Review keyboard Corsair K70 RGB

Review keyboard Corsair K70 RGB

Not so long ago, I talked about the manipulator Corsair M65 RGB game series from the company Corsair. Today, it was the turn of at least an important tool in the kit gamer, namely gaming keyboard Corsair K70 RGB. And not just a game, and mechanical, and here again you can add not just mechanical, and with RGB backlight. Let’s find out what features the manufacturer has implemented in the keyboard and see how it is convenient in operation.

Corsair K70 RGB package comes standard size, its design is almost completely identical thereof have previously considered manipulator M65 RGB. On both sides of the package has a fairly complete description of specifications and technologies that are used in K70’ke RGB.

Supplied similar manipulator in this series, minimalist and includes a small printed instructions and wrist rest. A set of software needed to download from the manufacturer’s website. Here, more than the standard, any obvious bonus is not observed.

Review keyboard Corsair K70 RGB

To connect K70 RGB connector provides two USB. Each of the connectors must be connected using USB 2.0 if your system has a standard USB 3.0 – you can get one. At the bottom of the cable volume enough, then it branches out to connect two separate connectors. The cable is enclosed in a sheath black, even if present it is quite flexible and does not create problems during installation.

The keyboard has a maximum size of 436 x 165 x 38 mm, excluding fixed wrist rest. Dimensions rather impressive, but in my opinion are the standard keyboard in its class. Of course, if a place at your table is limited, in line Corsair has more compact representatives. Weight K70 RGB is about 1.2 kg.

K70 RGB executed in the most simple. Dark colors and fun to play on the world surface of anodized aluminum look really good.Nor any of colorful specks or keys with changed color, is not observed, even WASD standards, it is clear RGB-lights allow individual selection of keyboard type …

Full set of keys, they are 104 pieces plus some multimedia. The keys have a cover, a bit like a soft touch. Thanks to him, occurs during operation excellent “grip”, and then we do not observe their prints;). The only thing you should pay attention to some users: layout implies a shortened left Shift’a.

At the heart of the mechanical keyboard switches laid Cherry MX Red. In fact, MX Red can be called an analog MX Black, one of the differences between them lies in the necessary force pressing. We frame it was equal to only 45 scales, so the pressing force is at a minimum. Full speed is 4 mm and 2 mm before activation.

Over the area of the calculator, keys are several multimedia keys. Among them is the volume control wheel, which is very easy to use, I think the owners of other keyboards from Corsair support me.

Review keyboard Corsair K70 RGB

On the back side, near the cable outlet located the multilevel switch versions BIOS, these versions are actually lead to a change in polling delay, versions 1, 2, 4 and 8 ms.

On the reverse side, K70 RGB has four small substrate to prevent slipping. Due to their availability and their low weight does not, the keyboard is very good on the table.

Lifting height can be adjusted by means of four legs that are located at the corners of the bottom. And if the presence of the two is the standard solution, the two extra legs a little surprised, let’s see how they will be necessary.

A brush holder connected to the housing by means of two latches, it is necessary to turn the keyboard. Therefore quickly change the design during gameplay do not get how it could be done on Gamdias Hermes , whether such an approach is critical, you decide.

With the support for a set of brushes, size K70 RGB heard a little in size, but the already mentioned Gamdias Hermes in this configuration was definitely more. Therefore, I believe that the size K70 RGB quite acceptable and must go even for a fairly compact tops :).

Floor Stand is made in soft touch and quite pleasant tactile. As for me, stand perfectly fulfills its function, it increases the comfort of work.

If we recall the construction of the four legs, the keyboard does not change the height of the most standard photo below all possible options.

So, one of the main “chip» Corsair K70 RGB course is lighting. The user is given the choice of 16.7 million. Hues. Lights can operate in four modes: 0%, 33%, 66% and 100%, generally with minimum brightness is quite convenient to operate at night, and the maximum and allows you to stand out in the afternoon. Thanks to proprietary software Corsair, in addition to the standard, you can add glow effects ripple or “wave”.

Review keyboard Corsair K70 RGB

Now a few words about the proprietary utilities Corsair Utility Engin, as already mentioned, it must be downloaded from the official site of the manufacturer and after installation you will be available customization features. On the first page opens access to management profiles. Each profile can be individually set key commands, macros, and backlight.

Next, on the “performance”, the user can make adjustments to some of the system functions that would be during gameplay to distract …

On the “Backlight” can splash around with it a change, here complete freedom of choice: although each key separately appoints! But if you do not shoot, you have the support of the ability to create groups of keys. Frankly, the interface utility in terms of illumination is not well understood in the first seconds, and for the purpose of visual effects have .

So, as a result of a week of use, I can draw the following conclusions. Corsair K70 RGB definitely gets a plus for the quality of manufacture and assembly of all the mechanical parts work out well and have no complaints. The materials used are good, and in the truest sense of the word attract hand, particularly liked the cover keys, no prints, the keyboard is always presentable.

Perhaps, for some users, will a critical lack of additional keys, but I have such a problem does not arise. Of the multimedia keys liked wheel volume control, in my case, it was not enough for a long time, there is an analog desktop laptop used to.

Review keyboard Corsair K70 RGB

I suppose that will not open a special secret, producing job description switches MX Red. From the first minutes of use is felt easier to press, but immediately catch the trip point is not exactly easy. In most cases, pressing occurs at full travel position.Typing is not always convenient, easy pressing can cause repetition of certain characters. In the course of the game, especially when repeated pressings behavior MX Red is excellent, maximum responsiveness.

Now for the RGB-illumination, its presence certainly allows you to make your keyboard and the system as a whole personality, especially in combination with a suitable manipulator. A setting of each key at all is beyond the reasonable needs and in terms of software, not exactly easy, but a possibility.

In general, the choice of keyboard or mouse, it is better to try once than read a hundred times. Therefore, before buying recommend to find a chance to try mechanics, in fact, maybe it will not fit … Maybe have to immediately go to the store :).

Source: Corsair

Review keyboard Corsair K70 RGB updated: March 26, 2015 author: John Malkovich