Video of the day: the immediate future of augmented reality CastAR


Almost two years after the first early demonstration of augmented reality glasses CastAR. Then it was a very crude prototype, assembled by hand (40 hours per device). After this, the developers have improved its product design, launched a successful campaign on Kickstarter mikroinvestirovaniya and recently began shipping the first production points.

Life CastAR started with a dream of two former employees of Valve – Jeri Ellsworth (Jeri Ellsworth) and Rick Johnson (Rick Johnson). They began work on the project in 2013. CastAR concept differs from Oculus or Google Glass that in this case we are not talking about a virtual and augmented reality. In fact the project resembles the recently announced Microsoft HoloLens.

Points are equipped with a pair of miniature projectors and the retroreflective screen used for image formation. Integrated camera tracks the position of the user’s head, so that the software can change the perspective 3D-realtime. The figure shows a video company as glasses CastAR may very soon be used in everyday life for planning development, video games, virtual desktop, and so on.

Some concepts seem realistic, but other cause except that smile. For example, it is unlikely in the foreseeable future, we can imagine an attractive first-person shooters in augmented reality. On Kickstarter asserts that all shown in the video demonstration will be available soon for download. But there is no guarantee that they will look just as good as on the CG-movie.

Video of the day: the immediate future of augmented reality CastAR updated: February 24, 2015 author: John Malkovich