Review of smartwatches RWatch M26S

Review of smartwatches RWatch M26S

Currently very popular smartwatches, working with operating systems Android and iOS. . Of course, they are functionally at times lose Apple Watch, but also have many common and desired functions.


Technical characteristics

  • Display: 1.4 inch, LED, 128×128 dpi
  • Chipset: MTK2501
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • Flash-memory: 24 MB
  • Bluetooth: Version v4.0
  • Languages: Arabic, English, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Hebrew and others.
  • Compatibility: iOS, Android
  • Battery: 230 mAh Li-Polymer
  • Dimensions: mm 45h55h10
  • Weight: 55 g


  • Watch
  • USB cable
  • Quick Reference Guide

Today’s review is dedicated gadget called RWatch M26S. This electronic clock with functions to synchronize data between the popular operating systems (except Windows Phone). Inside the machine there is a pedometer, stopwatch, alarm clock, monitor sleep. With the clock can control their posture. There is a remote control of the camera and telephone book, dialing, microphone and small speaker to output the speech interlocutor, and other sounds. For notifications M26S (exact model name – MHBRWM26S) vibration is embedded. In addition, the housing is protected under the standard IP57.

However, we must understand that this is not RWatch M26S – device or Android Wear Watch OS, but just a gadget sync notifications. To not look at the price of the whole text, pointing her right – $ 37.

Appearance and controls

For the device for 30 bucks watches look pretty good, at least in appearance can not be said that they are cheap and very simple. Of course, there is nothing original in design – everything is quite typical for such gadgets: large size, large screen, a thick strap and so on. Dimensions medium (45h55h10 mm), ie RWatch M26S a small hand look perfectly normal – not big, not small. In short, suitable for both men and women. By the way, the gadget is sold in three colors: black, white, and blue. We have a review of the black watch, in my opinion, too boring.

Review of smartwatches RWatch M26S

The housing is made of plastic, the top covered with a dark paint. On the surface it seems as if it is metal. But the clock is really the bottom metal material matte and rough to the touch, about how housing MacBook. Oddly, the hand does not sweat under the bottom of the gadget.

The strap is wide and very handy, because the locking mechanism on the hand of a simple and reliable. The surface is similar to the “soft touch”.On the one hand, it creates a pleasant feeling on the other – constantly having to wash and clean the various types of dust and dirt, including from skin particles. Practical, but not quite aesthetically pleasing. The total length of the strap – about 230 mm and the average thickness – 25 mm, fixation holes 9 pieces, metal clasp. Width, which is held on the watch strap – 28 mm. Inside inserted a metal pin with a spring mechanism at the ends. I advise you not to remove the strap as useless as set back will not be easy. I do not know why, but I fussed almost an hour until the fixed pin where you want.

During the operation a little scratched the case. Under the paint can see the black plastic. However, the screen remains scratch-free. He has a slight oleophobic coating, but the prints still remain, though erased easily. Incidentally, for $ 30 you get a sensor is not resistive type and capacitive (triggered by a light touch)!

In general, as the wrist unit RWatch M26S – lulu: comfortable, practical, not afraid of moisture and dust inside the arm does not sweat, do not strap squeezes the wrist.

Most of the front side of the screen takes a square shape measuring 25×25 mm. Beneath it are three touch buttons on Android-devices. The left is responsible for entry in the menu and confirm the operation, the central – call volume adjustment from 0 to 7 in steps of 1 (displaying the “-” and “+”) to the right – “Back” or cancel the operation (in the “main screen,” she attached serves as a disconnect device).

On the left side is the speaker, micro-USB connector, hidden under the rubber cover (easy to open and rigidly fixed), and a microphone. On the right side – a mechanical on / off button the device, a screen lock. She nearly drowned in the body, it has a mild course and lightly press. It is convenient to use: you know exactly what happened pressing.


In this model the screen diagonal is 1.4 inches (in M26 – 1.44 “, and M28 – 1.3”). The physical size of the display – 25×25 mm anti-reflective coating is missing.

The matrix is made of technology LCD-TN, resolution – 128×128 pixels per inch density – 129 PPI. Pixelation certainly noticeable.

Review of smartwatches RWatch M26S

When tilting away from you a little picture loses contrast, but for themselves – inverted. On the other hand, are not displayed color photographs or something like that, only the icons and labels.

Brightness weak (it is not regulated in the settings), in direct sunlight images are not seen in the shade, too, is not much better, and in cloudy weather is somehow more or less. Optimal artificial light: home, office, subway.

In general, the screen, to put it mildly, not very … summer RWatch M26S may be completely useless due to the fact that they can not see anything. Is that the sound and vibration will confirm notification. By the way, vibration felt good, he even heard.


In RWatch M26S Li-polymer battery capacity of 230 mAh. As an example, in Apple Watch a capacity of about 200 mAh in Moto 360 – 320 mAh in Asus ZenWatch – 370 mAh in the Sony SmartWatch 3 – 420 mAh in LG Watch Urban – 700 mAh.

