Raspberry Pi 2 official: six times the power at the same price

Raspberry Pi 2 official: six times the power at the same priceRaspberry Pi 2 official: six times the power at the same price

While Raspberry Pi is a product designed especially for certain niche users very restricted, among other computers of the class is to have achieved the greatest success. The company has announced a new version, with a processor based on ARM always but this time with four cores. According Raspberry Foundation novelties should increase performance in multi-threaded calculation of six times.

Previous versions of the systems Raspberry used a Broadcom BCM2835 processor ARM11 700MHz single-core supported by 256 or 512 MB of RAM, depending on the model. Raspberry Pi 2, just announced officially, uses instead a new Broadcom SoC architecture based on Cortex-A7, but with four cores and operating at an operating frequency of 900MHz. In addition, thanks to “a small tweak,” the company has managed to implement 1GB of RAM.

The list of technical specifications is completed, also with four USB ports, a slot for microSD memory cards and an HDMI port. We have spoken before of performance equal to “six times” than previous generations, but as this data is quantified? According to the words of Eben Upton reported by TheRegister, the data was evaluated based on the results of some benchmark suite that assess performance in multi-threading. It is a value that is optimistic pessimistic, according to Upton.

Optimistic because not all applications are optimized to perform calculations in multi-threading, but pessimistic because the same Upton does not believe that the suite to which reference is made to be able to really put the whip all four cores of the SoC Broadcom. Furthermore, the new processor should deliver performance equal to three times of calculations performed on a single core, such as SunSpider test executable from the web browser. With the new changes, however, Raspberry Pi 2 could become a substitute for a much more impressive desktop system.

“I think it’s a perfectly usable computers now,” said the same Upton during the meeting with TheRegister. “Even the first version can be used as a PC, but in that case you could say that is a good solution only in relation to the low price. We have removed the need to be tolerant with its performance. The time now is absolutely a good substitute PC “. All this at the same price of the first version. The new Raspberry Pi 2 it will cost the same £ 22.75 in the UK and around € 30 on the Italian market.

But for those who thought the new power? Upton highlights one of the many usage scenarios in which the news of renewed SoC could be useful, such as the image processing. Raspberry systems are however always been extremely versatile solutions, where success was guaranteed just from being deployed in the field in different situations. And with a performance difference so consistent, the new model could open up scenarios of use even more varied than in the past, with Raspberry Pi 2 that could take the place of a desktop system with characteristics of size and consumption really very appealing.

Raspberry Pi 2 is already available today in 100 thousand units in the usual retail channels and for those who do not need the extra power will still be selling the model Pi + A $ 20

Raspberry Pi 2 official: six times the power at the same price updated: February 2, 2015 author: John Malkovich