Review of activity tracker Basis Peak

Review of activity tracker Basis Peak

At CES 2012 the company showed Basis Science fitness bracelet B1 – quite an interesting device at the time. Today B1 officially no longer buy a whole site dedicated Basis new tracker – a device called Peak. About him today and we’ll talk.

The first thing that catches your eye – color, in this case, gray. And not just gray, and the silver-gray, which is familiar to anyone who has ever seen a Chinese plastic toys with parts painted under the metal. Looks cheap – it seems that it is necessary to scratch it. In fact, this metal – it is quite robust and resistant to wear: a single scratch in the past month active use does not appear. In addition, the tracker can be bought in the black box, which, to our taste, looks much more impressive. But what exactly is not afraid of scratching – so it’s glass Gorilla Glass 3, which are protected by the display. It is slightly recessed into the body and surrounded by black borders, enlarges the surface of the screen.

The device is assembled very well – still, the standard allows 5ATM immersed to a depth of 50 meters. With silver tracker Comes back strap, which looks great and feels good. He, by the way, removable – able to purchase lanyards other colors and change their mood.

For output meets monochrome display, which although looks a bit archaic, but it reflects the incident light and therefore easy to read in the sun. There is also a built-in light that turns on your finger on the right edge of the display. Touch screen, but not very helpful. Physical buttons have no tracker.

On the default home screen displays a clock. The image is displayed continuously, the screen is almost no benefit “eat” the battery. Move your finger to the right moves in the menu, which allows you to synchronize your device with your phone over Bluetooth, read the general information about the clock or reboot. Brushing the left, the user can see your heart rate and the number of steps per day traveled and calories burned. More to the left menu sports activities about which below.

Overall design of the device controversial: might like, and it may seem “Greetings from the 90s.” But hardware stuffing outdated certainly not be called.

Review of activity tracker Basis Peak

Basis Peak is equipped with a triaxial accelerometer, optical sensor heartbeat, as well as plated and thermal sensors of the skin. The last measured level of salts and the temperature of the skin – in theory, they are able to monitor the mood. However, they are to the other. The principle of operation is based on technology Basis Peak Body IQ. The idea is simple – the device itself determines what is currently engaged in by the user. There are five options: a calm state, walking, running, cycling and sleep. Let’s say you’re out for a jog. Pulse quickened, the temperature rose, the pace and intensity of the pitch increased. The device understands that you run, and switches to the workout. Heart rate, tempo runs, calories burnt and time in this mode are displayed on one screen. At the end of the training device generates a report that can be viewed through the app or bracelet, and goes into its normal mode of operation. Sleep all the same, but without indication on the display.

In practice, Body IQ a little cautious. In fact, to understand the system that you already do not go and run, you must seconds 10. During this time, can properly be counted steps. Yes, and an exercise bike does not switch the bracelet bicycle training mode. But in general, additional sensors cope quite well – the system is almost no mistakes.

Review of activity tracker Basis Peak

Basis of application should be the trend, finally consolidated in recent years, namely universal “gamification”. The bottom line is that you set a goal for the day / week / month and try to achieve it. Targets can be different – from a certain number of specific training to the banal “wear a bracelet for 12 hours.” The more objectives fulfilled, the more available slots for new purposes. You gain experience points (Habit Points), levels – in short, everything in the modern MMO. The results are synchronized with an account on the site Basis, and they, of course, can boast of the social networks. If you do not have to gaming, all information collected by the device, sorted by day tab Dashboard. Bracelet stores data only in the last 24 hours, so that will have to be synchronized on a daily basis. And yes, unfortunately, the application is not translated into Russian.

Through the application can look in detail at how the day changed pulse, estimate the average walking pace, active and inactive hours, and a map of sleep duration and prioritization phase. Last is based on technologies developed in conjunction with the UCSF (University of California, San Francisco), NCIRE (The Veterans Health Research Institue) and is especially proud Basis. However, to wake you up at the right moment bracelet can not. And in the wrong too – silent alarm function at Peak not, which is very strange, given the presence of vibration is built (it works when you turn on or off the display backlight).

The overall program is unobtrusive. Having, in fact, social networking features, it does not insist on the use of these opportunities, and other information can be viewed directly on the device. Basis application is primarily a repository of information, database of your daily progress and condition. But a personal trainer program can not be called. It’s a shame, because it works in conjunction with a fairly advanced iron.

Review of activity tracker Basis Peak

We should also talk about compatibility. The application is available to owners of smartphones running Android version above 4.4.2 and iOS 7 and 8. Officially supported Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, LG Nexus 5, Samsung Note III and HTC One M8. On a test LG G2 is rarely observed hovering and departures, with iOS no problems.

The site Basis, among other things, stated that Peak can receive various notifications from your phone: calls, SMS, e-mail and calendar events. However, at the time of writing all these functions have been “in development”. The same applies to the Pacific. As a result, the user is not able to transfer at least some information from the phone to the tracker, only in reverse. Those goals will not remind yourself, if for some reason your smartphone is not connected to the device, and the ability to download them to your device not.

From a full charge Basis Peak employs approximately 96 hours, but if turn off Bluetooth and synchronize once a day – week stretch. Supplied more than modest – docking station and a short wire charging standard USB.

Basis Peak: Conclusions

At the heart of all activities of daily living trackers lies a few principles. This kind of device is meant a constant, day and night wear and therefore need to be comfortable, functional, reliable and attractive. At Basis Peak problem unless the latter. Modern set of sensors coupled with technology Peak Body IQ makes quite accurate and, no doubt, convenient device. No unnecessary actions. The device does what it should, and when it is needed. At the same time he has something to surprise you. And here I would like to go back to where we started.

Review of activity tracker Basis Peak

Intel is not just chose Basis Science. Its not so much interested in the technology as an approach, the principles of which young American companies to invest in their products. And of course, the implementation of these principles. Today, however, this is not enough. Giants such as Apple, Google and Microsoft have accustomed us to the fact that the design and feel of use is not as important as a good combination of iron and functional software. It remains to wait and hope that Intel will be able to clothe the acquired technology into the correct form and give us something really interesting.

Review of activity tracker Basis Peak updated: February 10, 2015 author: John Malkovich