Intel Broadwell-E Family Review


Intel Corporation announced long-expected series of Core i7 Extreme Edition processors that are based on Intel Broadwell-E architecture. The standard-bearer of new production range is Intel Core i7-6950X that is the first processor with 10 cores for desktop games. New CPU will not just make the productivity level higher in comparison with its predecessors in consequence of incremented amount of cores and architecture improvement; they will move the whole experimental platform to the higher level according to their new alternatives and price.


A little bit of history…

The last two decades are known to be the decades that wanted more from their computers as they were not satisfied with the capabilities of their computer processors (and for some reason or other they do not want to choose Intel Xeon). Such users play the most up-to-date games and moreover use hard-driving professional applications. They are not against system crackdown and its adjustment to the specific tasks. To satisfy such users AMD and Intel Companies developed special extreme versions of their processors in 2003. FX and Extreme Edition were created that year.

The server processors reorientation experiment became successful as the CPU had shown its popularity and the customers are able to buy new products. Later AMD and Intel Companies started investigating new special experimental platforms for enthusiasts (Intel calls such platforms as HEDT what means high-end desktop) to offer something more than it was earlier. Processors became more evolving. They were still server processors but they had new opportunity as well. It was the ability to make more accurate settings of core charging, memory controller and PCI Express, etc. Once AMD and Intel offered new platforms at the basis of two microprocessors but they were not popular in use because of their high price and usage peculiarities. As a result soon AMD stood behind that race and Intel became the one company that continued developing extreme desktop platforms.

Intel surprises us time and again

Everything seems to have been created already and there is nothing to wait for. But Intel is able to surprise us. And it was done by adding more cores to their processors and creating 6-Core processors, then 8-Core and what are they doing now? They developed the first 10-Core desktop processor that is called i7-6950X.

Intel представила 10-ядерный Core i7-6950X новый уровень производительности и цены — Opera

Intel Broadwell-E processors features

Broadwell-E processors are the first Intel extreme microcircuit chips that were produced at the basis of 14 nm technology. Slim technological process increases overclocking potential. All processors obtain unlocked multiplier and are compatible with baseboards at the basis of microcircuit chip sets Intel X99 and LGA2011-3 slots.

There are four SKUs that create the Intel central processors family. They are i7-6950X (with 10 cores), i7-6900K (with8 cores), i7-6850K (with 6 cores) and i7-5800K (with 6 cores). Have a look at the table below and you will see the difference between them.

The Intel Broadwell-E Review Core i7-6950X, i7-6900K, i7-6850K and i7-6800K Tested — Opera

The table is rather small but there is a lot of information that is given here and that is very important for the customers and experts.

How much is it?

The most eye-caching parameter is processor’s price. It ranges from $434 to $1723. The standard-bearer of Intel processors family is Intel Core i7-6950X that has 10 Hyper-Threading cores. The speed of the electronic clock is 3GHz. Intel Core i7-6950X has 25 MB memory cache, 4-cannal memory controller DDR4, PCI Express 3.0 bus controller that is supported by 40 lines. So, customers wanted more from the processors. Here they are! And here is the price. It is $1723 that is higher than other Intel processors of different features.

Other Intel processors have less number of cores but their caches are smaller in size and they have higher clock frequencies. Nevertheless, all of them are more expensive than their predecessors of earlier generations; and this fact indicates manufacturer’s confidence in its devices’ attractiveness.

What is cheaper?

Not long ago Intel released Xeon Broadwell-PC processors. One of them is the Xeon E5-2640 v4. It has 10 cores (as well as Intel Broadwell-E i7-6950X), it works at 90 W and its price is $939 (when Intel Broadwell-E costs $1723).

Are there any example of Xeon and Broadwell-E having the same price for their processors? Of course, there is Xeon E5-2680 v4 for $1745 (almost the same). Unlike Intel Broadwell-E i7-6950X it has 14 cores; it works at 120W TDP. It obtains 3.3 GHz peak frequencies when Intel Broadwell-E i7-6950X has 3.0 GHz/3.5 GHz clockspeeds.

Why are Intel Xeon cheaper? Because they are sold just as OEM chips and its warranty is limited a lot.


Intel is a company that is never tired of make something new and interesting for their customers. Manufacturers always listen to new suggestions and customers’ needs (there is an example that is Intel Broadwell-E i7-6950X). Everything seems very nice, useful, astonishing and cool but price is really high, so just a particular part of Intel customers will be able to buy these devices.

Intel Broadwell-E Family Review updated: June 7, 2016 author: Darina