Review and testing of portable speakers Logitech UE BOOM

Review and testing of portable speakers Logitech UE BOOM

Over the past few years can be easily seen that the market of portable speakers has grown strong enough. This is primarily due to the popularization of portable equipment, because she can always come to help owners who lead an active lifestyle. Even if you go through the pages of our web resource, it may be noted that the participants of the market is a large number of well-known manufacturers as IT-components as well as beginners who are just taking the first steps in the development of this direction. All they stand next to individual characteristics, ranging from ways to connect and ending with various additional features such as a built-in MP3-player and so on. D.

In this review, we want to introduce you to the original acoustics of the of Logitech, which she promotes branded Ultimate Ears (UE). Not so long ago entered the market a device that can conquer even the most demanding customers – portable audio Logitech UE BOOM. Its distinctive features are waterproof and interesting design and wireless connectivity. But that’s not all the benefits of which we’ll tell you in this article.

Logitech UE BOOM: Specification

Make and Model Logitech UE BOOM
Color Over 20 color options
Material of housing The combination of plastic and water-repellent fabric
Sound system 2.0
Power, W
The maximum sound level in dB 88
Interface 1 x 3,5-mm audio
1 x micro-USB

Bluetooth 4.0


Frequency, Hz 90 – 20000
Signal / noise ratio (SnR), dB
Speaker 2 x 1,5 “(drivers)
2 x 2 “(passive heatsinks)
Impedance driver, Ohm 4
Microphone sensitivity, dB
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Capacity mAh
Battery life, h 15
Charging time, h 3.4
Feature Omni-directional sound

Splashproof (IPX4)

The presence of functional proprietary software for Android and iOS

Management 2 x volume buttons
Enabling wireless module
Options Column
Micro-USB cable
Power Adapter
2 x adapters for different networks
Operating instructions
Dimensions, mm 180 x 65
Weight, g 538
Manufacturer Website Manufacturer Website
Product page

Logitech UE BOOM: Packaging equipment

UE BOOM comes in the original box, which has the shape of a cylindrical trunk, covered with dust jacket of thick cardboard. Printing Cover minimalist and not very informative. Naturally, there is a picture of the speaker. In this case, apparently, demonstrates its real color design. This is done with the intention to make it easy to choose the right coloring on the stage of the sale, without having to open each box, because the option is really just a huge number (in this case, white and red).

As you can see, here there is the variety of all sorts of colors and eye-catching pictures, but not all of them can fit into your home decor. Although the case of individual preferences and tastes.

Review and testing of portable speakers Logitech UE BOOM

In addition to the image column is a list of the main developers of the acoustic features by icons that reported the following:

  • Surround 360 °, which will make it possible to enjoy your favorite tracks without specific reference to the placement UE BOOM;
  • the opportunity to work on internal battery up to 15 hours;
  • wireless signal reception range up to 15 meters;
  • the ability to simultaneously connect via Bluetooth two columns;
  • Column protection standard IPX4 (Ingress Protection Rating – Liquid – Level 4: Water Resistant Acoustic Skin), that is, from the spray, falling in any direction.

And, of course, highlights the orientation of the device to work with a variety of portable appliances (laptops, tablets, smartphones).

Inside the package column securely locked in a kind of tray, so that when transporting it will be perfectly safe.

In the internal lateral branches are located: lapshevidny bright lime cable USB↔micro-USB, power supply, a pair of removable plugs to connect to networks of different standards, for a rubber plug connectors with fastening and standard documentation package.

The power supply is designed for networks with a voltage of 100-240 V and the output voltage, it provides a 5 V and a current of 2 A. Therefore, the charger and fit easily in most modern smartphones or tablets.

Logitech UE BOOM: Appearance

Externally, the model Logitech UE BOOM looks like a relatively small cylinder height of 18 cm and a diameter of 6.5 cm. With such dimensions weight she still significant (538 grams), which is felt in the operation, although it is not any disadvantage.

Framework (skeleton) column, which in our model, white, made of highly rubberized plastic or rubber material is dense.

Most of the new items trimmed special fabric material from a rather thick red thread. It creates a kind of diagonal pattern due to the cross-shaped intersection of the threads, but visually it is perceived because of the diagonal reflective. A closer look you can see that the thread is woven into the very fine mesh of a solid line. Moreover, it has been specially treated water-repellent composition.

