Pixar has used the NVIDIA animation singing volcano

Pixar has used the NVIDIA animation singing volcano

NVIDIA and Pixar at the last conference GPU Technology Conference were told that the GPU used in the creation of a volcano singing Uku in the upcoming animated short film Love. Animating a 400-meter cliff is different from the animation of people and animals – this problem has created new challenges for the studio.

For example, Pixar wanted to ensure that the movement Uku looked like rock shake. When asked animators original lip of the volcano, GPU-accelerated animation system Pixar Presto helped figure out what Uku cheeks move too much. “We have received comments that the result does not look like a rock, but as a guy in a suit rock,” – said the technical director of the studio Byron Bashforth (Byron Bashforth).

Thus, due to graphics accelerators studio found deficiencies in animation at an early stage, even before the full scene rendering, saving time and resources. Due to GPU-acceleration detected animators and other shortcomings in their work before they are reported team engaged in the shadows and postprocessing: Presto allows real-time animation of how to assess without shadows and with shadows.

Using Presto allows you to quickly and effectively solve many other problems. For example, the team wanted to sing eyes closed volcano at a time when the shadows of the clouds falling on the face of the character. Simulating real-time shadows allowed animators to achieve precise timing of eye movements and shadows.

Another example of the advantages of imaging in real-time by Presto animation movements become eyebrow Uku stone. When experts evaluated solely animation facial movement Uku without lighting, textures and shadows, it seemed as if his eyebrows moving too fast. But as soon as Presto has been activated more realistic animation, it became clear that the eyebrows, on the contrary, move slowly. Previously would have had to make changes to the full-intensive rendering process that would lead to unnecessary delays and costs.

“Rendering is becoming more and more expensive – said the lead programmer Pixar Dirk Van Gelder (Dirk Van Gelder). – What better picture we will be able to show the animators in Presto, so at a later time it will be possible to postpone the final rendering. “

Source: NVIDIA Blog

Pixar has used the NVIDIA animation singing volcano updated: March 21, 2015 author: John Malkovich