Western Digital can acquire SanDisk

Western Digital can acquire SanDisk

Many analysts believe that in the near future the market SSDs will be re-divided, with nearly half, and the major share holders will be Western Digital and Seagate, that is currently producing only hard drives. According to experts, one of these companies in the near future can buy a company SanDisk, and this will be the beginning of processing.

Western Digital and Seagate actually be interested in entering the market for SSD, as these drives have begun to displace the market conventional HDD. Invent something from scratch, they will not, because it is too costly in terms of time, so the obvious way to take a place in the sun – is to buy one of the major players in the market. Why SanDisk? Because, according to analysts Bernstein Research, currently the company’s capitalization significantly below the real value of its assets, and while there is a situation, it would be the acquisition of a very, very profitable.

SanDisk offers minds, plants and a huge amount of developments in their field, and it’s all very useful Western Digital and Seagate. Note that not only these two companies can buy SanDisk. Interest in it already showing its competitors in the face of Micron and SK Hynix, which also do not mind to take over rival technologies and its market share. But while it’s all forecasts, and SanDisk has no plans to move under someone’s wing.

Source: bidnessetc

Western Digital can acquire SanDisk updated: April 9, 2015 author: John Malkovich