Because of this, you can safely take it to the street, even in rainy weather, on any small parties or in the shower, if you want to always listen to your favorite songs. Due to the presence of protection according to IPX4 standard can not worry about the malfunction with splashes of water.

The main thing is not to forget to cover the connectors based on the column complete with a rubber stopper, which is further pressed against the metal D-ring to mount on a tripod 1/4 “. By the way, in case of necessity it really can be placed on a tripod. The metal ring rather massive and reliable so the column can be easily hang a bag or backpack using the rifle. It is also worth remembering that a full immersion in water can still lead to irreversible consequences.

Of the controls placed on the top of the power button with white LED backlight, which extends the power button Bluetooth.

The top side of the UE BOOM placed volume control buttons. We draw your attention that the developers made it possible to monitor the status of the battery, even in the absence of any charge indicators or LCD panels. By pressing the up and down volume pleasant female voice tells the remaining battery power. In the central area of ​​the housing unit is NFC, with which you can quickly connect the speakers to the smartphone.

On the bottom there is a mounting ring, micro-USB connector for charging, charging indicator and white jack AUX (mini-jack 3,5 mm) for connection of external devices that are not equipped with a module Bluetooth.

Review and testing of portable speakers Logitech UE BOOM

Logitech UE BOOM: Connecting the speakers and use cases

As we have said before, the audio system is supposed UE BOOM three uses / connection.

First of all, taking advantage of the interface Bluetooth. To do this, you must include the appropriate modules on the column and connected device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC), then it is necessary to search for devices and their conjugation. It is noteworthy that in this column is stored pairing information from source devices in an amount up to 8. The procedure itself is completely standard, intuitive and does not cause any problems. For correct audio transmission has a unique requirement for source device – it should support profile Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP).

If the source is a smart phone that supports Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HFP1.5), then acoustics can operate as a complete set. However, in this embodiment, there is one caveat. Column button is not making a call, so the “shoot up” will have directly on the phone that can sometimes make a little discomfort.

Pairing can be set with the NFC-module. This is the second version of the connection. Its implementation shall be at the source, such as a smartphone, activate the corresponding module and place the column in the range of NFC (it is about 20-30 cm).

The final option is to connect the classic wire cable with mini-jack 3,5-mm ↔ mini-jack 3,5 mm, which is connected to the column in the AUX-socket.

Review and testing of portable speakers Logitech UE BOOM

A feature of this portable speaker system is the ability to simultaneously connect two speakers UE BOOM to one source. In this case, offers two modes of operation: “Duplicate” and “Stereo”. Mode selection is performed by proprietary software, which we still tell. The essence of the following modes: the duplication in both columns is identical to the signal and fed it will freely listen to music, for example, in two different rooms, if frequently move between them. If both columns are in the same room, it is more appropriate to use mode “Stereo”, which will provide a deeper stereo effect.

Separately, we draw your attention to the fact that the manufacturer stated maximum range for Bluetooth-connection of 15 meters. During testing, we were able to verify that this is true. Of course, the actual range will depend on the room noise different signals or the serious obstacles. In the context of our laboratory no trouble even when transmitting data over the wall at a sufficiently large distance from the source.

To test the speaker Logitech UE BOOM used the following stand:

Cpu Intel Core i5-2500K (Socket LGA1155, 3,3 GHz, L3 6 MB)
Turbo Boost: enable
C1E: enable
Motherboard ASUS Z77-V PRO / Thunderbolt
Sound Card ASUS Xonar D-KARAX
Microphone SAMSON C01U (SAC01UCW)
Cooler Scythe Mugen 3
Hard disk Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST3500418AS, 500 GB, SATA-300, NCQ
Optical drive ASUS DRW-1814BLT SATA
Power supply unit Seasonic X-560 Gold (SS-560KM Active PFC)
Housing CHIEFTEC Libra LF-01B (minimum fan speed)

According to the specifications, the maximum volume level is 88 dB. Developers indicate reproducible frequency range as the 90 Hz – 20 kHz, which is provided by a pair of 1.5 ” drivers with an impedance of each at 4 ohms and two passive 2 ‘radiators. In order to ensure the full acoustic sound speakers are located opposite each other and facing the emitting surface to the center of the column.

