Review PSU Corsair RM1000

Review PSU Corsair RM1000

Power supply «Corsair RM1000» company Corsair enters the lineup «RM» series “enthusiast”. The devices in this series provide power from 450 to 1000 watts and feature removable cables. Although their labeling is not a characteristic feature in the form of the end of the «i», but all models support the proprietary technology «Corsair Link». Testing shows an older model family with impressive features – digital control, certification efficiency “80 PLUS Gold», quiet fan with a complete shutdown on low power loads.


The PSU is supplied in a carton impressive size (390h230h150 mm).

Decorated in blue-yellow scheme and, sorry, not very impressive.

The reverse side to match the front. After removal of the outer cardboard shell offers the following picture:

Review PSU Corsair RM1000

The power supply is well protected – it is surrounded by a thick layer of foam, when photographing the top cover has been removed. In this model, there is no traditional cloth bag, but a plastic bag saved that provides protection from moisture.Moreover, in the packing bag has a desiccant.

Scope of supply:

  • Power supply Corsair RM1000;
  • Set of modular cables;
  • European Network cable performance (230);
  • Fixing screws are black, 4 pcs;
  • Sticker with the logo of the company;
  • Set black tie;
  • User Manual;
  • Warranty card.

For high-quality product range of typical. The power supply provides only detachable cables, which provided a fair amount. All cables flat black. Moreover, the motherboard cable is not braided, and is composed of several strands (wide ribbon cable is divided into four portions along the conductors 6), while there are no fastener elements. If the cable is left “suspended” without stacking or consolidation, it will begin to disperse into separate loops. In other words, if the system case is not an advanced cable management system, the disorder is provided. However, the black insulating tape solves the case. Photos of cables is not given – they look perfectly normal.


Execution unit normal, a fan on the top cover.

Used for cooling fan size 140 mm with opaque blades. Seven blades themselves with poor turn – it can mean an increased level of performance and noise. The power supply fan is installed with opaque blades and any lighting available. The fan is typical of Corsair products and usually leaves only pleasant impressions.

As the top cover, reverse side of the device is made in the same style and no-nonsense:

The front wall of the BP:

The power supply has a beveled edge, as can be seen on the front view. Quite unusual, but any constructive dividends such performance is not.

The back side of the power supply:

On the left side is a digital interface support «Corsair Link». In some embodiments, power supply with the system «Corsair Link» additionally installed display device status and run the fan button, but in this PSU these accessories are missing. However sense in them a little, but because “it does not hurt much and wanted.” Right behind him, slightly to the right, there are six peripheral power connectors. In the upper right part of the BP placed two connectors connect the cable to the motherboard and all the rest – load connection “12” – a food processor and PCI-Express. The power supply has a single bus output of 12 volts without division into “virtual” channels, which allows you to connect a load in an arbitrary manner.

Review PSU Corsair RM1000


All power supply has standard overall and landing sizes specification ATX, except for the length. In this case, although the length of the BP and more usual, but still sufficiently loyal 180 mm.

Electrical characteristics.

All specifications are clear, nothing unexpected.

In the performance of the power supply cables are all removable:

  • MB + 20 4: 60 cm;
  • CPU 4 + 4: 65 cm, 2 pcs;
  • 4 SATA: 50 cm + 10 cm + 10 cm + 10 cm, 3 pieces;
  • 4 PATA: 45 cm + 10 cm + 10 cm + 10 cm, 3 pieces;
  • 2 PCI-Express 8 (6 + 2): 60 cm + 15 cm, 4 pcs;
  • Corsair Link cable connection to I2C, 80 cm;
  • Adapter PATA-FDD: 11 cm, 2 pcs.

All of the flat cables without braiding black.


Testing the power supply is performed on a specially designed stand using specialized test equipment brand. The research methodology is complemented by measuring the electrical characteristics of the noise level. The current version of evaluation of the level of noise produced by two identical microphones, one of which is located 7 cm from the fan grills at its center. The second sensor is placed at the exit of the lattice power supply outside the system case. All measurements are made with the lid closed, which helps to stabilize the thermal regime of the PSU and provide “typical” conditions of sound propagation in the system unit. The latter has a number of resonance frequencies and can significantly increase the real “noise” PSU. Without taking into account this fact, the measurement error noise is greatly distorted, reduction can be very significant. Testing the power supply is made at a temperature of the incoming air 40 (+/- 2) degrees, this corresponds to the “typical” working conditions of this type of devices in the system unit.


During testing, any specific features not found.

Corsair RM1000: SOFTWARE

The power supply is equipped with a digital control system, which can be used specialized interface «Corsair Link». The scope of the power supply cables are attached for connecting to a PC. Software package (Corsair Link Software 2.7.5361 09/30/2014) can be downloaded from

Using this interface, you can observe the level of voltage and load on each output of the power supply. It is also possible to adjust a number of parameters and characteristics of the device.

Review PSU Corsair RM1000

Study software works is beyond the scope of testing power supplies, and the experience of interaction with this program I already had, but because, dear reader, let me shift this burden on you.

Corsair RM1000: CONCLUSION

At first, a brief summary:

  • Packaging – good. I can not put “excellent”, is not caught “gray” gamma clearance;
  • Scope of delivery – good;
  • Appearance of the power supply, the quality of performance – good;
  • Execution fan – normal;
  • Cable economy – very good;
  • Mode on / off – well;
  • Load characteristics – excellent;
  • Integrated load characteristics – excellent;
  • Retention time of the network – the traditional failure;
  • Pulse load – “not really”;
  • Overcurrent – very good;
  • Resistance to interference in the network – “very good”, but comments on pulsations “3.3”;
  • Unstable network – “very good”, with comments on the APFC;
  • The efficiency of – the certificate of “80 PLUS Gold» confirmed;
  • Power factor – very good;
  • Standby power – very good;
  • Compatible with «Haswell» – normally, but without any warranty;
  • Noise levels – “very good”, with comments.

Now it is time to draw a conclusion on the device.

That is, a very good stabilization for static loads, but the dynamics of the results are not as good. There are cases of lack of performance feedback on the channel “12”. Unfortunately, this PSU, like most modern computer power supplies, failed the test on the retention time network.

The power supply unit is very quiet in operation, but recommend it to fans of silent systems can not I, BP will make a small strange sound.

Source: Corsair

Review PSU Corsair RM1000 updated: April 12, 2015 author: John Malkovich