Review network Storage Asustor AS-202TE

Review network Storage Asustor AS-202TE

Company Asustor appeared on the market relatively recently, but to date has managed to gain a lot of fans. Recall that it was founded in 2011 as a division of the infamous company Asus. Despite the fact that the market has a sufficiently large number of manufacturers of network drives, including a mid-market segment, the company Asustor successfully consolidated its position.Without further ado, Asustor immediately took up the issue of decisions on x86 processors Intel, which are expensive, but offer very high performance disk subsystem, as well as allow you to create a model with greater functionality. As you know, the one, albeit good, the hardware platform is not enough to create a quality NAS, so Asustor paid special attention to the development of related software and its subsequent support. Later, as the practice, engineers it was a success.

Who is in the range of network drives Asustor there are five product lines, which are aimed at different market segments. Between a model of one series mainly differ in the number of disks.We have previously considered two models from this manufacturer – Asustor AS-604T and 302T-Asustor AS , and now it is the turn of the model “budget” series – Asustor AS-202TE.

In this article, we will focus on network drive Asustor AS-202TE , which is one of the four NAS, classified by the class “for personal and home use.” The model considered allows permanently install two drives, which implies the ability to create on their basis of RAID 0 and RAID 1. There are also two USB 3.0 ports and two ports USB 2.0, which can be used to connect external drives, printers, and other peripherals. The maximum amount of disk space without connecting external drives can be up to 8 TB. As the hardware platform used by SoC Intel Atom CE5310, cores running at a clock frequency of 1.20 GHz. The drive has one Gigabit Ethernet interface, RAM 1 GB and an HDMI port for connecting a monitor or TV. Overall this is a good platform for a modern NAS, although it is worth noting that the Intel Atom CE5310 is the youngest in the line of SoC Intel Atom CE5300. Well, let’s see the NAS Asustor AS-202TE closer.

Table Of Contents

  • Supplied and appearance
  • The design and hardware specifications
  • Assembly and adjustment
  • The basic method of control and functionality
  • Testing Methodology
  • The results of the benchmark IOmeter
  • Results NAS Performance Toolkit
  • Data transfer via FTP
  • Imitation copy files
  • Findings

Asustor AS-202TE: Supplied and appearance

Network Storage Asustor AS-202TE comes in a small-sized cardboard box.

Packaging of cardboard painted black with a small gradient, and on its edges provides a wealth of supporting information. Here the user can find: technical specifications, screenshots software, imaging device, and a list of the main benefits and advantages of this drive. It is worth saying that the appearance of the box has changed since the release of the first models Asustor – it has become more informative and stylish.

If we talk about the complete model, everything is pretty standard for this class NAS. The package contains the drive itself, the power cord (IEC320 C13), external power supply, patch cord (cat-5e), warranty card with brief instructions and a set of screws for mounting drives form factor 2.5 “and 3.5”. With Asustor AS-202TE comes one CD-ROM, which is a utility for initial setup of the drive, additional software, electronic versions of manuals and firmware for the base series devices Asustor AS-2XXT (TE) and Asustor AS-3XXT.

The exterior of the drive does not differ from that seen in the models Asustor AS-604T and Asustor AS-302T. It is worth saying that all network drives tower companies Asustor have a single design registration, which varies slightly depending on the number of installed drives. By the way, the unification Asustor manifests itself not only in appearance but also present at the program level.For example, if the user has purchased a model with lots of drive bays, it can easily migrate an existing system to a network drive. Migration system is maintained across the entire spectrum of products submitted network storage Asustor. Thus, it can be argued that Asustor, introducing their products in uniform design standards, thus emphasizes the hardware capabilities of their devices.But we digress from the topic a little bit of this section and return to our hero.

Review network Storage Asustor AS-202TE

Appearance NAS Asustor AS-202TE emphasizes its belonging to high-performance devices – a classic example of minimalism combined with the style of Hi-tech. Most of the body is made from metal, painted in a dark color. The dimensions of the device are 163,5 × 108 × 230 mm, and weight – about 1.8 kg without drives installed. Large enough weight is explained fully metallic body and sturdy inner frame. Actually, looking at Asustor AS-202TE, we can say – made to last.

