Review and test Wireless router Asus RT-N11P

Review and test Wireless router Asus RT-N11P

The hero of this article so far managed to avoid such confusion. Asus RT-N11P there at the moment in one configuration, and that it will be tested in this article. The device is positioned in the mass segment – it has a wire ports 100 Mbit / s and the single-band access point with the maximum connection speed of 300 Mbit / s. Given that the software manufacturer unified in many ways for most models, and we can expect high speed and wide (for this segment) feature set. In addition, the device supports interesting alternative firmware versions that may be useful to a particular category of users.

Asus RT-N11P: Scope of delivery

The router comes in a standard cardboard box of small size. It is decorated in dark colors and is fully localized. On the packaging there are photos, key features, detailed technical specifications and other useful information.

The package also traditional for the budget segment – router, switch-mode power supply 12 V 0.5 A single patch cord black, warranty card and very brief instructions on the Quick Start.

The warranty period for the device is three years.

Asus RT-N11P: Appearance

Most on the appearance model is similar to the younger brother of top-end devices, the resulting reduction in size in half and removing a single antenna. Overall dimensions are 146 × 111 × 34 mm without antenna.

Review and test Wireless router Asus RT-N11P

The body is made of black matte plastic. At the bottom are four rubber feet. Furthermore, there are holes for mounting on a wall in one of two positions – the up or right antennas.

The front side has a recognizable “diamond” design of the front panel and strip to the “rough grinding” at the top. In the lower left corner is a block of four LEDs.

They do not irritate the unnecessary flashing (this has been the only indicator Wi-Fi), but have a standard round, green and look rather sad compared to clearance in older models.

At sides and bottom are ventilation grates. Observations to temperature conditions, even when a high load was not.

Behind we see two non-removable antenna, five network ports without built-in indicators, input power supply to the switch, and press WPS / Reset. Located all tight enough, but for this class of models is forgivable.

The quality of manufacture of the device no comments. Manufacturer keeps it at a height and low-end models. Design anything special is not allocated, but it is practical and convenient for this segment.

Asus RT-N11P: Hardware Configuration

The router is based on the chip Mediatek – MT7620N revision 0206. This family is today one of the most popular choices in the budget segment. Frequency of the computational core – 580 MHz (in an alternate version of firmware used by the frequency of 600 MHz, which is also the standard for RAM). The radio supporting 802.11n 2.4 GHz with a maximum connection speed of 300 Mbit / s, incorporated in the main processor. It is also a five-port switch, and 100 Mbit / s. The amount of RAM is 32 MB SDRAM, flash is set to 8 MB of flash memory. Formally similar models more common version with 64 MB of RAM, but the absence of the user USB ports and related services, which are intensively consume this resource, you can use less.

Review and test Wireless router Asus RT-N11P

Radiators on chips no antenna cable soldered to the board, there is space for the console terminal.

In general, it is clear that the manufacturer tried to optimize the cost model without compromising its performance. For example, there are only four LEDs (one of them, indicates that supply is not controlled by software), combined WPS button and reset, four-terminal network connectors.

Basic Testing conducted router firmware In addition, we tested the alternative with the firmware version, which will be described below.

Asus RT-N11P: Setting and opportunities

Staffing software router is similar to the previously discussed models except for the lack of USB ports and the corresponding functions. Designed for a long time the design and organization of the web interface were, according to the manufacturer, so successful that the company change in them something quite rare.

Let us briefly examine the possibility of the firmware of the router. On the “Network Map” General information about the current status of the router and clients.

To connect to the internet modes are supported IPoE, PPPoE, PPTP and L2TP. It is possible to access the network operator with a server access provider.

Review and test Wireless router Asus RT-N11P

A built-in client DDNS, including the work with its own service Asus, NAT Passthrough for some protocols, IPv6 implementation in several modes. To access the local services use DMZ, UPnP and Installation own translation rules ports. The router supports IPTV services using multicast, the release of the console port and tagged traffic. There is also a built-UDP-proxy service.

Configure the local network segment traditional – you can change the home address of the router, configure a range of addresses server DHCP, the address book for customers to add their own entries in the routing table.