If you use the clock only for notifications (roughly about 100 per day with occasional viewing time – about 50 times), the battery will sit down for 1.5 days. By including pedometer, stopwatch, monitor sleep and “posture”, get 1 night operation.

Once you enable calls over the clock, the battery begins to “melt” in the eyes – a maximum of an hour in this mode.

Charging the battery is also about an hour, which somehow compensates for short time working in certain modes of use hours.


It uses Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 2.0. Phonebook is loaded each time you access it. When connected to the PC clock is not visible in the system as a data store, only charge the battery. Perhaps there is a special software for flashing RWatch M26S, because they have a point, “Port COM».

The smartwatches RWatch M26S

The device operates on the chipset MTK2501, in 24 MB of internal memory and 32 MB of RAM.

To activate, press the power button and hold for a few seconds. When you start the melody will play, and after 5 seconds the clock ready to go.

There are three types of watches:

  • There are large arrows and numbers “12”, “3”, “6” and “9”, in the center – the day of the week, near triple – date. Background black and golden arrow.
  • Two options. The first – a huge clock on top, just below – the full date, even below – the button “Dialer”, “Pedometer” and «Bluetooth». The second – a large clock and complete date.

Always on top (like the notification bar) displays icons: notification of the envelope, pairing mode with the device, the work of Bluetooth and other applications, such as a pedometer (blinking icon); Right at the top – the battery in the form of icons, all four divisions.

Review of smartwatches RWatch M26S



  • Synchronization
  • Settings

Phone book. As I said, when referring to her base is loaded into the RAM of the device. Further, there is contact. In each of them, you can select “View” (name, phone) and “Set”. If you select the last item is used to call the subscriber. Be careful, if your phone has two sim-cards, then when you call the phone must be unlocked, as more necessary to select the desired simkarty, otherwise the clock does not process the command.

If you answer the phone, a voice will hear it from him, as if to hours, the source will be heard through the speaker RWatch M26S. The volume is not very high, but in a quiet room can hear clearly and legibly, you also hear the good, provided that you speak into the microphone accurately hours.However, the speaker still is making strange noises.

Dialling. It appears dialer. Quick call functions not. To send a call, you should click the left button below the screen.

Messages. Displays all incoming and outgoing messages. Cyrillic is present. Write message can not answer them too – no voice, no text.

Call Log (in Cyrillic gnarled this point is more like the word “Urn …”).

  • Missed
  • Outbox
  • Inbox
  • All calls

The number, date and time

Notifications. Here are stored all notifications received from your smartphone

Music. Select a device that stores music (in particular the synchronized smartphone). There are play / pause, forward and backward, song title.Adjust the volume of hours is impossible.

Camera. Choose a camera, front or rear. Showing that “sees” the camera at a given time. Tap on the screen makes the picture that is saved on your smartphone. A very handy feature to create a remote snapshot: put the phone to the desired location, moved and made the frame directly from the clock.


  • Time
  • Date
  • Time Format
  • Time backlight
  • About the clock and Annex

“Antipoterya.” It is a useless feature, since the loss of communication clocks will also be alert.

Saving energy. Unfortunately, it is not clear what exactly makes the device to save. The difference is not noticed.

Incoming calls. There are a few tunes notification, vibration and mute and vibration.

Monitor sleep. It indicates how much you slept in hours and minutes, how well and deeply. It works more or less stable and adequately. The same can be traced through the app on your smartphone.

Alarm Clock. Available 6 alarms.

Pedometer. The settings include your pitch in centimeters, weight in kilograms, selected units. Able to work in the background. The menu pedometer specified time, the number of steps, mileage and estimated calories burned. It seemed to me to function accurately, “stretching the truth” in the worst 20 percent.

Stopwatch. It does not need an introduction.

Language. There are Russian, English and other languages. Ukrainian and Belorussian not.

Find. After starting the application you will need to click on the screen to watch tried to find a smartphone. If the “Connect” is, smartphone makes a sound, it is true, it is so quiet that it is easier to find a phone.

Clock type. Described in the section above.

“Sedentary”. You specify a period of time, after which the watch inform you that you stood up and were like.


Despite the large number of different functions and decent appearance, the device is extremely buggy: very often breaks the connection, the action takes place, that you can not understand (eg, for no reason at all hours can vibrate), sometimes discharged data notifications and again have to install App SmartWatch, and it is itself unstable. Of course, there are positive aspects: a speakerphone, microphone, remote control camera and music, pedometer and so on. But to realize it’s all so pathetic that after a while it would be desirable to get rid of her watch once and for all 🙂

In general, you can take them only in order to understand about whether you need to be in the future more advanced electronic watch. However, if you do not even know the clock on or Android Wear Watch OS, the electronic gadgets such as RWatch M26S will seem even more goofy toys just for ridiculous money.


Review of smartwatches RWatch M26S updated: May 17, 2015 author: John Malkovich