The front panel is made of matte dark plastic with a rough surface. Over two compartments for installation disc is a small empty space with a small hole, which hides the infrared sensor. We can not ignore that the difference between models in the series AS-2XX index TE, in addition to a variety of hardware platforms, not just in the presence of the IR sensor.

In addition, the front panel contains indicator of the network interface device, as well as indicators of the device, the power and activity of the front USB-ports. Power indicator button, turn on the system, and the indicator USB – a button that frames the USB-port and is responsible for the rapid transfer of information from a connected drive on the NAS. Possible options for display and explanation thereof are described in detail in the instructions for the initial installation, but we can only note that the front USB port supports the specification of USB 3.0.

Most of the space front panel takes the hard drive cage, which is located on the right side of the front panel. Cart involves the installation of two slides, securely holds the discs slide in SATA connectors inside the case. As casting latch mechanism uses a metal spring and slide made themselves very high quality.

The basis is a metal slide frame while the front part, where the retention mechanism is made of durable plastic. For each compartment on the sled has two LEDs indicating the activity and status of the inserted disc. In order to ensure air flow and ventilation in the front of the basket sled is equipped with a small lattice.

As befits all modern network storage, slide mount drives require two sizes – 2.5 and 3.5 inches.One can not but note the presence of a rubberized base at the point where disk with a metal frame sled. This design assumes a reduction in vibration and noise when working HDD. 3.5 inch disks are fixed to the side surfaces of the slide, while the lower storage format slide mounted on the base so Asustor AS-202TE equipped with two different types of screws.

Side panels, which are combined with the upper part of a whole, represent a cover of the NAS.Such a system can be seen in many inexpensive NAS. On one of the sides is placed a small grating surface which is essential for the inflow of air to the system board.

The lower part of the body, combined with the frame has four rubber feet for secure mounting on the table. There is also a sticker with model name and serial number.

On the back side of the body occupies most of the grille, behind which is a 70-mm fan placed at the top of the rear panel.

Review network Storage Asustor AS-202TE

This model uses a 4-pin fan FD127025HB of Yen Sun Tech. He is responsible for all components of the cooling network drive Asustor AS-202TE, because in addition to drive cage all the other important elements have only passive cooling. Maximum rotational speed of the fan is 5000 rev / min, and the default is automatically adjusted depending on the temperature of disks inside the basket. However, in the system settings, the user can set the speed and the other three options: low, medium and high.

Near the opening of the fan on the right side back side Asustor AS-202TE, is a connector mini-jack 3,5 mm headphone jack, and a port USB 3.0, colored blue. At the bottom are two ports USB 2.0, network port RJ-45 connector and HDMI. Small round power connector is on the bottom right point of the back, and next to it you can see a small hole for the lock kensington lock.

As the case of this model is made as compact and space for a built-in power supply he simply does not have the manufacturer equips its external switching power supply “noutbuchnogo” type. Power supply DPS-60PB A 60-watt produced Delta Electronics, has an output voltage of 12 V at 5 A

Asustor AS-202T: The design and hardware specifications

It is time to see how the model is arranged inside and what hardware platform is hiding behind the body NAS Asustor AS-202TE.

The mainboard of this model is set along a basket with hard drives in a vertical position. Its dismantling can be done on its own, but it deprives the manufacturer’s warranty. By the way, the removal of the top cover is permissible under warranty, but it is not the dismantling of the board.In this case, it can be noted that the user can replace the cooling fan, since he has a standard mount.

Review network Storage Asustor AS-202TE

The board is marked as AS-30XT (revision 1.4), has non-standard sample sizes, due to the housing network drive. On this board placed dual-core SoC Intel Atom CE5310, cores running at 1.2 GHz, which supports the instruction set x86. This processor architecture Berryville created on 32 nm process technology and supports most modern technologies (SSE 4.1, SpeedStep, Hyper-Threading). In contrast to the family of processors Intel Core, this model has no CPU support technology Turbo Boost, ie can not dynamically increase the frequency of the nuclei above 1.2 GHz.