Built-in wireless access point supports advanced security technologies including WPA / WPA2 password and server RADIUS, has adjustable power output can be switched according to the schedule (one time range on weekdays and one weekend).

Also have a page set up additional parameters, filter MAC-addresses, the WPS and WDS. A user may have up to three guest networks with their own names and options of protection.

The router is equipped with a firewall and protection module DoS. In the present first filter URL-addresses, keywords and references services. The latter can work on a schedule, and the rules specified addresses and source and destination port.

The “Parental Control” allows you to select for each customer while using the Internet for a week up to an hour.

Since firmware unified, implement VPN services was easy. PPTP server and client with support for PPTP and L2TP can be useful for secure remote access to network resources.

Less interesting, in our opinion, the use of traffic control system, because the device belongs to the budget class and active QoS and high load, the overall speed Internet access can significantly decrease.

Diagnostic tools presented utilities ping, traceroute, nslookup and netstat. In this section, the user can use the WOL to power clients on the LAN.

System Option not differ anything original – to change the administrator password, the work with the configuration, firmware upgrade, the clock setting. Recall that the manufacturer provides access to the console router protocol telnet. Although in this case, in the absence of port USB, it is not very important.

Asus solutions have ample opportunity to monitor work – besides the usual system log, you can view a list of wireless clients, as well as a table of addresses server DHCP, routing, broadcast ports and current sessions NAT.

Review and test Wireless router Asus RT-N11P

Asus RT-N11P: Alternative firmware

Using the platform MediaTek allowed to transfer to the device in an alternate firmware created by our compatriot . The lack of USB ports on this model, of course, reduces the ability to expand the feature set of the router, but some useful services have been implemented due to non-standard solutions developer. It should be understood that for the masses, many of them will be uninteresting and difficult.

However, code optimization and correction of errors, of course, will be useful to everyone.Unfortunately, not all problems can be solved by the new firmware. In particular, incorrect initialization of a network switch in the loader leads to a connection for a while all wired clients of the router to the network operator at the time the device is rebooted. To remedy this situation, you can update the boot loader in the router shown in the above project site version.

Recall that we have already tried this software in a test model Asus RT-N65U . In addition, a lot of information presented in a forum thread dedicated to this product. Therefore, here we describe only the basic features of the product for the RT-N11P. For the test version, upgrade to that (and return to full-time firmware) can be a standard way via the web interface.The following description refers specifically to this modification.

Appearance of the interface design is markedly different from the original firmware. However, still the most important optimization fixes and enhancements are built-in software modules.

There are Russian and English versions, has built-in help and tagging on the default settings. On the home page provides additional information on the router, in particular performance CPU and RAM, there are cross-references to other pages for quick access to popular options.

Like the original version, but here you can find the server and client VPN. At the same time they support just three minutes – PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN.

Malovostrebovannuyu traffic management system (QoS) author rule, but left a useful function for speed monitoring interfaces. Charts are also provided for the CPU and RAM, which can be useful for the analysis of the device under load.

Wireless access point, in addition to the basic setup is to work on a schedule, filter MAC-addresses, the choice of transmitter power and the number of threads, as well as several specialized parameters and modes.

Organization allowed guest access points with their own security settings and limiting access to the main LAN segment. Also there is a useful ability to specify a fixed connection speed clients that allows for “free” in terms of growth CPU limit the speed of their work.

In the setting of the local network segment adds the ability to boost speeds wired ports, disabling 802.3az (Energy Efficient Ethernet, off can help improve the quality of the connection on some lines), extended range of options and functions of the DHCP server to work with IPTV (in particular uses hardware technology IGMP / MLD snooping, which allows more efficient to handle the traffic on the wired multicast ports).

To connect to the internet there are modes IPoE, PPPoE, PPTP and L2TP, as well as some special options for providers. Implemented for various types of protocol IPv6.

Built-in DDNS client received the support of nearly two dozen services. To access the local segment present DMZ, UPnP, NAT-PMP and PCP, and manual adjustment of translation rules ports.It is possible to pass traffic through the VPN-NAT and several ALG.

In the firewall settings are present page for blocking URL, MAC-addresses and programming policy segments LAN / WAN with the address and port systems. In all lists, you can use the schedule of their work.

