Review and testing body Corsair Graphite 780T

Review and testing body Corsair Graphite 780T

The company Corsair is well known to our regular readers. Earlier in the laboratory have already visited several models in a series ofGraphite Series – Corsair Graphite 600T and Graphite 380T.

Corsair Graphite 780T became a hero review is the flagship. He was born together with the previously discussed Graphite 380T in late summer 2014. In fact before us senior fellow of the latter, as in the first place shows a similar design of both models.

Of course, the functionality of the Graphite 780T is more developed than those of younger decision. Made in the format Full Tower case has an interesting design and overall support components, including motherboards form factors E-ATX and XL-ATX, and is equipped with an advanced ventilation system, including support for liquid cooling systems.

As usual, a review of Corsair Graphite 780T begins by examining the packaging of the product and accessories that come with it.

Corsair Graphite 780T: Packaging equipment

Flagship Corsair packed into a large wide cardboard box. The gross mass is about 13 kg.

Framed in a typical package for the company style: unpainted board and used a lot of different information. So, on the face of the body is represented by a picture, it contains the model and shows the basic design chips.

On the flip side, you can familiarize yourself with the structure of the Graphite 780T «exploded view», but with additional pictures and TTX body – on the side. Recently equipped with standard handles, cutouts for carrying.

Review and testing body Corsair Graphite 780T

Inside the housing is packed in black cloth  and is sandwiched between two foam dampers wide latches.

Accessories tucked inside a cardboard box, in one of the bays for HDD. The kit includes a considerable number of different screws and cable ties to several wires. The same type of screws is packaged in individual sachets.

Manual is in the form a folded sheet. It is very informative, as always, it is shown in the review body (similar picture can be seen on the back of the box) and is described in the package.

The list of supply includes:

  • Six bags with different screws for fastening devices;
  • Replacement Front for the motherboard;
  • Four plastic wire ties;
  • User’s Guide.

Corsair Graphite 780T: Appearance and Design

Corsair Graphite 780T is available in three colors: Black, White, and Yellow. The first all-black outside, White scored white and variation Yellow painted a positive bright yellow color.

Testing arrived modification White.

Before us is the body form factor Full Tower («big tower”). Its dimensions: 288 mm in width, 602 mm in height and 637 mm in depth. It weighs 11.3 kg.

Graphite 780T is made in a futuristic style, its design is strongly reminiscent of the model Graphite 380T, but the body is much higher, and understandably so, given the form factor. Overall, a nice design, not aggressive, and rounded corners enhance the perception of spaciousness throughout the structure as a whole. Something even resembling a sports car.

Review and testing body Corsair Graphite 780T

Chassis device is made of cold rolled steel SECC thickness of ~ 0.8 mm. In design, there are quite a few plastic housing which is lined on all sides. Both side panels are made of steel.

The front panel is almost completely perforated, except the top, where there are two 5.25-inch bays for external devices.

Ventilation grille is removable, with the presence of the inside layer of fine-mesh steel mesh for protection from dust and of forcing two 140 mm fans.

To remove the lattice enough to put pressure on the upper part on both sides, then it snaps on and take off. The same applies to bars on the top panel. Conversely, they are installed simply by pressing quickly and easily.

Controls handed down in the front upper part of the body and placed in a small depression, almost repeating pattern Graphite 380T.

The round button on the PC is placed in the center, to the right of it there is a reset button. On the opposite side is similarly shaped button regular fan controller, which can set three fixed speed.

Complete the picture of two ports USB 3.0 (internal socket connection), and two USB 2.0, located at a considerable distance from each other, and even further away are the nest mini-jack 3.5 mm headphone and microphone (only HDA).

Annunciator supply is built in the upper part of the front panel acrylic insert a long narrow matte color when working PC emits a dim white light (red in color variation Black). I remember the model Graphite 380T glare and hurt his eyes. Here everything is different.

The operation indicator is located between the drive audio jacks. Highlighted and any other label controls, including ports and buttons – in the dark it will be difficult to make a mistake. It is a pity that the backlight of the front fans can not be disabled.

Shaped sidewall is identical and are made of steel. The right side panel is completely closed, and the left is endowed with a large transparent acrylic window through which can be seen almost all of the interior space.

In the upper part of the side panels are equipped locking mechanism (like almost all another housing series Graphite Series). Removal and installation of the sidewall occurs for a couple of seconds, quickly and conveniently.

The rear side includes a compartment for the power supply at the bottom, nine expansion slots, a removable perforated plugs, cut-out I / O-panel motherboard and a seat for the exhaust fan for different sizes.

Review and testing body Corsair Graphite 780T

On the spot and two rubber-coated holes for output hoses of liquid cooling, and perforation in the uppermost part of the panel.

Of the top panel of the case has already been mentioned, but what is underneath? And underneath are three seats for the fans, holes for fasteners which are equipped with silicone gaskets. Here you can post and radiator LSS.

Bottom housing is equipped with ventilation grille in the entire area of the panel. Filters – two. One was withdrawn shift forward, the other backward shift.

The legs are made in the form of housing arcs of plastic, lifting him above the surface at a decent distance. On all four sides, they inserted padding of hard rubber.

With the appearance and design, Corsair Graphite 780T understood, it is time to move on to the study of its internal structure.

Corsair Graphite 780T: Internal structure, particularly assembly

The internal layout of the Corsair Graphite 780T is not much different from the typical “tower”, with the bottom PSU location.

The system of laying wires hidden in the body is very good. In addition to the huge cutout in the tray (for access to the mounting crosspiece cooler CPU), there is a considerable number of large rubber-coated holes scattered in all the right places. A considerable distance to the sidewall of the tray (~ 35 mm) allow him to lay large bundles of wires.

