Review card MSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING 4G (rapid test)

Review card MSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING 4G (rapid test)

What good GeForce GTX 970 ? The fact that the performance difference between this model and the GTX 980 (built on the full version of the same GPU GM204) is not proportional to the difference in price. Of course, GTX 970 differs from leader tests (delay of up to 25%). But if in the last series – GeForce 600 and 700 – NVIDIA is set for the second oldest graphics card price of $ 399, in the case of the GTX 970 decided to limit $ 329 (recommended price for the United States excluding sales tax).

The recent scandal with the configuration of the GPU and memory bus features damped reputation GeForce GTX 970, but in practical terms, the graphics card has not lost anything. What is the difference, in the core of ROP 56 or 64 if the results in real-world gaming tests we fully satisfied?

GM204 processor is capable of operating at very high frequencies than are manufacturers, producing graphics cards with generous factory overclocked – such as the MSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING 4G. And we, as usual, try to squeeze out of it even more.

Specifications, package, price

MSI offers several options for GeForce GTX 970, of which GAMING 4G has the best performance (except for GTX 970 GAMING 4G Golden Edition with a slightly higher frequency of GPU). Basic GPU frequency it increased from the standard 1050 to 1140 MHz. Not surprising when you consider that in the GTX 980 chip GM204 runs on base frequency 1126 MHz. In addition to this configuration, the default, MSI has included in the specification profiles with frequencies 1114 and 1051 MHz, which is activated by the utility MSI Gaming App and affect both the performance and the GPU temperature and acoustic characteristics of the card. However, the same can be done with any universal software for overclocking.

Review card MSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING 4G (rapid test)

The effective frequency of memory matches the reference – 7010 MHz. Capacity – 4 GB.

Set video output standard for older GeForce 900 Series: Dual-Link DVI-I, DL DVI-D, full-size HDMI port and two DisplayPort.

Model Graphic processor Video Memory Bus I /
Code name Number tranzis-tori million Techprom-process, nm Clock frequency, MHz: Base Clock / Boost Clock The number of CUDA cores The number of texture units Number of ROP Rank-ness bus bits Type of chip Clock frequency: real (effective) MHz Volume, MB
MSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING 4G GM204 5200 28 1140/1279 1664 104 56 256 GDDR5 SDRAM 1753 (7010) 4096 PCI-Express 3.0 x16 145
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 GM204 5200 28 1050/1178 1664 104 56 256 GDDR5 SDRAM 1753 (7010) 4096 PCI-Express 3.0 x16 145

Package includes paper documentation, DVI-VGA adapter and the adapter to the Eight-Power Connector with one six-pin. More familiar forked adapter has two additional “earth” wire coming from the power supply, but this is hardly critical for such a relatively undemanding graphics card as GeForce GTX 970, which is the reference frequency has a TDP of 145 watts.

Price of the device at the time of publication of the material was about 24 thousand. Rubles (according to “to Yandex.Market”).


The video card is equipped with a cooling system of open type. Obduvayut two radiator fan impeller diameter of 95 mm. Refined form of the blades to the manufacturer, reduces the noise level. Indeed, what is remarkable cooling system for top graphics cards MSI, so it’s quiet operation. For example, even when the maximum load GPU impeller rotating at a speed of approximately 1000 rev / min, and the noise from them virtually invisible. Even if you run cooler at maximum speed, the card still noise is not half as much as one would expect. At low load (for example, on the desktop Windows) GPU at all costs passive cooling (fans off).

In radiator shroud equipped with a backlight, whose work can be configured in the same utility MSI Gaming App.

At the bottom of the radiator is nickel-plated copper plate, through which the four heat pipes. Two of them – are very thick, 8 mm in diameter, and the rest – thinner.

Review card MSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING 4G (rapid test)

Part of the board is covered with an aluminum plate, which gives rigidity and simultaneously cools three of the four memory chips soldered on the front side. However, the chips GDDR5 not especially need the increased cooling and did not win because of him in terms of overclocking, unless, of course, not to use extreme methods. Separate small radiator mounted FET circuit voltage regulator.

The printed circuit board is eight GDDR5 chips on the front and back sides. It chips Samsung, calculated at the effective clock frequency 7 GHz.

Review card MSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING 4G (rapid test)

The video card is powered by six- and Eight-power connectors PCIe. In the PCB slotted the connectors can deploy snaps to the board. This makes it easier to connect the wires in a standard PC chassis (expansion card “face” down).

The power supply system consists of eight phases. Most likely, six of them serve the graphics processor, the seventh – memory chips and one more – PLL.

Review card MSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING 4G (rapid test) updated: February 2, 2015 author: John Malkovich