Intel does not want to talk about the exact timing of the appearance of 10-nm microprocessors

Intel does not want to talk about the exact timing of the appearance of 10-nm microprocessors

Although Intel has repeatedly confirmed the development of 10-nm process technology, as well as the respective microprocessors, the company has never sought to tell the exact timing of the appearance of new chips on the market. In late January, one of the leaders in the Middle East Intel mentioned that the first 10-nanometer chips should be expected in early 2017, but last week the company withdrew its application.

“We planned to follow the intended path of Moore’s Law, it was the core of our innovation in 40 years” – said Taga Khalifa (Taha Khalifa), general manager of Intel in the Middle East and North Africa, told Gulf News. “It is expected that the 10-nm chips will be released in early 2017”.

Since then, as Intel has officially confirmed that introduce 10-nanometer production technology according to the schedule, and also announced plans to modernize industrial complex Fab 28 (Kiryat Gat, Israel) for the production of 10-nanometer chips, it was expected that the company will begin production of CPUs known under the code name Cannonlake, in the second half of 2016.

Expectations were due cadence presenting new Intel microprocessors every year (also known as the strategy of “Tick-Tock”), taking into account the fact that the chips Skylake should appear in the second half of 2015.

It is believed that microprocessors Cannonlake inherit microarchitecture Skylake, but will get higher clock frequency and / or reduction in power consumption due to the finer process technology. If you believe the statement of the regional head of Intel, that such processors would have to start to be made in the fourth quarter of 2016, to be presented at the beginning of 2017. Although the beginning of the use of 10-nm technology standards in which case there would be a little later expected, the development of modern process technology still would have started a few quarters earlier than competitors giant.

Unfortunately, last week, the largest manufacturer of microprocessors in the world renounced his comments and said that his 10-nm chips “under development” and that the company currently does not want to discuss the terms of the appearance of the corresponding commercial products on the market for reasons of competitive advantage .

Despite the fact that officially Intel does not want to consider the first quarter of 2017 as the timing of the appearance of processors Cannonlake, taking into account all of the above, it would be logical to expect the beginning of production at the end of next year and the appearance on the market in the first half of 2017. Taking into account that the modernization of the industrial complex in Kiryat Gat is not opened, it is difficult to expect the beginning of mass production Cannonlake earlier than the end of 2016. However, Intel always starts production of chips in the complexes D1X / D1D (Hillsboro, OR, USA), which are used for development of mass production of the latest process technology. If necessary, the company may start selling products with D1X / D1D before the start of production in other factories.

One way or another, but given the fact that Intel has traditionally been ahead of its competitors in the introduction of new technological processes, it is likely that the chip maker will be the first in the industry who uses technology standards 10 nm. Companies like TSMC, Samsung and GlobalFoundries plans to start using 10-nm process technology was in 2017. So, Intel is simply obliged to do it before.

In September last year, Intel showed the first 300mm wafers processed by the 10-nm technology. Unfortunately, while Intel has not told any details about the latest technological process. The only thing that is currently known about the 10-nm process technology, Intel, is that it will continue to use FinFET transistors with a vertical shutter, but will not enable EUV photolithography.

Intel does not want to talk about the exact timing of the appearance of 10-nm microprocessors updated: February 12, 2015 author: John Malkovich