Furthermore, the large pocket bottom is provided, which easily fit unused conductors. Regarding the latter, then I personally such a feature is found in the buildings for the first time.

The motherboard is set to hex rack already screwed into the pan. The center stack centering, it does not allow the board during its installation “walk”. Supported form factors: The most common ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX, as well as large E-ATX and XL-ATX. Solid set.

The card can accommodate up to 355 mm, and mount expansion cards made by the thumb screws.

Maximum CPU cooler height declared by the manufacturer as 200 mm. Rare housing can boast of such a value, even the “big towers.”

The power supply is located in the rear part of the housing. It is situated at the bottom of the curved supports, equipped with rubber gaskets.

BP length can be up to 260 mm.

Review and testing body Corsair Graphite 780T

Corsair Graphite 780T supports 5.25-inch devices in the amount of two pieces. They are placed in the upper basket and their mounting – Quick release by special locking latch mechanism on only one side of the left basket.

The number of supported drives is nine. Six 3.5-inch hard disks are placed in two separate baskets, three in each disc in a transverse position. Instead of 3.5-inch HDD, can be installed here six 2.5-inch.

The drive is attached to the sled, which are already equipped with anti-vibration silicone gaskets, without the use of screws (2.5-inch drive is attached with screws and silicone gasket for it is not provided).

Further design simply pushed along the guide rails in the bay until it clicks into place.

Both removable baskets, each fastened with three screws (one screw from the front), and if necessary dismantled. In my case has been removed upper basket because it was not necessary, and the inflow of cool air from the front of the fan to the graphics card has increased.

Another three 2.5-inch hard drives can be placed over the pallet board – or rather, in the area of baskets HDD. It provides removable seats, where the drive just pushed until it clicks (Quick release mount, on the latch). Here you can set and a 2.5-inch HDD, their cooling will occur due to the air flow of the front fans.

Assembling system Corsair Graphite 780T is quick and easy. Plenty of space, convenient cable management, Quick release fasteners already screwed drives and motherboard stands for – all this saves time and allows you to quickly assemble a PC.

The wires are placed without any problems for the system board tray, the processor power cable is laid ATX12V without problems.Access to the mounting crosspiece CPU cooler ideal.

Corsair Graphite 780T: Cooling system

Cooling System Corsair Graphite 780T, as befits a flagship model, advanced. Out of the box it has three branded fan size 140 x 140 x 25 mm, and only the body can be set up to nine turntables.

Two models are mounted on the front panel for blowing. The measured rotational speed was about 1100 rev / min. They are equipped with a three-pronged AC power connector and endowed nondisconnectable LED-backlit color of which depends on variations in the body.

So, in a black casing fans lit red, white and yellow – white light with a bluish tinge. The intensity of the emission depends on the speed of rotation of the impeller.

A third propeller (impeller rotating at about 1100 rev / min) located on the rear and blows hot air out of the housing. Instead, it is possible here to set a 120-mm fan.

Graphite 780T additionally possible to install two or three 140 mm 120 mm at the top panel and two 120 mm at the bottom.

As regards support for housing the liquid cooling system, then it is possible to install four radiator LSS. One size 280 or 360 mm – on the front panel (in this case, would have to dismantle both baskets HDD), the second is similar sizes – at the top. The bottom panel also supports the installation of 240 mm radiator LSS. If you wish, you can set the single-section radiator size 140 or 120 mm on the rear panel.

Of greatest interest is the radiator LSS accommodation option above. Measured the distance from the seating for the upper fan to the upper edge of the motherboard was 90 mm (!), Plus the remaining space for the fans directly below the upper grille. Yeah, you can place the radiator incredible thickness.

Corsair Graphite 780T is equipped with a full-time fan controller. You can connect up to five turntables and change their rotation speed – synchronized three-step. Measured voltage output was 12, 9 and 7 (High, Mid, Low). The adjustment is made by means of the speed selector, located on the main control panel.

Corsair Graphite 780T: Conclusion

Overall Corsair Graphite 780T turned bad. He is well suited to build a powerful gaming PC, ideally – using liquid cooling. Benefit in it in abundance space for the radiators LSS, and through a large transparent side window you can admire, for example, glow in the ultraviolet hoses with all strapping.

But it’s the lyrics, and as practice … Corsair housing supports the overall components, a large number of drives, up to nine fans, and is equipped with a full-time speed controller last. It is impossible not to take into account the simple and quick removal of the side panels and front and top gratings. This may include a fine and make the system hidden laying wires.

Thanks to the good parts Graphite 780T elaboration of the drawbacks, in fact, nothing to note. Is that not be disabled lights front fans can spoil the impression to some users. Negative factor may turn out to be a pretty high cost housing.

Recommended for Corsair Graphite 780T price tag is around 200 US dollars.

Pros Corsair Graphite 780T:

  • Streamlined “sport” design (subjective);
  • Support for large components, including motherboards E-ATX and XL-ATX, CPU cooler height of 200 mm;
  • Screwless mounting of all drives, including SSD;
  • Removable HDD cage;
  • Excellent functionality in terms of customization CO;
  • Quick side panels, front and top of the lattice;
  • Well thought out cable management;
  • Good protection against the ingress of dust;
  • Supports a large number of radiators LSS, the top panel can be placed radiator thickness of ~ 90 mm;
  • Built-in three-speed with support for up to five fans;
  • Illumination of the controls.

Cons of the case:

  • Can not be disabled lights front fans;
  • Not too low cost.
Review and testing body Corsair Graphite 780T updated: April 20, 2015 author: John Malkovich