Review Desktop MicroXperts C-215-01: classic desktop processor-based AMD FX-4300 new!

Review Desktop MicroXperts C-215-01: classic desktop processor-based AMD FX-4300 new!

We continue to look for the ready-made system of domestic producers and this time our focus has received a very interesting desktop from MicroXperts – assembly units notorious Yulmart. What is it interesting? Firstly, looking at the configuration, we have not managed to understand: what is it?Powerful office computer? Budget gaming? Of being a workstation? Unclear. And it is not clear – so interesting. Secondly, the model MicroXperts C-215-01 platform uses AMD, And not the budget, and a relatively top-end processor AMD FX. It’s not often you meet, and is also very interesting.Therefore, it was decided that we take, test!

MicroXperts C-215-01: Picking and packing

How Rabinovich said: “This they can do!” I mean: in MicroXperts able to pay attention to detail, and in particular – the packaging of its products. Then you will not think that the domestic manufacturer: solid, understated, tasteful. The handle on top – a special thank you. And one more thing – for something that is not broken and does not come off (we checked with the passion). Sin in this business these pens and often – swam know …

Let us examine the content. The first surprise was to find in the box with the system unit set of mouse and keyboard – Logitech Desktop mk120. However, upon closer inspection, the feeling of “attraction of unprecedented generosity” (C) rather quickly passed: it is quite modest wired mouse and keyboard entry-level, which will look acceptable except at the office, home, most obviously prefer something more comfortable (so to at least a mouse – let the simplest, but wireless).

Also in the box are carefully laid all supporting documentation, warranty cards and CD with drivers and software to the motherboard and graphics card, and is also attached to the last (this assumption, but it seems logical) DVI-VGA adapter and cable for connection to a pair card. In addition, the already “personally MicroXperts», there are:

  • User Manual (generic, not specifically for this model).
  • A warranty card for this product.
  • Protocol testing computer from which we learn that he has successfully passed the test operation of the basic components: memory (memtest), processor (3DMark11), video (3DMark11, FurMark) and hard disk (the entire surface, HDTune).
  • Large corporate magnets MicroXperts with the dictum of Sigmund Freud.
  • A card with an annual license for AVG Internet Security 2014.

Well, the traditional power cord to the system unit.

Review Desktop MicroXperts C-215-01: classic desktop processor-based AMD FX-4300 new!

Nice set. He did not knocks down, but free annual license for antivirus exactly a year saves the buyer from the sad thoughts about how to spend money on this software or not, and know that your computer is not simply collected and shoved into the box, but also thoroughly tested before it – who will not be happy? And a quote from Sigmund Freud to hang on the refrigerator is not shameful to even the most hardened hipster. 😉

MicroXperts C-215-01: Configuration

However, the box and its contents, we consider, as a rule, once – but with a computer, we work and work. Therefore, look at the configuration.

In principle, nothing unexpected, but would like to draw attention to a few points:

  • only one DIMM – that is, by definition, a single-channel mode memory controller that does not disclose all the features of speed;
  • memory capacity also does not seem sufficient for this configuration;
  • it is clear that the USB 2.0 ports on the front side – the specifics of the selected body, but still, I would, of course, that there were ports USB 3.0;
  • The author certainly condemns what should condemn (well, you get my point …), but in his view the AMD platform fans and admirers purchase Windows 7 (especially Professional) live at opposite poles of our planet;although it is, of course, twice as much IMHO.

Building “moderately” – there is a small window on the side of the Plexiglas, but it is not wide open the whole side, but only allows you to look at the CPU cooler and radiator Northbridge. The funny thing is that it’s convenient. Yes – it is convenient. Because cooler – it is such detail that tends to get clogged with dust and even completely out of order, and in this case we can evaluate his condition visually, without opening the housing.

The back side of the system unit looks … like the back side of the system unit. Pleases number of ports USB, but this advantage selected motherboard.

When enabled, the corps cooler highlighted four piercingly blue LEDs. With the permission of the readers, we will not comment on somehow.

In general, the functional side of the window even wider: it allows us to estimate the level of dust is not only cooler but also the surrounding area. Also, it is useful.

Removing the side panel (as usual – two screws), we can observe carefully assembled computer inside. Claims to what they see we did not have, though, of course, the amount of air inside is impressive. This, again, IMHO private author, but I have at the sight of such spaces immediately hands itched to fit it all in a much more compact body.