As a result of measurement of the frequency response, we see that the sound quality UE BOOM still gives a good full-sized acoustics. This is not surprising, because we have a portable solution, and we all remember that a decrease in the size of the device inevitably have to sacrifice something. And the very structure column can to some extent affects the result, because the sound is not the direction of flow and dissipates. This can eventually lead to uneven sound capture microphone.

One way or another, but the schedule can be concluded that at times can be a lack of bass and treble. MF wear more evenly, so that it can be assumed predisposition to vocal speakers. Frequent deviation of 1-2 dB in the “+” in the “-” at different frequencies cancel each other out, and it is unlikely that there will be noticeable at all.

As for the actual assessment of the sound, after listening to songs of different genres can be concluded that the portable speakers sound very good. It is considered one of the best-in-class sound quality both in terms of maximum volume (there are 31 steps to adjust the setting), and the quality of the playback frequency range. At maximum volume UE BOOM sounds clear and detailed, without noise or distortion. By and large, the novelty can be considered universal, suitable for a variety of genres. However, a special depth of bass is not expected, because the lower range of the sound starts from 90 Hz, although in most cases it is enough to give bulk in instrumental music, and electronic. By the way, when placing the speakers on a table at times you will notice that the bass sound more clearly than when holding it aloft. Apparently, they are enhanced by the resonance surface, so that the right choice of speaker placement can help you fully enjoy the good sound.

Battery life can be estimated perfectly. With an average volume level it lasted about 13-14 hours, but it is not enough. As for a full charge, you will need 3.4 hours when using the supplied charger.

Logitech UE BOOM: Proprietary software

Particular attention should be paid to complete in the firmware. Using speakers quite possible without him, but to unlock the full capabilities of acoustics without this application is unlikely to succeed.

To control the parameters of the same name UE BOOM provided application is available for Android , and for iOS .

When you start in the first place there is the original menu with main sections of the software.

In the “Training” provides all the features of acoustics and provides recommendations on connecting UE BOOM. This section is filled with a variety of illustrations and gives detailed information about the device.

In the “Settings” displays the battery level, there is a possibility to choose the interface language, and also allows you to enable / disable alert sounds. Apparently, it is possible to update the firmware, but in our case the firmware version column was relevant.

Review and testing of portable speakers Logitech UE BOOM

See “Clock” needs no comment. The owner can choose a melody from the phone to be used for the signal and, if necessary, set a daily repetition. At the appointed time, in the presence of pairing with your smartphone, you hear the selected melody. If the phone has been turned off, as the standard signal will be used by default melody.

Present in the software and the ability to use one of the preset modes or to apply five-band equalizer to customize the sound.

And if you are the owner of two simultaneous speakers UE BOOM, you can use them in a mode of doubling. Here are invited to put identical signal to both speakers (“Duplicate”) or else use them in stereo.

Logitech UE BOOM: Conclusion

According to the results dating from Logitech UE BOOM it can be said that the device is very interesting. A wide range of colors, the selection of quality materials, waterproof, original packaging – these are the elements that first catch your eye. However, this does not end the dignity of acoustics.Really good sound, both in portable measurement solutions, and versatile speaker enable gladly listen to your favorite songs. Long battery life (13-14 hours) and the availability of wireless connectivity definitely will appeal to all music lovers and active lifestyle. No wires will cause a new look to portable devices. Thanks to the built-in microphone UE BOOM can be used as a headset, but to answer the call is necessary to remove the tube directly on the smartphone.

Despite the fact that the developers talk about the full sound, during the tests we noticed a caveat.Because of the design of the most mellow sound from speakers is not 360 °, and 300 ° – 320 °. In a small range, he felt a little quieter, that does not affect the overall positive impression of the device.

Proprietary software to fully disclose the possibility of acoustics and extends its functionality. Indeed, in addition to customize the sound (five-band equalizer) it easily can be used as an alarm clock.Implemented in the program help provides detailed information about the functionality of the column.


  • original design;
  • workmanship;
  • Moisture (IPX4);
  • a wide range of ways to connect;
  • a built-in microphone;
  • good sound;
  • a wide range of sound (300 ° – 320 °);
  • the ability to use a column in pairs;
  • excellent grade;
  • broad functionality Firmware UE Boom.


  • high cost.
Review and testing of portable speakers Logitech UE BOOM updated: January 31, 2015 author: John Malkovich