Household batteries Tesla already were in short supply

Household batteries Tesla already were in short supply

Looking at the history of the company Tesla Motors, one might think that the charismatic and prudently California billionaires able to sell any goods, and ideas that residents of certain regions of the world do not seem too practical. Today, we will not mention about the fact that the Russian frosts and underdeveloped network of charging stations is not doing a very convenient operation of electric cars, and focus on new product Tesla – batteries Powerwall, which were presented earlier this month.

The company has just reported on the results of the quarter, but because it is already possible to judge about the number of pre-orders for domestic battery packs Powerwall. As he confessed Elon Musk (Elon Musk), has already received 38,000 orders for the supply of batteries to meet them need to work until the middle of next year, with the plant being built in Nevada such orders could serve long enough. In any case, given the high demand for household batteries, Tesla will have to invest in the expansion of the plant in Nevada that without these expenses cost the least of almost $ 5 billion. The company should earn in the next year, it is with its launch in Tesla bind hopes to reduce the cost of batteries. In 2017, the market will most affordable electric car brand – Tesla Model 3, though his formal announcement is scheduled for March next year.

Interestingly, Tesla partners represented SolarCity skeptical about the ability to modify Powerwall 10 kW • h serve for a long time for the needs of home backup power electrical load. First, this modification is designed for 50 cycles of charging on an annual basis. Secondly, one module with its established load of 2 kW for the needs of most households is simply not enough, and the union of several modules remains expensive. By the way, restrictions on the number of charge cycles on a younger version of the battery (7 kW • h) does not apply, because it is calculated on a daily operation active.

Interestingly, the possibility of electric Elon Musk Apple only welcomed, as it turned out on a quarterly reporting the conference. This flow of personnel between the companies is aimed to Tesla, as the company entices five times more specialists from Apple, than in the opposite direction. In other news, the profile of activities has been said that the “partial autopilot” Tesla electric cars available will be grafted in the second quarter of this year, and the long-awaited crossover Model X will be presented later quarter. The prototype of the electric car Elon Musk and arrived at the quarterly balance sheet conference.

Household batteries Tesla already were in short supply updated: May 7, 2015 author: John Malkovich