Summarizing the results of the inspection, stating:

  • Build quality no complaints.
  • Appearance – “an amateur.”Apparently, he and calculated.
  • Opportunities to upgrade – the sea: 3 vacant slots for memory, 1 slot PCI-E, 2 connectors PCI, 3 seats and 4 SATA connectors for hard drives, 3 free compartment under the unit 5.25 “and 1 for 3.5” .
  • The hardware configuration causes some issues but look at the test results.

MicroXperts C-215-01: Performance Testing

Traditionally, as a model of performance, we use the reference system, the performance of which is assumed to be equal to 100 points. Given the general trend assessments, we decided not to compare conventional designed for most computer users, a geek, uncompromising configurations of a series of “do not care about the price,” and choose for each class of sample relevant – that is located approximately in the same group as the compared with him.

Review Desktop MicroXperts C-215-01: classic desktop processor-based AMD FX-4300 new!

Thus, the “synthetic 100 points” are now no longer entirely synthetic, and represent the medium-optimal level of performance at an affordable price for the selected class of problems. The significantly lower result, respectively, casts doubt on the suitability of the computer to perform them, and much more makes us think about not work out whether blunders positioning system under test.

Because the current system “in advance” was credited by us to the rank of conditionally suitable for professional and gaming applications, it will be compared with the corresponding model for her “long” circuit testing, including but “common” rating two more “professional” and “game”. Overall rating includes the same tests as for the home-office systems, general purpose, Professional test suite adds to a number of various “heavy” software, and gaming – a certain number of games.Also, power consumption measurements were taken, which are also compared with the reference system. Over all tests are described in detail in the appropriate application.

Well, the miracle did not happen again. We have, be honest, hands itched to install at least another 4 GB DIMM in the open slot and drive tests again to assess the impact on the results … but it is not the purpose of testing the finished system, and experiment with the influence of such a replacement on performance we can and then, in the configuration interesting.

At a cursory glance, observed the following pattern: the harder task – the more “sags” computer performance with respect to the reference system. Browsers – 69 points, office software – 67, even multitasking (many simple tasks executed in parallel) – 62. But the game – 48. Professional Packages – at all sad 45. You can, of course, struck again in the analysis of configuration, but we do will not do: in front of us – a turnkey solution. Here let us from this point of view and evaluate it. Our subjective experience is best described by a quote from a converted “Three Musketeers”: “For Excel is much for 3ds max or Thief, – a little.”

Well, deserve special comment tests of energy consumption. Note: at the peak consumption significantly lower than that of the reference system, power system under test at rest – above and too much. A significant result does not add optimism about the platform AMD. At least, for those who like to count carefully spent every watt (although, of course, fair to say that we have them still a bit).

MicroXperts C-215-01: Conclusion

When comparing the total score MicroXperts C-215-01 with his own professional and gaming, even inexperienced person everything becomes more or less clear: this is a very nimble general-purpose computer, which basically pulls and games – but with less success, and even professional software – but with even less.

Review Desktop MicroXperts C-215-01: classic desktop processor-based AMD FX-4300 new!

Risknёm suggest that the situation would be better if the manufacturer has not decided firmly to save on memory capacity: 4GB and even a bar that is in single-channel mode in combination with the processor (4 core honest – I think analogue Core i5) and if not top-end, but not the slowest graphics look, to put it mildly, is not serious. And unpretentious wired mouse and keyboard, combined with pre-installed Windows 7 Professional look more like an attempt to justify the price, and not as a generous gesture.

In general, the system does not look balanced. It is not clear to her who is the target audience: a gamer is unlikely to choose, to work professionally with a computer specialist, too. Average user … but why would he not cheap quad-core and discrete graphics card? Perhaps we see only one promising option: this is the ordinary user who occasionally likes to play anything. But it does not seriously – and rarely without fanaticism, with average quality settings.

But in any case, to get acquainted with MicroXperts C-215-01 was informative: not too often domestic manufacturers of computers are connected in serial products with processors AMD. Only wish MicroXperts does not stop there: let their range will continue to be the system on this platform and that they may be even better.

Review Desktop MicroXperts C-215-01: classic desktop processor-based AMD FX-4300 new! updated: April 24, 2015 author: John Malkovich