Review of smart watches Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Review of smart watches Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Experiments in the field of smart watches continue all manufacturers in the race including Google, which released version of Android Wear for such devices. In March there will be Apple Watch, which is trying to position the company as a fashion accessory, not smart watches. The same mind is secondary, and meet Apple’s product must be solely on clothes.

The market of smart watches consists of two large segments – on the one hand, it is attended by producers fitness bracelets, for example, FitBit, Withings, which appeared later devices from Microsoft and other companies that do not do any weather. On the other hand, is a clock in the lineup from Samsung Gear, which occupy 40 percent of the global market for such devices, and in some countries and at all dominated (in the US is more than 70 percent of the market).

Dividing the market into segments smart watches has become quite arbitrary, the functionality of the devices is comparable, differ only in the design and manufacturer of illuminated function. To conditionally sports devices is focused on everyday fitness, less running and other activities, for normal watches – positioning as an optional accessory to your phone, which does not require constant watching the screen of the phone. It is important to understand that smart watches in the second case it is positioned as an accessory and replacement of normal watches, while fitness devices are consistent with the usual clock and take the second hand.

Review of smart watches Alcatel OneTouch Watch

In each review I have to grope for those who may be interested in wearing a smart watch. While this is a vanishingly small audience that the world is measured in tens of millions of people. Making the ordinary consumer to fork out for the purchase of smart watches is difficult.The reasons for rejection of such product banal and described many times – the screen that does not burn continuously and it should include a short time work, obscure functionality and the absence of any chips that would be allocated this product among ordinary watches.Also, do not be amiss to note that the cost of smart watches is that they are competing with many common clock that is already perceived as a good and decent. For the sum of $ 200-300 you can find many interesting proposals, including the G-Shock, which are highly rated among all buyers.

Boom smart watches can be expected when the punch mark their cost $ 100, these devices must not be more than the typical wireless headset, then, depending on the range of from 50 to 100 dollars. In this and only in this case the mass consumer agrees to try these devices in fact, spend on them the money and attention. People want to try something new, always becomes the only barrier price.

In 2015, I personally expect that the concept of smart watches did not change, but the appearance of Apple Watch spur other manufacturers to demonstrate their version of the device. But the important thing is that second-tier manufacturers try to catch divvying up the pie and offer their cheap options smart watches. Part of this process has already begun, but, for example, in Las Vegas on CES’2015 dominance watches, which might be expected, was not observed. In fact, the only company with the product turned out to be intelligible Alcatel, and so their clocks describes all and sundry. Model OneTouch Watch remarkable that the first product of this class costs $ 150, which is almost twice cheaper Moto 360, which are considered a benchmark for the design of smart watch with a round dial. Currently, the cost Moto 360 $ 250 in the US.

And it is in terms of the cost model from Alcatel is of greatest interest and importance. During the year, the cost of this and similar products will fluctuate in the range of 100-150 dollars, which means that the market will begin to grow faster. Unfortunately, this does not solve the problems with the perception of such devices ordinary consumers, but that’s another problem. As soon as someone from manufacturers grope really popular usage scenarios, they were immediately taken up by all. So far, none of the companies have not been able to do.

Review of smart watches Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Alcatel products are also interesting in that it can be considered as a benchmark – the most functionally rich, he at the same time typical for 2015, offers exactly the number of features that users expect from him.

Design and Ergonomics watches OneTouch Watch, specifications

At Alcatel in the last two years did not work out with the names. Since the release of the spring 2014 bracelet SmartBand, the company quickly renamed it BoomBand, since a similar name already used Sony. Names containing the word Band, so typical that it is used all and sundry.

With the clock that should not happen, because the OneTouch brand registered a long time ago for phones Alcatel, but the watch business word Touch is used Tissot – a family of products is the name of T-Touch. The intersection is not very large, but the construction of the name Alcatel OneTouch Watch resonate well with Apple Watch. Originality is not, but whether it is necessary in the name of the device? The question remains open.

Review of smart watches Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Another thing that Alcatel always feel the market trends and provide exactly what is claimed. From the standpoint of both cost and design.Take a look at what looks like a clock.

