Review of systems to monitor sleep Withings Aura: Technology guard dreams

Review of systems to monitor sleep Withings Aura: Technology guard dreams

The market appears more and more devices, which help the user to be healthy. The task Withings Aura – make enjoyable and rewarding our sleep. In this review, we find out whether the system for the control of sleep helps to fall asleep faster and wake up and how it affects the quality of life.

In the modern metropolis, many people suffer from a variety of problems associated with sleep: time to sleep is always not enough to get up early in the difficult and sometimes sleep time is not obtained. A device that would help to normalize sleep and not feel overwhelmed in the morning, for many would be a great gift and almost a ticket to a new life. On assurances of developers, Withings Aura is just such a device.

The system consists of two parts: a “smart” alarm clock, a lamp, or, as he calls himself a manufacturer, bedside unit and pads under the mattress. The device works in conjunction with the application Health Mate, which currently exists solely for iOS. Using it, you can view data on the characteristics of their sleep, as well as manage the awakening and falling asleep.

Immediately it should be noted that the Withings Aura does not belong to the class of low-cost devices – its average price at the time of publication of this article fluctuates near the mark of 19 000 rubles. That is, as you can see, taking care of his dream has proven quite expensive. But as long as similar devices – specialized control systems of sleep – the market simply does not, will not work with Withings Aura compare something and say it is expensive or cheap. We assume that the ability to sleep is worth so much, and try to deal with the extent to which it provides Withings Aura.

Packaging and appearance

Withings Aura system comes in a fairly hefty and bulk box. The set includes a bedside unit, lining under the mattress, the power supply (there are removable plugs for different regions), color manual in English.

Most of the space in the box takes a bedside module Aura. It serves as the alarm clock and night light and contains two sensors: temperature and light.Review of systems to monitor sleep Withings Aura: Technology guard dreams

It looks most similar device, perhaps that, on the ship’s chimney. Question the appropriateness of futuristic design is left open, but the build quality can only be happy – at the junction of no gaps or irregularities. Module and pleasant to the touch – it is made of glossy soft plastic. Its dimensions are 28 × 12,8 × 13,5 cm, weight – about 1.4 kg (the device image seems smaller than it actually is). In the lower part of the built-in PC Speaker, and in a circular recess on top is light. On the front side of the column under the net is a small display that displays the current time and the alarm icon. Display daylight barely noticeable, but at night it glows softly and does not hurt your eyes.Behind there is an input for the power supply, as well as three USB-connector. Two of them are used to connect pads under the mattress, and a third mobile device can charge.

Briefly, I want to explain why light is located in the concave space bedside unit: when the device operates in a lamp, no light stretches as the room, and is reflected from the walls and formed a more or less directional beam. As a result, you can read a book, but the room will be covered only in the vicinity of the module.

At the bedside unit and there are controls, but only touch. Their location can be found in the instructions, as on the device they are not labeled. It’s just a fairly large area, touching the hand that you can activate certain functions. The first is located on the top of the module, and the second on his right side. Sensory areas are several types of touch.

By the way, the manufacturer claims that the performance of the sensor light and temperature bedside unit and built into the algorithm for choosing the best moment of awakening. Check this is not possible, because it is unclear exactly how they affect your sleep.

The next element of the Withings Aura is lining under the mattress or sleep sensor. Most of all, it looks like a sleeve tonometer with a wire that connects to the bedside unit. Lining looks neutral and invisible when using the system, because hidden under the mattress.

Review of systems to monitor sleep Withings Aura: Technology guard dreams

The manual states that the sensor sleep better positioned between two separate mattresses at chest level sleeping man. Also, note that if the bed sleeping two, then two pads required. However, judging by the proposal of the Russian online retail in our country, some pads are not for sale.

The principle of operation pads under the mattress is relatively simple – it is built in motion sensor, which is able to record your heart rate and depth of breathing and body movements. In this work the motion sensor is based on the detection of vibrations in the air “sleeve” pads, which are located under the fabric, is automatically purged with air tanks.

Based on the analysis of the data is determined sleep schedule consisting of several phases:

  1. Phase wakefulness – a time when you’re trying to fall asleep or wake up already, but not yet got out of bed. Some people wake phases occur at night, and not all remember them in the morning.
  2. Phase REM (Rapid Eye Movements), or REM sleep – during this phase you can see the dream. Its duration is 10-15 minutes (although dreams may seem that it takes years or decades).

Manufacturers Withings Aura link to scientists who claim that awakening during REM phase is the most successful and subjectively pleasing. It is this and is trying to implement the system.

  1. Light sleep phase – the bulk of sleep during which decreases muscle tone, body temperature, and heart rate. It is believed that this phase is needed to man regained his strength, and in the morning feeling refreshed.
  2. Phase of deep sleep – as the previous phase, is associated with the restoration of energy and is considered the deepest part of sleep. During this period, it is advisable not to wake the man, otherwise he will feel sleepy.

Withings Aura system is controlled via Bluetooth using the application Health Mate, which is available only for iOS. After creating an account, you will need to register a bedside unit and pad under the mattress in the application. Once the application will make friends with your system “smart” sleep, it will introduce you to their capabilities in a brief statement.

Incidentally, the application can run without Withings Aura. It was created for the followers of a healthy lifestyle and allows, for example, take steps to plan for change of its mass and reach of certain results related to health outcomes. However, significantly, that the developer when creating Health Mate still consumer-centric devices Withings, such as “smart” balance, fitness bracelet or wireless tonometer.

Now let’s talk about how the going to bed and waking up with the help of Withings Aura.

