Apple Watch: for sale by April 24, but not initially in Italy

Apple Watch: for sale by April 24, but not initially in Italy

Let’s go back to the various announcements of Apple last night in summary, with this news, what was the most anticipated product. Let’s talk about Apple Watch, the smartwatch American company that will be on sale from next April 24 with the possibility of pre-orders from 10 April.

Sales will begin in nine countries: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom and United States. Miss Italy but in light of the previous timing of launch we tend to assume that for the Italian market the start of sales will take place together with the countries of the second block, a few weeks after April 24.

Apple Watch is available in three different versions, which differ then inside them for some items. The first is that Sport Watch with aluminum chassis with injections of magnesium and zinc, with prices starting at $ 349 for the 38 mm version and $ 399 for the 42 mm.

Watch The model has a top list, with prices ranging between 549 and $ 1,049 for the version to 38 mm and from 599 to $ 1,099 for the 42 mm. In this case the structure is made of stainless steel, while for Watch Edition chassis are in 18 carat gold and a price that starts at $ 10,000 to go up depending on the type of finishes adopted.

Apple showed several ways to use Watch but has specified how much of the future development of this product, and the detailed rules of use, is linked to the work that developers will carry out already from these weeks before the start of sales .

The product needs to recharge every day: Apple has indicated an average range of about 18 hours with a typical usage pattern. The charging takes place with a charger that is grafted magnetically in the back, with a time of charging to the 100% equal to about 2 and a half hours. Watch requires pairing a smartphone the iPhone family, with 6 series models that are currently the only ones compatible.

Expected, for the presentation Apple, a series of demonstrations of how to use Watch in different scenarios. So it was, even if it is not a demo that can surprise all the way. The impression is that, at least with the current development of the App, Apple Watch is a product that allows access from wrist to many tools and features that routinely use from smartphones but without this introduces a radical and innovative change.

Expected signs on the price of the model Watch Edition, on which there has been much discussed in recent months. A list that starts from $ 10,000 to climb positioned this product as a luxury item, and otherwise could not be seen finishing. It makes you think, however, that those who buy a luxury watch spending these figures (include Rolex just to indicate a brand specialized in these products) has available a product that has a rapid rate of obsolescence as that of a smartwatch, and that tends to maintain over time a very high value and even increase it if products are sought after by collectors.

Apple will sell surely many Watch Edition, but it is natural to think that between impulse buying to this smartwatch can reach new heights. From the point of view of rational if it makes little sense, for the majority of users, spending such high figures for a traditional mechanical clock which keeps time in the value of even less has the choice of one smartwatch that from the point of view of the technological content becomes obsolete in a couple of generations.

Apple Watch: for sale by April 24, but not initially in Italy updated: March 10, 2015 author: John Malkovich