Review of wireless mice Razer Orochi, Mamba and Ouroboros: in all cases the game of life

Review of wireless mice Razer Orochi, Mamba and Ouroboros: in all cases the game of life

Lineup gaming manipulators Razer currently has more than twenty representatives, intended not only for different game genres, but also for different operating conditions. Someone prefers to play on the road, someone requires universal mouse, which can be controlled both right and left-handed, well most of the people are willing to sacrifice a compact and symmetrical shape for maximum ergonomics.

Today we tested the model manipulators of different game lines Razer. Razer Orochi mouse designed for laptop owners. Model Razer Mamba – this is one of the most convenient manipulators with elaborate geometry. Well, Razer Ouroboros is almost the top of the design ideas – a symmetrical mouse variable geometry hull. All three mice could be considered a universal manipulators, equally suitable for both shutrov or RPG, and online gaming. But combines these models not only that, but more the fact that all three mouse can work as a wireless and a wired mode – on the user’s choice, and taking into account the current situation.


The / Model Razer Orochi 2013 Razer Mamba Razer Ouroboros
Interface Wired: USB
Wireless: Bluetooth 3.0
Wired: USB
Wired: USB
Sensor Optical Laser Optical Laser Optical Laser
Resolution, dpi (generation sensor) 6400 (4G) 5600 (3,5G) 8200 (4G)
Response time 1 ms / 1000 Hz 1 ms / 1000 Hz 1 ms / 1000 Hz
Speed ​​in cm / sec n / a 508 508
Acceleration, g n / a 50 50
Number of buttons 7 + scroll wheel 7 + scroll wheel 11 + scroll wheel
Nutrition Wired Mode: via USB
Wireless Mode: 2 × AA, 30 hours of battery life
Wired Mode: via USB
Wireless mode: Li-Ion 800 mAh battery, 12 hours of continuous operation, or 72 hours normal game
Wired Mode: via USB
Wireless mode: 1x AA, about 12 hours of continuous operation
Dimensions in mm 99 × 68 × 35 128 × 70 × 43 116-136 × 71 × 42
Weight, g 68 (without batteries) 108 (without battery) 129 (with battery) 115 (without battery) 135 (with battery)
Operating system Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 Mac OS X 10.6 and above Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 Mac OS X 10.6 and above Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 Mac OS X 10.6 and above
Warranty, months. 24 24 24

Scope of delivery

Supplied mouse Razer Orochi

The mouse comes in a small cardboard box, decorated in black and green brand colors. Inside, apart from the device was found following accessories:

  • Cable Micro USB ↔ USB;
  • two batteries AA form factor;
  • neoprene case;
  • printed matter, including how to get started in different languages;
  • logo stickers Razer.

Software to configure the mouse, as well as detailed user manual, need to be downloaded from the official site of the manufacturer. It is noteworthy that in the package is not Bluetooth-adapter. This mouse is designed to connect to a laptop with a built-in interface. We should also note the presence of the supplied original cover sewn specifically for this manipulator. The bag is made of neoprene, has a high quality zipper and buckle-rigid bulkhead inside the dividing mouse and USB-cable that fits easily with the mouse, despite the modest size of the cover.

Review of wireless mice Razer Orochi, Mamba and Ouroboros: in all cases the game of life

Appearance and ergonomics

The geometry of the body and really highlights the model Razer Orochi among other compact manipulators. Key buttons, which are in continuation of the mouse the upper body have concave surfaces for precise positioning of the fingers. Wheel between them wide enough to easily fit on your finger, and mouse buttons can be operated as two or three fingers. Wheeled hidden under a single button, and it has a very green lights around the edges. Right behind him in the narrow gap between the buttons, placed the red-green battery indicator, which informs the user of concurrent searching Bluetooth-source.Razer Orochi mouse is symmetrical to the subspecies, and therefore equally suitable for both right and left hand. The manipulator is small for the size of the usual game model, but apparently very different from their mobile office colleagues. The housing is made entirely of plastic rough to the touch, its structure strongly resembles a dense, but fleecy paper. Even its lower part is made not cheap, as usual, plastic, and of the same things that the rest of the body. Coupled with expressive body geometry gives it a mouse species is very expensive product class.