The “smart” long sleep is activated by touching his hands to the top of the bedside unit. Immediately turn on the red-orange light that simulates the sunset, and begins to play pre-selected melody. All this takes about 20 minutes, during which the melody becomes quieter, and the light fades.

A choice of four options for sound: sound of the sea, the noise of the forest and two songs in the style of ambient music. Separately, we note some of the problems of translation into Russian of the application: the volume tunes somehow regulated slider “Volume”. Also at this time there is no possibility to download additional audio tracks, but the manufacturer has promised to fix it in the future.

To activate the awakening in the annex Health Mate need to set the desired rise time and – separate slider – the time interval during which the Withings Aura will we wake up. Only it does not mean that all this time will be broken alarm clock and lamp – to shine in the face. No, you need to specify a time range so that based on the data obtained from the sensor, the device can begin our awakening in the most suitable for this moment – in REM-phase.

In addition to the time, the application need to set the brightness of the light that will light up slowly after the system decides to start to wake you up. Color Lamp on waking – blue.


Let’s start with the disadvantages. Connecting bedside unit to the power supply, as well as the sensor is located under the mattress sleep and connect it with the module, you can not immediately begin to use. When you first use, you must wait until the module is activated – no more than a minute. Then lining will calibrate (and this time will be almost invisible to vibrate), which will take another 10 minutes. At this time, there is an automatic filling air tanks sensor sleep. The manufacturer does not recommend to go to bed during this process, as it may interfere with the calibration process.

Another problem – a large number of wires. In addition to the wires from the power supply to the bedside unit reaches the sensor wire from sleep. And it must be placed under the mattress so that the tip of a wire protruding outward-facing. Not every interior element such as the fall out from under the mattress pads language, will look aesthetically pleasing.

Sensor sleep can sometimes lie in the testimony. Quite often, the graph displays your movement, but you have already got out of bed.

However, there is good news. We tested the device on different types of mattresses, including a sofa bed, and it works everywhere.Lining does not interfere with sleep and not feel at hand, even if a thin mattress.

Bed module quite confident standing on the nightstand next to the bed, but in the early days of its use does not release the feeling that using a touch-sensitive controls, and actually stroking the device itself, you dump it on the floor. This is especially true of such moments when it is necessary to quickly shut down.

Review of systems to monitor sleep Withings Aura: Technology guard dreams

The function of sleep is quite interesting and implemented really helps sleep, but it takes some getting used to. The problem is that the first few times it caused more interest than promoted sleep. However, over time the red-orange light in combination with quiet music track leads to a strong muscle relaxation. To test was mainly used the melody of the sea, and during sleep occurred genuine feeling of being on the beach during sunset. A couple of days getting used to it quite well under fall asleep, but if the head is loaded any unnecessary emotions, the positive effect is observed. In addition, not all people are prone to such visualization, and some, this function will likely interfere.

Wake up Withings Aura helps only under one condition – if you wake recommended 7-8 hours. If you are firmly determined not to sleep, then the system will not help you: it lacks volume, nasty and obsessions. But if tomorrow you are going to spend a relaxing holiday, its use is justified. Withings Aura allows not sleepy and wakes you in the right phase of sleep a positive melody and calm blue light. As a consequence, in the morning you are ready to be active and lead a full life. Of course, to criticize the device for the lack of function “aggressive” awakening impossible. Still sleep should ideally be healthy and nutritious.

One of the most interesting features of the application Health Mate is the ability to visualize a dream in the form of graphs with labeled phases. Although in everyday life, this function is not interesting, it allows you to learn about yourself something new. For example, in the screenshot above you can see that during the first third of sleep had two wake-up that followed after the REM-phase. Perhaps the author at the time dreamed of some disturbing dreams.

Much more interesting to compare the dynamics of the phases on different days. According to the schedule it is clear that within a week the author of sleep every day more and more, which was partly due to a decrease in workload closer to the weekend. No less impressive pie chart that shows how many people slept on ideal figure of eight hours. After using Withings Aura became clear that the need to sleep more clearly.

Also in Health Mate, you can view data on changes in light and temperature in the room where you sleep. By the way, it’s safe to say that the temperature sensor indicates underreporting.

A little night light on. He lit a conventional white light and is regulated by stroking the side of the sensor element. From minimum to maximum light level requires a lot of strokes – about 20-25. But the idea of lighting concentrated in the device justifies itself – you can comfortably read a book or magazine, without interfering with the people who had gone to sleep in the same room.


If you ever want to get enough sleep and that Withings Aura could become a sort of magic pill that will allow to feel good no matter what, we have to disappoint you: so it does not work. But the use of the system over the weekend really leads to improved well-being and allows us not sleep too much. Withings Aura comes highly recommended for people who have difficulty falling asleep or awake, but at the same time can afford to fully sleep 7-8 hours a day. Also worth noting is the potential of the system Withings Aura for rehabilitation work in various hospitals. But fans sit up late the computer and then wake myself cannon shot, it just will not work. Besides p assmatrivaemaya system has a number of obvious drawbacks: a large number of wires that are only compatible with devices Apple, no function “aggressive” awakening and a sufficiently high price.

A possible alternative could be some fitness bracelets that, firstly, less expensive, and secondly, can boast of having additional functions for maintaining a healthy mind in a healthy body. And for smartphones have long existed sleep monitoring applications based on the same principles as the Withings Aura. That’s just they work very badly in comparison with a specialized device.

Review of systems to monitor sleep Withings Aura: Technology guard dreams updated: March 24, 2015 author: John Malkovich