Design drones messengers Google Wing was unsuccessful

Design drones messengers Google Wing was unsuccessful

Google has recognized that the design of unmanned aircraft designed by Wing, has not justified itself. Therefore, web development corporation plans drones new design.

Wing project has been developing for several years. The idea is to organize the delivery of basic necessities in using drones. It is assumed that the drones can quickly get to the area of natural disasters or man-made disasters, carrying on board medical supplies, batteries, and other necessary items.

The design of the first prototypes Wing involves the use of a single-wing width of about one and a half meters. UAV takes off from a vertical position, standing on its tail, and then translated into a horizontal flight mode. In the movement of the apparatus provided with four propellers with an electric motor.

Design drones messengers Google Wing was unsuccessful

However, as now says head of Google X Astro Teller (Astro Teller), engaged in the development of the project Wing, design drone was unsuccessful. In particular, the use of a wide wing negative impact on the stability of flight in windy conditions. And the method of attachment of the payload is not added stability in the air. In general, as it turned out, the UAV has enough good handling. Mr. Teller noted that about half of the team Wing after eight months of development drone was sure that his design is unsuccessful. After a year and a half to the conclusion made by 80% of participants in the initiative.

However, an end to the project, Google is not going to put. Just now planned design drones with different design, with greater stability and better handling.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Design drones messengers Google Wing was unsuccessful updated: March 19, 2015 author: John Malkovich