SoC Intel Atom CE5310 has an integrated single-channel memory controller with support for standard memory DDR3-1066 / 1333/1600 and has L2 cache of 512 KB, divided between the two cores. In addition, there is a built-in graphics controller PowerVR SGX545. Intel Atom CE5310 has SATA-controller with two ports SATA, two lines PCI Express 2.0 and supports decoding of H.264. In general, judging by his performance, this processor should show better performance compared with the same Intel Atom processors of previous generations. According to the specifications, TDP of the SoC is only 10 watts, so the active cooling system, it does not need, it is enough small aluminum radiator with large intercostal space.

The board does not have a separate chipset, as most controllers are located inside the SoC Intel Atom CE5310. Near the processor has four memory chips Samsung K4B2G1646Q-BCK0 standard DDR3-1600. The total amount of memory is 1 GB. Due to the lack of individual slots for RAM, the system does not involve an increase. Separate memory chip 16 MB is used to set the firmware and boot the host operating system with a dedicated hard drive partition.

Gigabit Ethernet Controller drive Asustor AS-202TE is located on the back side of the motherboard.It is based on a separate single-port chip Realtek RTL8211E, which supports awakening Wake-On-LAN (WOL), auto-correction and the definition of the type of cable, as well as reducing power consumption in sleep mode.

Two USB ports support USB 3.0 specification meets the 2-port controller EJ188H production company EtronTech. Other available USB-ports are implemented using integrated in SoC Intel Atom CE5310 controller.

To connect the drive uses a separate specialized board, labeled as AS-302T (revision 1.2), on which there are only two SATA-connector connected to the SATA-controller integrated in the SoC.This card is installed in slot PCI-Express x4 on the main system board network drive.

Review network Storage Asustor AS-202TE

Asustor AS-202TE: Assembly and adjustment

Network Storage Asustor AS-202TE is delivered without pre-installed drives, so to work with it, you must first install it to your cart. Note that this model only supports installation of standard SATA-drives (SAS interface is not supported). This drive is compatible with most modern HDD- and SSD-drives, the volume of which can be up to 6 TB. Thus, the total amount of disk space for this model is 12 TB. The initial setting is carried out using the supplied software Asustor Control Center.

Included with the device attached Asustor Control Center utility to search the network drive and change its basic parameters.

Default Asustor AS-202TE receives the address issued from DHCP-server. When you configure the user to enter the default password (admin / admin). After completion of the definition of storage utility will automatically open the browser with the appropriate page, where it will be directly set the device itself.

Initially you need to make sure you have at least one drive in the bay Asustor AS-202TE and then the control panel will offer a choice: to download the latest software (firmware) from the manufacturer or specify a file on the disk of the computer that is tuned. Recall that the NAS Asustor AS-202TE comes bundled CD-ROM firmware. True its “relevance” in the Internet era and is often out NAS firmware updates for a very, very questionable.

Later in this menu the user will be prompted to install some typical settings such as IP-address and other network settings, date / time, type of array – RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD.

In the absence of drive booting from the internal memory, and after the deployment of ADM (Asustor DataMaster) on boot disk is already under way with a new special section. Testing NAS Asustor AS-202TE carried out with the latest available at the time of the review firmware version ADM 2.3.0.RD51. Firmware is updated frequently, so it makes sense to activate the automatic update feature, which will automatically install new updates as new versions. According to the command-line version of Linux, installed on this model has the following identifier: Linux AS-202TE-4C43 3.4.26 # 1 SMP PREEMPT.

Asustor AS-202TE: The basic method of control and functionality

Firmware ADM (Asustor DataMaster) is the same for all devices Asustor and differs only feature set depending on the hardware platform. However, as mentioned above, the operating system is the same for all devices. The style of decoration should be noted a marked resemblance Control Panel with mobile platforms iOS and Android. Asustor company provides an opportunity to familiarize with its opportunities on the official website in the mode of the demo version .

The control panel allows you to simulate multiple-environment in the browser that allows the user to open multiple windows simultaneously, switching between them and collapse the status bar.Additionally, a change in the appearance of the control panel – you can change the background and text color of the interface. At the same time, this configuration is available for every user of the system and their profile is formed separately.

