Prototype keyboard, learn master by “handwriting”

Prototype keyboard, learn master by "handwriting"

Traditional password protection is one of the weaknesses of the system and the security of your computer alone is not able to effectively counter the unauthorized use of the system. Of course, there are alternative biometric technologies such as fingerprint sensors, scanners, iris, voice recognition system. But they all have their drawbacks: the accuracy or small, or the price is too high, or the user is not very convenient. Another interesting area is the so-called keyboard handwriting. This type of authentication is actively studied in scientific works for several years, and experts from Georgia Institute of Technology in collaboration with research laboratories in China have created a prototype device using handwriting keyboard.

A new keyboard for typing style can detect user. Unlike traditional algorithms that take into account only the pause between the characters and are inherently pure software solution, the proposed method also allows to analyze the effect of pressure on the keys. New low-profile keys includes the so-called electrification coating that allows you to generate charge due to friction mechanism of key switches.

Prototype keyboard, learn master by "handwriting"

The generated charge can be used to supply the whole keyboard as well as a low-power electronics. For charging, for example, MP3-player user needs to maintain the rhythm of more than 100 characters per second.

The project was supported by the Ministry of Energy.

Prototype keyboard, learn master by “handwriting” updated: January 24, 2015 author: John Malkovich