In the system options than the standard set with a password, configuration, firmware and the time it is possible to change the port number of the web-based interface, enabling access to the console by telnet and ssh, direct access to the console to run interactive commands and other features.

In the “Personalization”, the user can change the action button WPS / Reset. For short and long press, you can assign control LEDs on the body, a wireless access point, Internet connectivity and other features.

In addition, there is a service of determining the status of the Internet connection using the external host and the ability to run custom scripts when certain events occur.

Provides control of the status of all interfaces, including viewing the wireless clients and their parameters.

As with the original firmware, except syslog server table have DHCP, broadcast port, routing, and the current connections. Supports work with the server Syslog.

Asus RT-N11P: Performance

The model under consideration is positioned in a massive budget segment. So that a set of basic requirements fairly simple – a stable operation with Internet access at speeds up to 100 Mbit / s and wireless network service for smartphones and tablets.

Both versions of the firmware are compatible with the “Beeline Internet” when connecting protocol L2TP. Communication stable, to speed no comments. Load a p2p client also quite capable router, while providing high-speed performance at 10.8 MB / s. But in this case it is highly desirable to set in the program settings restrictions on speed and the number of connections, or it can take the entire Internet channel and all the resources of the router, so take advantage of other services will be uncomfortable. However, it is quite acceptable behavior for a device of this class. A similar remark applies to the simultaneous viewing with downloading files via IPTV multicast broadcast – without any restrictions for p2p-client picture can sometimes “fall apart.” At a reasonable load on the router to view telecasts, including the Wi-Fi, no complaints.

Testing was also conducted on the stand with the two above-described firmware – standard and alternative. So in this material graphs more. In the first couple of shows the results of the speed routing modes IPoE, PPPoE, PPTP and L2TP when working with one / two streams and sixteen threads.

Since we are already familiar with this hardware platform, and the quality Asus firmware we know, good results are not surprising. As for the alternative version, it performs better the original, which is especially noticeable in the full-duplex tests with PPTP and L2TP.

Both firmware can provide work with a network provider with VPN-connections. To work in this scenario is to them no comments.

Built-in VPN server with PPTP protocol we checked with all the options to connect to the Internet and without encryption modes and MPPE128. In the graphs are averaged over the three scenarios (reception, transmission and full-duplex in four streams in each case) indicators.

First of all, pay attention to the significantly higher results in this test alternative firmware. So if some of your tasks is the realization of remote access to your home network, the recommendation is to use an alternate version of the firmware is quite justified.

To test the speed of the wireless access point to use an adapter TP-Link TL-WDN4800 (802.11n, up to 450 Mbit / s). Tests were carried out in one / two flow streams and eight. The router was configured for maximum performance with WPA2-PSK AES and wide channel. Tested three variants of placing the wireless client: four meters line of sight, four meters behind one wall and eight meters of the two walls.

Before commenting on the results, we recall once again that today wireless communication in the 2.4 GHz band in an urban environment can be quite unpredictable because of the large number of networks and other interference. So treat these specifications need to be very careful.

As we can see, the whole show in the test firmware similar results. As for the absolute values ​​of the velocities, they are consistent with the hardware configuration of the router.

Asus RT-N11P: Conclusion

Of course, the attention of a large company like Asus, the mass segment is welcome. The router RT-N11P, despite some obvious signs of the economy, has a good design, high quality manufacturing, it meets the manufacturer’s name, an expanded set of features and decent performance.

Using the platform MediaTek allowed in tests routing to reach almost the maximum for a given hardware configuration parameters. So that the router can be recommended to users of any tariff plans with speeds up to 100 Mbit / s or less.

Of the additional capabilities of the device, we note support IPTV, guest wireless networks, as well as the presence of the VPN server, and parental controls.

Adds attractiveness of the model and the possibility of an alternative version of the software.Despite the lack of port USB, which is usually associated with a variety of additional services, a list of differences from the standard firmware is significant, and many of them are very interesting and useful. Thus in terms of speed, such a replacement also has the advantage in certain scenarios.

Review and test Wireless router Asus RT-N11P updated: February 20, 2015 author: John Malkovich