Review LCD Monitor BenQ EW2440L

Review LCD Monitor BenQ EW2440L

BenQ EW2440L: on the display monitor is viewed video at resolutions up to 1920 by 1080 pixels and a frame rate up to 60 Hz in progressive mode. That’s enough for comfortable viewing of movies or games on the big screen.


Design strict and even a little elegant. Monitor case and plastic parts stand made of black plastic with a mirror-smooth (for example, the rear panel), with brushed under the unpolished metal (for example, part of the stand base) or with a matt (for example, the front frame) surface. The outer surface of the matrix semi (more matte, but a kind of “mirror” reflection is present), black and relatively rigid. The front surface of the screen looks like a monolithic black matte surface bounded below a relatively narrow frame, and on the perimeter – a narrow edging of matte plastic with a decorative comb. Playback the image, you can see that in fact between the outer edge of the screen and the actual display area of the field has the top and sides of about 7 mm and about 1 mm to the front frame at the bottom. In the bottom right of the frame are touch buttons and a button on-off marked just embossed dots and power icon.

At the lower end under the power button is a milky white diffuser status indicator. The power connector and interface connectors are located in a shallow niche on the rear panel.

Oriented connectors from the plane of the screen and rotated 90 ° (about which it is possible to say) with respect to the usual orientation. As a result, they fit on the narrow vertical the panels, which is a continuation of the rack stand. Connect the cables to the relatively comfortable, but the signature (just embossed in the plastic) to the connectors virtually unreadable, and in this case they need to be read, since only one of the two HDMI supports MHL. In the lower right corner of the rear panel can be found for a Kensington lock slot. For two symmetrically arranged bars on the rear panel miniature speakers oval. The top hinge allows the unit to tilt the screen slightly forward from the vertical position, and more – back.

Bearing elements rack and stand base are made of pressed steel and cast from magnesium-aluminum alloy. Below the base of the stand-glued rubber feet tablets, so the monitor is fixed to a smooth surface and will not scratch them when moving.

The design of the stand is stiff enough. It is necessary to monitor stable. Small footprint, besides top it flat and almost horizontal.

As a result, the monitor takes away from the table is not a lot of living space. A feature of this monitor is built into the stand holder for mobile devices, consisting of two hinged plates, with folded holder hidden flush with the plane of the base.

Review LCD Monitor BenQ EW2440L

Outgoing cables can be blown into a neat bundle of using a complete tie with “Velcro”. Packed monitor modestly decorated the box, which is relatively wide, but has only a slit handles on the sides, so carry it alone uncomfortable.

BenQ EW2440L: Switching

The monitor is equipped with two digital inputs – a pair of HDMI, and analog VGA-input. VGA-input can also be operated in “consumer” mode, that is to take color difference video signal (signal type – RGB or component – can be set to force), but to connect to the player, in this case need a cable adapter to VGA 3 RCA. One of the inputs HDMI supports MHL, while the appropriate cable (HDMI to Micro-USB) supplied.

For HDMI inputs in the case of RGB-signal can be selected luminance range. Communication DDC / CI can be disabled. The correct input is selected in the menu (in the fast or mostly). Also, there is an automatic search for the active input with HDMI can be excluded from the search. If the current input signal is lost and the monitor does not find it on other inputs, then he goes to sleep, from which it appears, or when the signal goes into off state after 10/20/30 minutes if the corresponding function is activated.

Built-in speakers are not very loud, even for personal use, and have an average for its class sound quality. Sound in the headphones loud enough, but without reserve, no noise in the pauses, the bass either, and the purity of the sound is different. To view a movie in the headphones is better to use some other source. Volume control and mute are performed using menus. For analog audio input jack is available in a 3.5 mm. HDMI ports are also capable of receiving an audio signal, but in digital form, wherein the menu may still be forced to select the analog audio input current.

BenQ EW2440L: Menu, localization and management

Status LED dim, and its virtually invisible to the user, which is good. Light green at work, orange in standby mode and is off when the monitor is off button on the frame. The touch, clearly triggered.The first time you touch the button to display the Start menu in the form of five icons just above the buttons.

The first three icons indicate the call short menu shortcuts to three functions to which – the user selects the menu options.

