AMD presents Radeon R9 300 at Computex

AMD presents Radeon R9 300 at Computex

Sources familiar with the plans of Advanced Micro Devices told reporters that the company will introduce a new family of graphics cards Radeon R9 300 series at Computex in early June. Initially, the company is expected to issue one or two new items in the first quarter of this year, but plans changed in January, and now have found the final form.

Two problems that AMD is trying to solve in the first half of 2015, are almost mutually exclusive. On the one hand, AMD is required to sell the inventory and warehouse stock of current products; on the other – to stop the decline in sales and a decrease in market share. If AMD has not released anything new, its share of the income and decrease. However, the presentation of new products will stop the sale of current solutions, graphic cards will remain in storage.

According to Asian sources, AMD originally planned to release at least one Radeon R9 300 series at CeBIT in early March. The latest AMD graphics solution should be based on the latest GPU companies and equipped with memory type HBM. It is expected that the new product will replace the Radeon R9 Series 290, showing the highest speed in today’s games, as well as unprecedented performance in ultra-high-definition resolutions: 4K (3840 × 2160, 4096 × 2160) or 5K (5120 × 2880).

Without a doubt, the launch of these graphics cards Radeon R9 in the light of the scandal with the specifications of GeForce GTX 970 would allow AMD seriously strengthen the position of taking away market share from NVIDIA. At the same time, it would violate the sales of all other products series Radeon R9, but because the company has decided not to announce a new high-end graphics cards this month. Specific reason why AMD prefers to postpone the development of new graphics processors on the market is unknown. It is logical to assume that the sales dynamics Radeon R9 280 and 290 series is not high, that expected for the first quarter.

AMD presents Radeon R9 300 at Computex

Currently, the top management of the company AMD has set the task to release a completely new family of graphics cards Radeon R9 300 for the exhibition Computex, in June. In the place of one – two new models, AMD plans to introduce a whole family, consisting mainly of the really new graphics solutions. However, this does not preclude the emergence renamed graphics cards in the new line shortly after the official launch.

Although the timing of the announcement of future AMD graphics cards is now more or less clear, is still unclear exactly how many truly new GPU is scheduled to release in June this year. According to unofficial data, we can expect two completely new GPU, as well as solutions based on the graphics chip Tonga. It is understood that as soon as AMD will approve the final characteristics of the flagship Radeon R9 300 series and will start mass production, the company plans to launch can be changed.

AMD does not comment on the plans and schedules the launch of new products. However, the company has indirectly confirmed on Technology Conference Morgan Stanley, that its new GPUs will be released by the end of the second quarter. Thus, their sales material impact on the developer GPU only in the second half. Apparently, AMD sees the second half of this year as the period of time when it will return the lost NVIDIA market share.

“We are confident that with the new product in the second half we will get back its market share, which today is very low compared to historical levels,” – said Devinder Kumar, Chief Financial Officer AMD, in an interview with analysts. “Our market share graphics cards should be much more than what we have now.”


AMD presents Radeon R9 300 at Computex updated: March 6, 2015 author: John Malkovich