional passing hour the mattress connected with Morph @ billed as “the first mattress fully integrated intelligence”. It uses Beddit technology.

For objects with sensors, it is not always easy to deploy a sleep analysis on two people. It was precisely one of the criticisms made during our test of the Aura Withings, the smart alarm clock at the crossroads between connected object and activity sensor: it was unable to offer the sleep analysis for 2 persons (an option now promised soon). Less sophisticated than the Aura, the Beddit sleep sensor uses a motion sensor and the iBeacon technology while providing the ability to analyze sleep 2 people. The device can communicate directly with a smartphone to indicate triggering the sleep sensor. Among the measures considered by the Beddit, heart rate is found, breathing, sleep cycles and their duration. The Aura will in turn further, adding a clock light therapy with inspired sounds of nature.

For the record, in 2013, was largely successful Beddit his collection on IndieGoGo and had raised more than $ 500,000 to the $ 80,000 originally expected. Since the device has sold thousands of copies worldwide. The new version of the sensor will be sold at the end of 2015, ideally for the brand, before the period of the holiday season. The next step for the French manufacturer is deploying a travel sensor, designed to be carried and regularly reinstalled.

Beddit launches a sleep sensor for couples updated: April 4, 2015 author: John Malkovich