In the present network drive diagnostic tool called Dr. problems Asustor. This utility is in its capabilities are very similar to the program assistant (Dr. Surf) in network routers company Asus.However, the possibility of Dr. Asustor very limited, and this tool only gives advice when problems occur and configuring the drive.

Network Storage Asustor AS-202TE has a very powerful system for creating backups of various network devices. It supports common network protocols and utilities, such as: NFS, FTP, CIFS, Rsync, Cloud, etc. There is also a convenient scheduler backups where the user can specify multiple tasks and save or send data over different protocols depending on the given time.

Since this model has a four-port USB, including two ports with support for USB 3.0, at Asustor AS-202TE is possible to connect not only the external USB-drives, and USB-printers and uninterruptible power supplies. UPS Supports work through common SNMP protocol over the LAN.It should be noted that the internal logical drives are always formatted with a file system EXT4, and for external storage supported by most modern file systems, such as: FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, EXT3 / 4, HFS +. Each section of the connected drive appears as a separate network resource, and the administrator can set access rights to him and his folders for individual users.

The basic version of the firmware Asustor AS-202TE, without additional modules installed, maintained a standard set of network services. For each of them can set their own settings and permissions. For example, FTP-server supports encryption, the active and passive modes, enable / disable UTF-8 encoding, passive range of ports, and the setting to limit the number of connections and data transfer speed. To remotely access and manage network storage via the command line has two standard service – SSH and SFTP. It is worth noting that access to them is provided only two superusers – admin and root. Command line is quite typical for systems Linux, although it has some limitations. Asustor AS-202TE supports the NFS, WebDAV, and iSCSI, though the latter is in the setup menu, Disk Management, for his work requires the allocation of a single logical drive. In addition there is a server AFP, which supports Apple Time Machine backups to create devices based on Mac OS X. It is also available to create your web server with support for MySQL database and PHP-5.

In the standard firmware there is a built in file manager that allows you to work with documents and files directly from the browser. In particular it provides for working with files and create links to share files. Probably the most popular of his main opportunity is to work with a network basket, because with it you can easily and quickly recover deleted files, unless of course she Network Recycle Bin is enabled in the settings of the NAS.

Drive Asustor AS-202TE has ample opportunities for setting up power saving modes. By default, the automatic control called ASUSTOR Energy Saver. If desired, the administrator can specify your own settings, such as the translation of disks in standby mode, the fan speed control and remote wake-up network using WoL (Wake on Lan). In addition, there is a separate setting enable support for the directive Energy Using Products Directive (EuP). This directive was adopted by the EU to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce energy consumption and other negative environmental impacts. Given the fact that the network drive Asustor AS-202TE and so consumes a small amount of energy, support this directive looks like a “purely for show.”

It should be noted that in Asustor AS-202TE also implemented the ability to work as a surveillance center. However, this option is only available when the optional package Surveillance Center.Without additional licenses available to the user to connect the four IP-based cameras, each of which is configured schedule recording modes, as well as access rights and sending notifications.View from the cameras can be carried out in all popular browsers, but requires the installation of special add-ons.

Asustor AS-202TE: Mobile tools

For all network drives Asustor, including Asustor AS-202TE, the company provides a free utility to manage and work with the device via smartphones and tablets (supported on iOS and Android). At the time of writing, users have the following utilities: AiDownload, AiData, AiMaster, AiRemote Control, AiMusic, AiFoto and AiSecure. The last two utilities from this list – AiFoto and AiSecure appeared relatively recently. If we talk about the functions that AiDownload used to manage file downloads. AiData focused on work with documents on a network drive, FTP-servers and cloud services such as DropBox and Google Drive. For the direct administration of the NAS is a utility AiMaster, while AiRemote Control is used to control the built-in modules that work with HDMI-connected with the ability to emulate and mouse navigation. AiMusic used for streaming music from the library of the NAS. The new application allows users to remotely AiFoto be managed by the content of the Photo Gallery, and post photos on social networks and automatically save by smartphone or tablet photos on a network drive. AiSecure application designed to work with Surveillance Center, that is, with CCTV to IP-based cameras.

