Epson EH-TW6600 W wireless projector review

Epson EH-TW6600 W wireless projector review

Epson EH-TW6600: Appearance and connectors

The Epson EH-TW6600 is similar in appearance nothing like its predecessor, the EH-TW6100W from 2012. The lens of the EH-TW6600 is no longer centrally placed in the device, but has moved to the side. This is slightly more efficient and quieter cooling possible within a compact housing.

The large black lens sticks out prominently on the front of the unit and is equipped with manual zoom and focus rings. The EH-TW660W has a slightly smaller zoom range than some other Epson LCD projectors. Instead of 2.1x zoom, this projector has a range of 18,2mm to 29,2mm, representing 1.6x zoom. That for most applications is still fine, and it is considerably more than the 1.2x that we see in most DLP projectors.

At the top, directly above the lens, we find two knobs which the lens position can be changed horizontally and vertically. Thanks to this lens shift function, it is possible to move the image with respect to a piece of the projector side, up or down. This gives additional freedom for installation of the device, and makes the alignment of the projector relative to the screen a lot less important than with projectors that do not have this feature.

At the top of the projector, we also believe the main control keys back, though it is for easier operation recommend using the supplied remote.

Epson EH-TW6600 W wireless projector review

At the rear of the projector, we see both sides two large speaker grilles behind stereo speakers hidden that are controlled as declared by a 2 x 10 watt amplifier. The sound quality that produce the speakers for a projector very reasonable, which is a plus if you want to take the occasional projector for gaming or watching a football match on a big screen. For serious cinema use, they are obviously not sufficient.

In the middle between the two speakers, we find a whole battery terminals. The most important are the two HDMI inputs and component video connection, in which almost all common video and computer equipment can be connected. HDMI1 input is indeed also suitable for PC and MHL signals. We also find a VGA input and output, analog audio jacks, a USB port, service port and a trigger-out connector, the latter is intended for example to allow an electric screen automatically move up and down.

Epson EH-TW6600: Wireless HD

Outside the normal connections that we discussed on the previous page, the projector is also equipped with a built WiHD receiver to HDMI signals wirelessly. Epson provides the projector with a WiHD transmitter equipped with up to five HDMI inputs and one HDMI output physical. The idea is that you put it on your television station in the neighborhood, and this all your peripherals such as a set-top box, connected Blu-ray player, game console and chrome cast / media player. The wired HDMI output close it again to the TV and the remote control of the projector, you then choose which input both via the HDMI output to the TV, as is wirelessly sent to the projector.

Epson EH-TW6600 W wireless projector review

Unlike some other solutions to HDMI signals wirelessly send the WiHD standard Epson does not use signal compression, the image quality is identical to a wired HDMI connection. WiHD makes use of the 60GHz band with a signal that theoretically has a maximum data rate of 28Gbit / s, more than enough for all full HD signals, including all 3D formats.

Epson EH-TW6600: Image Quality

One of the advantages of LCD projection is that the brightness of the true color with respect to the brightness of white, which to a cheaper DLP projectors often is a problem. LCD projectors have also not suffer from a rainbow effect that is often visible in DLP projectors. The disadvantage is that LCD projection often slightly less good at producing deep blacks, though at that point made good progress in recent years.

The EH-TW6600W late scoring very reasonable black levels, but Epson has chosen to provide the projector of an iris. This electrically driven diaphragm ensures that the lamp is dimmed physical scenes where less light output is required, which improves the contrast. For this to work well is a perfect collaboration between the diaphragm and the control of the LCD panels required. If we gray gradient by measuring the iris feature enabled, we see that this – as indeed in every projector iris – not quite the case. The iris function on the greyscale show some strange quirks. The advantage is that the maximum contrast is very good indeed: an on-off measurement we arrive at 13,397: 1. Still, we prefer to turn the iris because it produces a smoother image with a more accurate course. Even with the iris off the contrast is still outstanding 1388: 1

Epson EH-TW6600 W wireless projector review

The charts above show the greyscale of the projector while the iris is disabled. Allow the projector over the entire range from black to white relatively little too much blue, and see little red. What is also striking is that the gamma values are consistently low, so the image in the midrange is too bright. However, through the onscreen menu is both the color and the range over regulate nauwkeurg at. It pays so definitely worth to (have) this projector calibration in order to extract the best out.

The color of the EH-TW6600W is out of the box in the cinema mode unfortunately not great. The color coordinates of red and green are especially not where they should be. For red is that with some minor adjustments in the menu oncreen easily get good, green requires more adjustments. In addition, the brightness distribution between colors – something that should be a strong point of LCD projectors – just is not good. Green and blue in particular are displayed by default too bright compared to white and red. Again regulate those issues to be good through the menu, but it does mean that calibration is in fact necessary to make the most of this projector.

Epson EH-TW6600: Conclusion

The EH-TW6600W is a beautiful projector that does its job quietly and thanks to its relatively large zoom range and lens shift is easy to place. The wireless HDMI capabilities of the projector is in our opinion a strong point. The included HDMI transmitter has no less than five HDMI inputs, so you do not in practice fast connections will have too little. An HDMI output you can additionally connect a TV or monitor to the station, convenient for when you’re not using the projector.

Epson EH-TW6600 W wireless projector review

The ouf-of-the-box image quality of the projector is reasonable, but the default settings will unfortunately not make the best out of the machine. The underlying image quality, both in terms of contrast, sharpness and color reproduction is good, however, and after calibration, the instrument shows a beautiful cinematic picture. The device is also ideal for silent cinema mode and the fan noise also has no annoying overtones. The projector is at the time of writing on sale from 1599 euro, which is firm. In our opinion, the device is its price but certainly worth it. Imagine no price on the Epson wireless HDMI functionality, makes the device even if EH-TW6600 – without adding W – in black for a price below 200 euros.

Epson EH-TW6600 W wireless projector review updated: February 6, 2015 author: John Malkovich