Two color options, both classic – black and white. Two options straps – metal (slightly more expensive basic version), as well as silicone. The straps can be in two sizes – the usual (from 66.74 to 109.2 mm in coverage) and large (from 75.74 to 119.2 m). I had a watch with a conventional wrist girth, and to me they were cramped, but wearing them was possible. That is, the larger size is guaranteed to suit everyone.

Metal clasp, fixes the bracelet. Unfortunately, non-removable bracelet, put your strap is impossible. This is because the conventional USB-connector is integrated into a bracelet. For the lid hides the connector, usually this design I do not like, but here it is very good, and nothing gives the presence of the connector.

Very often, the presence of such a connector puts an end to the protection of water in those watches that did not happen, they have a degree of protection IP67. That is, they can run, wash your hands, even swim. Diving is not recommended, but in principle, a shallow dive they can withstand.

Round dial has a diameter of 41.8 mm, the thickness of the body – 10.5 mm. Feels like they are completely analogous Moto 360 and, therefore, suitable to many people complaints about the size of these watches were not.

But pay attention to the design feature, in Moto 360 strap is attached at the bottom of that visually enlarges the clock.

In OneTouch Watch made metal fittings, which, on the contrary, make it easier to visually design, the clock does not look massive, look small.

Metal body from the inside – plastic insert with sensor heartbeat, only one button on the right. Minimalist design and high quality materials, so that covers the screen Gorilla Glass, has a oleophobic coating.

Weight watches- 60 grams, which can be considered negligible, on the hand they are almost non-existent, and there is one more thing – the visual perception of watches and their real weight on the hand are the same. For example, in the LG R Watch design is such that you expect from feeling the weight of watches, but it is not.

Left to say about the screen – it’s TFT-matrix 1.22 inches with a resolution 240h204 point, the screen is round, and unlike the Moto 360 and the lower bevel is not very noticeable (it is not completely round). This slant is associated with the fact that the number 6 is the touch key to enter the menu one level up. That is, you can activate the clock pressing the side button to go up a level – by clicking on the six. You get used to such management immediately, it is very convenient.

Review of smart watches Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Build quality, these watches are close to ideal, no complaints there, and can not be. Excellent fitting parts, good materials. In them, in addition to Bluetooth 4.0, also has NFC, so that pair watches with any Android-smartphone or tablet, there is no trouble. It can be any device with Android 4.3 or higher, not only the production of Alcatel. Watch also work with iOS-devices, their functionality does not suffer.

When you first turn and the pairing you find the clock through the search for Bluetooth or via NFC. In the second case, the pairing is done automatically. If you want to attach the clock to another device, it is enough to turn them off and find out the Bluetooth menu on the device immediately after switching on, at this moment the opening watches for mating.

The functionality of the program watches and Fit

To complete the work watches you will need the Alcatel Fit, it is similar to that used for BoomBand, will be used for other products. Arranged menu is very simple, on the main screen you can see how many steps per day have passed, can also set a reminder, select the program from which the message will be sent to the clock. It is possible to synchronize all data in the cloud, and for use as account login OneTouch, and the familiar Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

The watch has a vibration is strong enough, so you can install them in the Service, as well as vibration for reminders. I advise you to do it only for the most important reminders, or you will be constantly distracted by the vibration.

What are able to watch these? To begin with, how to get to the main menu – press the side button turns on the screen, and now we have to click on it. Before us appears a horizontal menu with icons. Signatures to them not, but they are clear and true. Here are the functions.

Weather Forecast – weather forecast on multiple screens, all information is pulled from your device, watch him use the Internet connection.

Sporting function – this is a classic pedometer, which also shows the distance segments can measure heart rate through the sensor on the inside, including during the run. The measurement accuracy is sufficient when running or walking fast measurement time increases, but accuracy is not affected. Measurements at run automatic with a certain interval.

Is a function of tracking sleep, in this version of the software it requires manual activation in the future promise to make it automatic, that is, will not be required to press the menu at this point.

A separate paragraph – is the measurement of pulse, repeats what we have seen in the sports menu.