Razer Orochi: the battery compartmentAs well as the main key, the side surfaces at the Razer Orochi made concave, and their lower parts moving smoothly in a very narrow area, designed to stop large, as well as the ring finger or little finger, holding the mouse while moving. But in the upper portion on the side surfaces of the pair has a very narrow programmable buttons.

The upper part of the body made removable. Accurately enough to pry her for barely noticeable deepening of the company logo – and the cover can be easily separated from the main part. Inside there are two slots for batteries AA form factor. You can install conventional batteries and accumulators can be – as you like.

Slide the mouse over the four large enough PTFE lining glued to the edges of the bottom surface of the housing. In the central part of the eye laser sensor is placed, and next to him – a miniature switch on and off the power.

As for the USB-cable, he had Razer Orochi when necessary is connected to the correct port Micro USB type B, located under the scrolling wheel. Himself plug on cable has a very specific form, and therefore use the first available cable, alas, will not work. The supplied cable has meter length and quality soft synthetic braid. There is little doubt in his longevity.

Review of wireless mice Razer Orochi, Mamba and Ouroboros: in all cases the game of life

In general, the mouse makes a very good impression and, like other products Razer, has a very high quality materials and workmanship – its a pleasure to hold in your hands, it is pleasant to look at. You only find out how nice to work with her.

Working with manipulator

Mouse ‘out of the box “immediately ready for use, but to take advantage of all its features, you need to download from the manufacturer’s website and install Razer Synapse Configurator 2, which automatically checks for connected manipulators Razer and offer to customize them. We have repeatedly familiar with this application, when examined products Razer, therefore, to describe in detail his ability does not make sense.

All buttons Razer Orochi, with the exception of the main left key amenable to reprogramming. They can be assigned to the standard functions of a mouse, certain keyboard shortcuts, macros, change the setting of sensor sensitivity, profile switching, and other functions. All settings can be stored in separate profiles, which can be any number. Own memory in mice not, setting profiles can be stored in the cloud and always have access to them.

Not only can reconfigure the button, but the function scroll wheel, plus you can disable it if necessary illumination. Furthermore, the sensitivity of the sensor setup amenable along different axes within the range of 100 to 6400 dpi, and the polling frequency of acceleration, the value of which is chosen from the following series: 125, 500 and 1000 Hz.

To operate the mouse in wireless mode also does not require any additional drivers. To translate the interface Bluetooth-search mode is sufficient to simultaneously press and hold for five seconds, four side buttons. After that the manipulator can be found by regular means the OS or any search program.

According to usability Razer Orochi can hardly be compared with the full-size gaming mouse. Nevertheless, the manipulator arm is excellent. As with any other notebook mouse model Razer Orochi to keep your fingers rather than the entire brush. Palm remains with the back of the cabinet. Due to the rough surface of the body, pits and lands under the fingers of the mouse does not even try to slip out of his hands. There are no claims to the definition and keystrokes. Tactile feedback is a clear, well distinguishable snaps. The only thing that can prevent perfect gameplay – it’s too narrow and too similar to the extra buttons on the sides of the body. By working with them will have to get used to.

Review of wireless mice Razer Orochi, Mamba and Ouroboros: in all cases the game of life

The bottom line

In the compact model Razer Orochi takes into account almost all the requirements that typically apply to the full-length game pad. All of them can be written in the dignity of the mouse:

  • ability to work both wireless and a wired interface;
  • high-quality housing material with a pronounced roughness;
  • thought in terms of game design process;
  • symmetrical design;
  • the presence of additional gaming keys;
  • high resolution laser sensor;
  • extensive customization options, and programming;
  • convenient carrying case supplied.

The disadvantages are the lack of the supplied Bluetooth-adapter and charger, but for many users it will not be significant. Finally, we note that with the laptop model Razer Orochi may well be used as a universal manipulator, which is suitable for gaming, and office applications.

Review of wireless mice Razer Orochi, Mamba and Ouroboros: in all cases the game of life updated: February 12, 2015 author: John Malkovich