Review LCD Monitor BenQ EW2440L

Penultimate icon – call the main menu, the last – Exit the menu. Next to navigate through the menus above the buttons and icons are displayed hints on the current function. If you adjust picture menu remains on the screen, which is slightly hinders the assessment of changes. If desired, you can select a timeout automatic exit and turn the lock. There is a Russian version of the OSD.

Cyrillic font menu is not very smooth, lettering too small, but in principle readable.

In the box we found the monitor Quick Start Guide in printed form on paper and CD-ROM, which are PDF-files (there is a Russian version) with a complete guide, monitor driver (traditional INF files and the CAT and the profile correction (ICM)), as well as additional software, in particular facilitates automatic substring, featuring VGA-signal. On the Russian version of the site of the manufacturer of this monitor has a page detailing its description and download section, where at the time of this writing, you can download only the drivers, a reference to the manual in Russian, we have not seen.

BenQ EW2440L: Image

There are standard settings: Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness (Unsharp Mask) color. temp(color temperature, the choice of the three profiles or manual adjustment of the intensity of the three colors), Gamma (five settings), Hue and Saturation. There is a mode DynamicContrast,when you turn on the brightness of dark images is automatically reduced at light – increases.Super Resolution function is present, improves the quality of low-resolution images. Gamers will be interesting feature AMA, which is responsible for the acceleration of the matrix.

Preset combination of settings are stored in multiple profiles, among them – a profile with the name Low Blue Light, in which to reduce eye strain reduced the intensity of the blue component of up to 70%.

Review LCD Monitor BenQ EW2440L

Settings in the group, Intel. Focus allow enable dimming the screen is a rectangular area. In this case, you can change the size and position of this area. The manufacturer advertises this feature as a tool to extract, for example, in the important areas of the game screen, but from a practical point of view, it is unlikely to be of any use, as set and change the selection is very uncomfortable. Depending on the selected profile and the current video signal type, some settings may not be available. To demonstrate that changes the selected profile is Demo mode Senseye,wherein the screen is divided into two halves, one original image is corrected into another.

Two modes of geometric transformation: All – forced stretching the image on the entire screen, and format – an increase to the borders of the screen while keeping the aspect ratio, however, in this mode the original aspect ratio considered pixel, so in the case of standard PAL and NTSC signals will be slightly distorted proportions . If there is interference on the borders of the image, you can enable Overscan, in which the image is slightly increased, and the noise outside the display area. Availability is determined by the type of video modes.

With VGA-connected automatically adjusts the parameters of VGA-signal is carried out quickly and correctly. Supports resolutions up to 1920 × 1080 pixels, inclusive. In light and shadow on the pair (with 8-bit color) shades closest to white and black, are no different. In general, the image quality at such high analog connection method (by at least a cable and a good source).

When connecting to a HDMI-HDMI-out (or DVI- via adapter) for native PC screen resolution matrix, of course, supported. The quality of the image no major complaints.

Theatrical modes were tested using a Blu-ray-player Sony BDP-S300 and HDMI-connection. The monitor accepts signals 576i / p, 480i / p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p at 50 and 60 frames / sec. 1080p at 24 frames / sec is not supported. In the case of interlaced signals a picture displayed in the fields. Subtle gradations of shades differ both in light and shadow. The brightness and color definition high, and are determined only by the type of video signal.

Review LCD Monitor BenQ EW2440L

As we have noted, the mold surface semi, ie it does not mirror-smooth, but still a little glare. But there is no “crystal” effect (microscopic variations in brightness), inherent to many matrices with deep matte finish. Very bright point light sources that are close to the screen, the screen will be displayed but the scattered light sources antiglare surface of the matrix suppresses bad.

BenQ EW2440L: Conclusion

Monitor BenQ EW2440L different sleek design with a “frameless” design of the screen. A high matrix VA, MHL support and built-in stand holder for mobile devices will help to turn this into a small monitor desktop home theater or gaming console. Of course, BenQ EW2440L can be connected to a PC and use it for general office work, for the simple and not very responsible work with video and graphics, as well as for playing games and watching movies.


  • High contrast
  • Neat design
  • Good quality color
  • Flicker-free illumination mode and with low intensity blue
  • The minimum delay output
  • Effective adjustable acceleration matrix
  • Support MHL (cable included)
  • Built-in holder for your mobile device
  • Russified menu


  • No significant
Review LCD Monitor BenQ EW2440L updated: April 20, 2015 author: John Malkovich