Netflix expects this year’s launch of 4K-versions of consoles PS4 and Xbox One

Netflix expects this year's launch of 4K-versions of consoles PS4 and Xbox One

This year, the market comes more and more TVs with support for 4K, and there is more and more sources of materials in this resolution. Against this backdrop, the absence of any support from the standard game consoles starting to look weird. Interestingly, the streaming service Netflix, one of the leading suppliers of 4K-materials, believes that version PS4 and Xbox One will come with support for 4K this fall.

Netflix first started talking about it during CES 2015 in January, when CEO Neil Hunt (Neil Hunt) said that Netflix will support technology High Dynamic Range, which Sony allegedly promised to implement a revision PS4 with support for playback of 4K-video. He also expressed at a press conference assurance that updated versions of Xbox One and PS4 will come with support for 4K this autumn (around October or November, if you focus on a two-year renewal cycle gaming systems).

When reporters asked him to comment on this statement, he refused to clarify anything, citing the fact that he can not speak with certainty about the plans of Microsoft and Sony. In turn, Sony and Microsoft are also in effect declined to comment on the new version of the console.

Microsoft said: “We will, as always, strive to provide the latest entertainment features and services in the living room. But beyond that, we are not currently able to share any information. “Sony responded similarly: “We are considering the possibility of integrating support output in high resolution 4K for photos and videos, but we can not at this time to share the details.”

Given the launch of the company Netflix broadcast 4K-material back in April 2014, and Amazon – in December, the emergence of improved versions of consoles is quite logical. What hardware changes required for this? First of all, the hardware block to decode the format HEVC 4K UHD, protocol support data protection against copying HDCP 2.2 port and HDMI 2.0 (supports playback of 4K 60 Hz instead of 30 Hz in HDMI 1.4). Probably for older consoles have released some external power to support the implementation of 4K.

Even if the predictions regarding Netflix support 4K are correct, we should remember that we are talking exclusively about the streaming video – 4K-game for a long time will remain exclusive for high-end gaming PCs. But who knows – Sony said in answer to a journalist: «PS4 does not yet support the conclusion of games in the resolution 4K». The word “yet” means that in the future this may change (at least for unpretentious undemanding to resources projects).

Netflix expects this year’s launch of 4K-versions of consoles PS4 and Xbox One updated: February 6, 2015 author: John Malkovich