Asustor AS-202TE: Additional features and empowerment

This model supports the installation of additional modules via a special package manager App Central with an existing application directory. There is a division in the official packages Asustor and custom. Official packages from Asustor can be classified as additional modules official firmware, disabled in the standard firmware for increased performance. The number of available packages for installation is constantly growing. Among them you can find not only traditional NAS applications and services, and, for example, the development environment Mono, bug tracking system, office suite or a system of customer relationship management. The choice is quite large, so we can say that the network drive Asustor suitable for both home and corporate use. Modules and applications can have a separate management interface, custom settings, or integrated into an existing ecosystem Asustor ADM – control panel and start the login page. Modular system to install additional software allows more carefully select the components needed for operation.

It is worth saying that the setup package manager App Central is only available after registration network drive manufacturer’s website. To do this, fill out the form and get a personal Asustor ID (very similar to the Apple ID, is not it?).

It is worth noting that the devices Series AS-20XTE, including the hero of our review can serve as a powerful Media Centers thanks to the HDMI port and the infrared receiver that is used when working with the application XBMC. This application is downloaded from the App Central, you need to play multimedia content that is stored on a network drive. The user will only have to connect the device to your monitor or TV with port HDMI. An added bonus are remote remote control Asustor, which must be purchased separately. It also supports application installation XBMCRemote user’s mobile device. In our last article dedicated Asustor AS-302T , we analyzed this possibility. In addition, network storage Asustor AS-202TE server allows you to organize iTunes, Boxee, UPnP Media Server, Plex Media Server and DLNA.

In general, the software combines fast and clear control panel with a sophisticated user interface, which at first glance may seem a little uncomfortable, but then it can be quickly get used to.Evaluate all the features of this model is difficult, due to the fact that they are not limited to the basic version of the software. Installation of optional modules and applications allow the user to configure the network storage solutions for different range of applications. So now look at the test results.

Review network Storage Asustor AS-202TE

Testing Methodology

Drive Asustor AS-202TE we tested on the methodology described in the article on Thecus N7710-G, so we will not repeat. As considered in this article NAS Asustor AS-202TE has only two drive bays, it has been tested in the two most common modes RAID – RAID 0 and RAID 1.

For testing, we used two disks Seagate ST2000VN000 series Seagate NAS HDD 2TB each.

Recall that this series of drives is designed to work in different systems with RAID arrays. Also note that on the network storage during the test mode write cache data have been disabled.

Asustor AS-202TE: Performance

The graph below (except test IOmeter), transfer rate (MB / sec) is displayed on the abscissa. For benchmark results IOmeter, data transfer rate (MB / s) displayed on the y-axis.


In conclusion it should be noted that the network drive Asustor AS-202TE almost as good as the more expensive models Asustor line AS-3XXT. Of course, to achieve impressive speeds, this model will not work for objective reasons, but compared with the decisions of ARM-based processors, this model clearly has advantages. SoC Intel Atom CE5310 in sequential read and write allows for data transfer rates close to the maximum in the mode of RAID 0. If you created a RAID 1 performance Intel Atom CE5310 is not enough, so in this mode the speed is much lower. However, the two-disk NAS rarely have high productivity, because they are primarily designed to create a home library files instead of connecting the mass of different clients or storage of virtual machine images.

With regard to a variety of additional features and functions, this model is very attractive and offers the user a variety of options to create their own “unique” network center. Via the package manager and install additional modules can significantly extend the functions of a network drive and turn it into a variety of services for the loading and maintenance of files, including their own cloud database server, media center or web-server. In this model, are present two USB 3.0 ports for connecting high-speed storage and an HDMI port to create on the basis of a full-fledged NAS media player. Software Asustor, which is the same for the entire line of devices has a very rich set of features. It provides the user with the whole range of opportunities to create a home library files with protection from loss in case of failure of one drive. Additional USB ports allow not only to connect to this model external drives, but also to make networked storage center networking capabilities – print and data protection. Overall Asustor AS-202TE, and all models of network storage company Asustor, stand out against the other models on the market. Alas, extensive software and a good hardware platform significantly affect the price of the device, so you can not say that this model has a very attractive price.


Review network Storage Asustor AS-202TE updated: February 20, 2015 author: John Malkovich