How to choose an external battery (Power Bank)

How to choose an external battery (Power Bank)

In terms of running time, the modern smart phones, used by the majority of consumers, significantly superior to the first touch of the model. Almost any of them works without problems at least daylight hours, so as not to worry about what you will be without regard. Nevertheless, there are different situations when the machine can be suddenly discharged and will not close the outlet or suitable charger.

Sometimes you have to leave the village or get out into nature for a few days, in such cases, the problem of operating time may become even more acute. What to do in such situations? For example, you can experiment with the settings to give up some features and get a few extra hours of work. Another option – buy a spare battery, only it will have to somehow be charged, and you need to replace each time removing the cover. In the end, for each of the smartphone have to buy a separate battery, and many modern models generally have disposable housing – replacement batteries are not possible without a visit to the service center.

How to choose an external battery (Power Bank)

Fortunately, this problem has a rather elegant, relatively inexpensive, versatile, and are not forced to abandon the use of some functions of the solution. It is called the Power Bank, or simply – external battery. In this article, we look at this type of device and consider the main criteria for their selection.

What is a Power Bank?

Power Bank or a universal external battery pack – an array of batteries (rechargeable batteries), packaged in a body with a universal output (eg, plug USB).

Different models are battery performance (their quality, type) body design and the materials used, the number of connectors, grouping, and other parameters, but their purpose is always the same – charging other devices.

Power Bank what capacity do I need?

First of all, most of the external battery is different from each other with a capacity installed in these batteries, which is indicated in the milliamp-hours (mAh). It determines the size and weight of the final product. Most models use the most popular to date lithium-ion ( Li-Ion ) or lithium polymer ( Li-Pol ) battery. They have low self-discharge current, the maximum energy density, and high performance.

Select a specific model you need based on the capacity of the battery installed in the device is charging.This information can be found in the manual or on the manufacturer’s website. For example, if your smartphone is installed battery capacity of 2000 mAh, it is necessary to look at the “Power Bank” capacity of 2500 mAh , and if you are going to charge the tablet – choose from models with a capacity of 5000 mAh .

How to choose an external battery (Power Bank)

How many times can I charge your smartphone or tablet?

When selecting an external battery, most guided by the simple formula – divides the capacity universal battery capacity of the battery of your device and believes that many times they are able to charge your device. In fact it is not, no Power Bank 9000 mAh does not charge three times a smartphone with a battery 3000 mAh, at best it will be two and a half charge, and most – a little more than two.

How Come? There are several reasons. There is always a minimum self-discharge battery, and eventually its characteristics gradually deteriorate. The voltage used in the external battery batteries of 3.7 V, depending on their level of charge at the moment it changes as a large, and in the smaller side. Standard output voltage USB, battery chargers and, accordingly, Power Bank – 5, so the device is worth a special scheme, which increases the voltage to the required. She has a COP (coefficient of performance), which can be very different from different models of batteries. A similar, but step-down circuit is in the charge the device. It turns out that at each stage of some of the energy is lost, so no external battery can not provide one hundred percent out of its container, you should always choose “with reserve” of 20-30%.

It may seem that only the most noteworthy capacious model, but this is not always the case. Of course, this battery without any problems will charge all your gadgets, and even your friends can help, here only have to wear it in a bag or in the outside pocket of outerwear.

How to choose an external battery (Power Bank)

Sometimes you just need an additional recharge the battery, just to “hang on” to the house and normal charging. In such situations, you can pay attention to the compact models. As a rule, they are much smaller and lighter than their older counterparts, some can be worn as a pendant with a key. This kid is always with you and will not interfere, but will add, for example, half the charge is stranded smartphone.

There are models made in the form of a cover for a smartphone. Universal will not name because each battery is made for a specific smartphone, but this way you can kill two birds with one stone – and the case for a smartphone to get, and while working to improve. The only negative point – a marked increase in the size of an assistant.

What else to pay attention?

One of the important parameters – the charging current, which is able to provide an external battery. Most batteries it varies from 0.5 to 2 A. Choosing a specific model, you should pay attention to the labeling of native charger (charger) rechargeable device. For example, if supplied with a smart charger 1 A sense Power Bank select from same, or a large output current. If you take the battery with less charging current, nothing terrible will happen, just the unit will be charged for longer, for example, three hours instead of two.

If you choose Power Bank relatively large capacity, you can pay attention to models with multiple output connectors. Typically, there may be one or two. If the two battery output, usually one having a smaller charging current (e.g., 1 A) and a larger second (A 2). In fact, they are designed to charge different devices, because many smartphones require a charging current at 1 A, and tablets – 1.5 A. The presence of two outputs for charging can be useful if you want to simultaneously charge multiple devices, but it is worth remembering that a universal battery “give” maximum charging current only when connecting one device, so if Power Bank has two options 1 and 2 A, while the use they will “give” to 1 A.

How to choose an external battery (Power Bank)

Today, most wearable gadgets used for charging the universal connector microUSB, but not always the appropriate cable is in a box with an external battery, and if there is, it may be too short. Users with a lot of older devices can draw attention to the model, comes with a set of universal adapters . They usually allow you to charge the old Nokia and other once-popular devices with proprietary (private) connectors.View of the adapter may differ – fan cable to which are attached at the same time all the possible adapter or cable with universal connector, which is connected to the required connector at the moment.

At the end do not forget to pay attention to the charging method of the Power Bank. Many ordinary “Chinese” model recharged from the mains via its connector. Much more convenient if you have a conventional charging microUSB – the same as in the smartphone or tablet, then you can charge the battery from the usual network storage or a computer. Do not forget about the charging current of the battery (more – better), it is especially critical for high-capacity models. After all, if the battery 10000 mAh charging current of only 500 mAh, it will have to charge it for 20 hours.

There are universal battery with solar batteries . A small panel on the cover of the device can compensate for the effect of self-discharge, but of great importance such features should not attach. More useful to pay attention to the method of indicating battery charge. In most models, it uses a series of LEDs, but there are also advanced, in which the exact percentage of remaining charge is displayed.

How to choose an external battery (Power Bank)

This is the main criteria for selecting the external battery. Everything else – the design, the choice is up to the buyer manufacturer. We only have one word of advice. So both in terms of electronics Power Bank – not a difficult gadget to choose its worth very carefully because the range of models is quite broad, and among them are often found low-quality devices. So do not forget to explore any review or read reviews from real customers.

How to choose an external battery (Power Bank) updated: March 13, 2015 author: John Malkovich