Corsair Gaming M65 RGB gaming mouse review

Corsair Gaming M65 RGB gaming mouse review

With the introduction of the sub-brand Corsair Corsair Gaming has also begun releasing products with adjustable RGB lighting. Usually in variants that already saw the light, but not in itself a light luster. For example, the RGB K70 keyboard, which we discussed earlier on our website. In this review we focus on the M65 RGB mouse from the new range of Corsair Gaming.

The design that Corsair has selected the M65, is known for. He looks just like the M60 from 2012. This line is intended for games where high speed is required. Strategy games, Corsair products with a larger arsenal buttons available, such as the M95, which is not yet available in an RGB variant. M65 RGB weighs 123 grams without weights and is not overly heavy. With the extra weights weighs 137 grams. The ADNS-9800 laser sensor is equipped with 8200 DPI and is adjustable from 50 DPI, this one has the choice of five steps by a controller in the form of two buttons and a scroll wheel when kleurenled.

The base is made with an aluminum housing to the bottom of the mouse with three compartments each of which can house a small weight of 4.5 grams. This is what we came to the M60 and M65 and allows not only the weight but also to adjust the distribution of weight in the mouse.

Corsair Gaming M65 RGB gaming mouse review

The biggest difference between the M60 / M65 and M65 RGB is at first sight, of course, the added illumination. Also, the placement of the buttons is subtly changed. The extra ‘Sniper’ button on the thumb, which you can momentarily reduce the sensitivity of the mouse, which is placed further forward. This ensures that it is more accessible. On the other hand, it has become almost impossible to lift the mouse, because the thumb can not deny this button. This makes this version of the M65 mouse less interesting for low-sense gamers than the previous models.

Corsair Gaming M65 RGB: Properties

The scroll wheel (with clicks) is like the base made of aluminum with rubber for extra grip. On the left we find the standard browse buttons that are a lot smaller than we are used to, but always easy to find.

The shape of the mouse differs significantly from the standard; at the back of the mouse is fairly narrow and the position between the thumb and little finger he is almost twice as wide (7.7 inches). If you are looking for a lot of support for your palm, this mouse will not be the best choice.

The bottom of the mouse the removable weights are placed. For the individual weights no storage space is provided

M65 RGB has integrated memory which settings can be saved. At our option, however this copy does not work well, because adjustments were not running on another computer. This is obviously not what you expect from this feature. In the driver software, it is possible to create profiles that can be linked to programs. This will be activated if the corresponding program is started. In any profile that is loaded, are also separate modes available to each profile can also be divided yet.

Corsair Gaming M65 RGB gaming mouse review

Almost simultaneously with the introduction of Corsair Gaming is the driver software from Corsair changed dramatically. As with the RGB K70 keyboard that we discussed earlier, the software is so extensive that the overview what is looking. A clear example is that some settings are hidden to create a macro in the general settings menu, and not in the macro window itself. There should also be a lot of work right, what does not intuitive, because it is nowhere stated. The interface is also very dark, which the statement is not beneficial.

Corsair Gaming M65 RGB: Use

M65 RGB, while not additional macro buttons, but it’s certainly possible to create macros. Additionally, you can all the buttons on the mouse a different function, including the ‘sniper’ button. If you have little use of the browse button you can also choose to program specific game commands there.

Corsair Gaming M65 RGB gaming mouse review

In the driver software, you can also adjust the lighting in the mouse. As the scroll wheel and logo can separately display different colors. When the scroll wheel between the two buttons for changing the sensitivity of the mouse is also a LED. These changes color when changing the sensitivity of the mouse. It is not possible to give them a solid color, except through this one by one to do at each step.

Interestingly, there is no option to let that led to ‘breathe’. Also, it will be continually switching between colors is not possible. The only possibility to change the colors or breathing is when changing to another mode in a profile. The function for RGB K70 keyboard to let the light flash when you press a key is present, but does not work with this mouse. This is in fact the same software as for the keyboard. On the one hand convenient, but on the other hand, it was not really strong. The software is now too little focus on the proper management of the mouse.

The lift-off distance is adjustable in the software along with the refresh rate in milliseconds. It is strange again, this body is not in the same tab. In our Heaton mouse was possible to use the position mid-low and we measured a lift-off distance of 1,90mm, which is a great achievement. One position lower detected this mouse no movement. In the earlier M60 mouse we measured a slightly better from 1,3mm, but both results are fine if you often lift the mouse.

Corsair Gaming M65 RGB gaming mouse review

Corsair Gaming M65 RGB: Conclusion

We are very pleased with the performance of this mouse. Despite the stories of acceleration that should occur in the ADNS-9800 laser sensor, we do not notice them in our copy. As we mentioned earlier, this mouse is not suitable for low-sense use by placing the ‘Sniper’ button. There is no added rubber for extra grip. The advantage is, however, that it is again to achieve this standard button easier.

Mid-sense gamers can also fine using this mouse, but for gamers on high sensitivity gaming M65 RGB may not be the most suitable. For this example, the Corsair Vengeance M95 or Logitech G700s very appropriate. M65 RGB is not perfect for low sense and not for high-sense use, but is just in between. Therefore we can not generally recommend this mouse for everyone.

We are not satisfied with the implementation of the software and the lighting in this mouse. In its present form, some features may not work as expected and you need to read the manual to understand the basic settings. Driver Software would in our opinion should be intuitively correct to enhance ease of use. For that reason, we also find that obtaining there for the asking price of 80 euros better gaming mice. For example, the Logitech G402, which focuses on low-sense use, or the high sense Corsair Vengeance M95 which is available for the same money.

Corsair Gaming M65 RGB gaming mouse review updated: February 6, 2015 author: John Malkovich