Review of Bluetooth-headset Jabra Sport Pulse

Review of Bluetooth-headset Jabra Sport Pulse

This year, the Jabra will be guided by a slightly different strategy than before. Let me remind you that the consumer products company can be divided into three segments. This mono, stereo, both wired and wireless, speakers. The speakers and music in general, emphasis was placed earlier, which is why there are three types of Solemate.

This year will not disappear mono, but the category “Music” is transformed into “Sport and music», Jabra Sport Pulse, apparently, only the first-born. The first attempt to call the device will not, because it does not come out lumpy thing was quite interesting, high quality, and I’ll be happy to walk and run with Pulse at home or in the gym. Let’s see what interesting gadget.

Jabra Sport Pulse: Design, construction

The headset comes in a neat package of thick cardboard, flip open like a book cover. Supplied standard, has hard case, it is useful to wear a headset in your bag. Himself gadget made by a standard scheme for compact headsets These are the two massive earphone connected by a flexible cable. Size headphones and nozzles should not be afraid, in the ears Pulse is not felt, you can wear an hour or more without the slightest discomfort. Removed and yellow tips, and “horns”, they are necessary for better fixation in-ear headphones.The cable is a remote control, then multi-function button, volume buttons, they are made of fine, not tight, pressing clear. With these same buttons you can move to the beginning and end of the track, mute the microphone, I recommend reading the instructions before use. The left ear is “sport” button, it can launch the appropriate application, stop or continue training, quickly find the distance traveled, time, pulse. In general, is responsible for everything related to running.

Review of Bluetooth-headset Jabra Sport Pulse

There NFC for easy interfacing with various devices, an area located on the remote. Supported software update is now available firmware from 30.10.2014, that’s what is written in the description.

  • Improvements applications Jabra Sport Life.
  • Improvements to third-party applications.
  • Improving monitor heart rate.
  • Improvement of connecting to an iOS8.
  • In addition, you should use the latest version of the application Jabra Sport Life.

Note. After the update, you must remove the previous data connection (interface) and reconnect the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless to your device.For instructions on connecting (pairing) to your device listed in the section “Frequently Asked Questions”.

The headset is protected from water, however, was nowhere to write exactly what standard is used. It is assumed that Pulse can run in the rain, drop the gadget into dust and sand. Beautiful picture on the official site.

Supported by voice prompts, for example, when connected when the headset timed pulse. Russian language yet. As I already wrote above, pressing the “sport” button female voice tells an important information for the runner – time, distance, pulse.

Jabra Sport Pulse : Appendix Jabra SportLife

This product – hardware and software system, without the use of Pulse app for a smartphone is simply silly. For iOS and Android, you can download the program Jabra SportLife, after you plug in a headset with Bluetooth, you can begin to use both devices together. As can be seen, there appears the battery charge Pulse, spotted if the sensor pulse, elapsed workout time, distance, speed, calories amount destroyed, if desired, you can change all of these indicators in some places. Or display only the two most important indicator for you.When you finish the training, all the data is stored, you can see and remember how it all happened in the last week or last month. That is, you can watch the progress – or regression. If desired, the results of training can be “rassharit” in the Facebook / Twitter, add photos, and detailed analysis is available.

Paired with Jabra SportLife application works Jabra Sound, about it I detail in the review Jabra Revo Wireless.

Jabra Sport music can take any of your library, or from the Jabra Sound. If you enable GPS, then there is a record of the route.

Review of Bluetooth-headset Jabra Sport Pulse

Interestingly, the headphones can be used with Endomondo, RunKeeper, Strava and other applications to run. Available something like planning, you can specify the necessary goals. I still really like the fact that during a workout, you can immediately answer a call without touching the smartphone, especially true in the hall, and this is especially true in the case of the iPhone 6 Plus, I usually leave it on a window or anywhere nearby. The sound quality is not affected, the voice quality is excellent, the microphone is in the remote control is located near the mouth.

As for the measurement of pulse, I tried to check readings between Pulse and pressure gauge Omron, he does the job quite well, and the difference with analog tonometer insignificant. And in the case of discrepancies Pulse too low, both at rest and after running for ten minutes.

Jabra Sport Pulse: Nutrition

Claimed battery life is approximately 5 hours of music playback on the device is actually about 4.5 hours to charge from a USB port takes about 2 hours. It is a pity that there is no quick-charge function, and it is a pity that the kit does not add the length of the cable microUSB, so it would be more convenient to use in the gym with the power adapter from the iPhone. To get access to the port microUSB, you need to move the rubber grommet on the right earpiece.

Jabra Sport Pulse: Sound

And then I can only put a mark of “excellent”, even without Dolby and without the use of Jabra excellent sound quality, high volume supply, due to the design at an altitude of passive noise isolation – if you enrage the sounds in the room will help Pulse. Is the volume, there is no typical Bluetooth artifacts. By the way, here we use the profile 4.0, assuming that there is support aptX, although it is not written anywhere.

Review of Bluetooth-headset Jabra Sport Pulse

Jabra Sport Pulse: Conclusion

In the retail cost of the device is about 13 990 rubles, to what happened with the course of the headset cost about 9000 rubles – in fact, the price rose slightly. In the Jabra Sport Pulse combines two devices at once, it sports a headset and heart rate sensor, and many can be used not only in the gym, but in ordinary, “civilian” life. For example, I recommend to all smokers – during the day to see how changing pulse after smoked cigarettes, just want to give up (I do not smoke so do not start the year and never, health does not allow). I do not know what would like to add to the application, moreover, you can choose different, if you do not like the program Jabra. The headset itself is well done, the work can not be called great, but there’s nothing to be done until the manufacturers stumble upon the capabilities of existing batteries.

To summarize, at Jabra unexpectedly get close to the ideal product for all fans of a healthy lifestyle. If you’re one of them and quite a while thinking of buying or pulse sensor, or sports headset (to listen to music while exercising, and not to interfere with wires) are encouraged to select Pulse.

Review of Bluetooth-headset Jabra Sport Pulse updated: January 31, 2015 author: John Malkovich