Stopwatch, remote control music player (rewind, volume, scrolling music), remote camera control (not available for all devices and manufacturers), search the phone (the device starts to “scream”, you can configure automatic activation function by removing watches on the phone), Mute on the phone, airplane (for watches, does not affect the phone), the choice of brightness and menu design.

For incoming calls the clock shows the number of the caller and allow or reject the call only to remove the sound. Notification of the program calls a finger from the bottom up on the main screen. You see tabs for each program, you can view the specific mention. They are sometimes shown in full, for example, you can view all SMS, and sometimes not shown, this happens if WhatsApp contact comes from a lot of messages.

Do not pay attention to how fonts are displayed on the Russian-hour, on a review of the US version of the clock, they are not adapted for the Russian market. Promise that by the time this will be rectified and fonts become normal.

Review of smart watches Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Time work – is one of the parameters, which turned out to be yet undescribed. Within watches worth of Li-Pol battery capacity of 210 mAh.While it is charging from the laptop is about 35-40 minutes up to one hundred percent. And then it all depends on how you will use the watch. For example, you can configure their inclusion on the movement of the hand – throws up his hands, and lights up the screen. It is understood that occasional positives in this case can not be avoided, and they will be present. I have this function is not disabled. As well as tried to leave all possible reminders. I’m in this mode, the clock worked from morning till night, then have a full day. On discharge, they begin to warn when there is 20 percent, then at 10 percent. Minimum of 20 percent of which will be enough when the heaviest usage scenarios, a couple of watches, maybe more.

When inactive using reminders, less vibration and the like clock work quietly for two days. It is safe to say that for most people it will still be one full day. Many devices of this class works in a similar time, and this is their most serious disadvantage. For example, the rejection of the family of Android Wear Gear and transition to Tizen occurred including due to energy consumption. These watches are all reminders work 3-4 days, which gives quite a different picture. But they cost money other. Since OneTouch Watch uses its own version of the OS, not Android Wear, we can assume that with polishing software while working watches increase. For example, in Moto 360 a few months after the release time of 6-8 hours increased to 1.5-2 days (they are on Android Wear), I think this analogy is appropriate here. But while the clock is just so before buying should clarify this point.


In these watches there is no microphone, and do not talk to him, yes, indeed, it is not necessary. Also in watches is not possible to respond to messages is not provided access to voice functions companion devices, as is done in watches Gear or Android Wear. In fact, it’s just your window into what’s happening on the main unit. It is not always convenient window rather all of these functions should be seen as complementary. However, the same can be said of any such watches.

I like how to make a clock, like a set of dials (until they are few, but their number will grow), it is possible to put your wallpaper on your home screen. Functionality watches is inferior to the same Gear from Samsung, but the price is much lower. These watches can be easily compared with the Moto 360, but they have a different ideology. They are very different in terms of functionality, this is not a companion to Android, which gives hints at random.

These watches can be recommended to those who want to receive, in addition to watches, pedometer, heart rate measurement does not require a social component that gives, for example, each product from FitBit, they can compete with your friends. As the clock OneTouch Watch is quite good and price outperforms all competitors. In my opinion, they should pay attention to if you are looking for something like this and do not want to overpay for such a device. Design here comes to the fore, it is not bad and clearly outperforms the same Gear S, which is functionally much more powerful, but apparently closer to sports accessories.

In principle, an interesting alternative to black-and-white screen may be advisable Pebble Steel, they work up to one week, and the software has already licked, no children sores. But this accessory a little different level. But is always on the screen, which is a huge plus.

OneTouch Watch Sales begin in March in some markets, the cost in the US of $ 150. In Russia, the clock will appear in the beginning of April, the price is still under discussion, but it will tend to make less than 10 000 rubles (remember the dollar and sighs). Psychologically, this cost is very high, especially since you can find both mechanical and electronic models of higher class, which remained from the old supplies. I think that for these and other smart watches it will be a stumbling block in the Russian market. But if you remove the brackets that time, the generation of 2015 watches of Alcatel look interesting and worthy. Notable product that will not use due to the size of the wildly popular. An interesting model.

Review of smart watches Alcatel OneTouch Watch updated: January 26, 2015 author: John Malkovich