Review monitor Dell UltraSharp UP3124Q: professional or amateur?

Review monitor Dell UltraSharp UP3124Q: professional or amateur?

Virtually all manufacturers of monitors have a professional model. As conceived by the creators they should appeal to those who make their living photography, video, design or any other case in which the monitor without the steep – anywhere.

That’s just in practice such monitors are very different from each other. The fact that a single standard “professional monitor” does not exist, so each manufacturer installs it for themselves. Some believe that the assignment’s stripes “monitor for professionals” need only expanded color to cover the range of Adobe RGB. Others believe that this is not enough and that a pro-monitor should be extensive (sometimes even the immensity) menu with lots of options, the low value of the color error of Delta E, portrait mode, a lot of video inputs and USB-hub (the most fashionable – with USB 3.0) .

In some cases, the manufacturer responsible approach to calibrating the monitor. During the production of such a procedure can take up to 15 minutes and is a very large time period, because of the display Line assembly takes about as much time, if not less. Finally, the most advanced make a truly uniform illumination matrix, give users access to the LUT and even put in a box with a monitor calibrator company (for example, one or another modification colorimeter X-Rite i1Display Pro).

Our experimental, Dell UltraSharp UP3124Q, meets several of the criteria given above. The manufacturer promises a uniform illumination of the matrix, extended color gamut and low value of the average Delta E (less than two units), and of what can be identified without calibration, mention should be 10-bit matrix, access to the LUT and a proprietary tool for calibration from Dell. Alas, colorimeter bundled with a monitor and never will be, but, according to Dell, calibration using proprietary software suitable colorimeter X-Rite i1Display Pro, which is just used in a test lab 3DNews.

Dell UltraSharp UP3124Q: Specifications

Dell UltraSharp UP3214Q
Diagonal inches 31.5
Aspect Ratio 16: 9
Coating Matrix Matt
Standard resolution, pix. 3840 × 2160
PPI 140
Image Options
Type of matrix IPS (IGZO)
Stated gamut sRGB: 100%
Adobe RGB: 99%
Backlight Type LED
Max. Brightness, cd / m 2 350
Contrast the static 1000: 1
Display Color 1 047 000 000 000
Horizontal refresh rate, kHz 30-140
Vertical refresh rate in Hz 24-75
Response time BtW, ms ND
Response time GtG, ms 8
The maximum viewing angles
horizontal / vertical, °
Video Inputs 1 × DisplayPort (V. 1.2)
1 × Mini DisplayPort
1 × HDMI;
Video Outputs N / A
Additional Ports 4 × USB 3.0;
1 × USB 3.0 Type B;
Built-in speakers: number × power, W No
Physical parameters
Screen position adjustment Tilt angle
VESA-mount: Dimensions (mm) 100 × 100 mm
Fixing the Kensington Yes I Am
Power supply unit Built-in
Max. power consumption
in work / standby (W)
170 / 1.2
Overall dimensions
(With stand) W × H × D, mm
749,9 × 482,6-572,4 × 214
Overall dimensions
(Without stand) W × H × D, mm
749,9 × 444,6 × 51,5
Net Weight (with stand), kg 12.2
Net Weight (without stand), kg 9.2
Warranty period 3 years

Dell UltraSharp UP3124Q diagonal is 31.5 inches, which in combination with a resolution 3840h2160 PPI gives about 140 dpi. This means that for a comfortable work for this monitor will have to include scaling in Windows. However, a similar one can guess without calculating PPI – simply connect the monitor to a running PC and see how small is the text on the screen, despite the huge size.

Screen brightness, judging by the specifications of 350 cd / m 2, which is not bad. Static promise contrast at 1000: 1, and the response time measured by the method manufacturer Gray To Gray, is 8 ms. About backlighting is known only that she LED. However, if we take into account the high maximum power consumption of 170 watts, it can be assumed that the light from the monitor does not end, like most of its competitors, and consists of an array of LEDs that covers the entire screen area.

Review monitor Dell UltraSharp UP3124Q: professional or amateur?

Know the exact model of the matrix, we could not – all attempts to enter the service menu did not lead to positive results. But we know that we are dealing with an array of family IPS on the substrate IGZO. Display Color of 1 billion, which means that the monitor uses 10-bit matrix. That’s just about the fair is 10-bit or an 8-bit, supplemented by technology FRC, a manufacturer on its website is not reported.

Price from Dell UltraSharp UP3124Q truly professional. Prior to the sharp rise in the dollar this monitor cost about 116 000 rubles, and now it can be found as 140 and 180 thousand rubles – it will depend on the date of the search and store.

Dell UltraSharp UP3124Q: Appearance

Design the monitor turned minimalist, and it could be called beautiful, if not for one amazing moment: the scope of the monitor screen is not straight. It looks as if our objective was “pillow” aberration – is applied on top of the rail line and see that it is closer to the middle of the loosely fitted to the frame of the monitor: that slightly concave. Not that it hurt much, but look a little strange bent frame.

Review monitor Dell UltraSharp UP3124Q: professional or amateur?

We do not say nothing about minimalism in the previous paragraph. The front panel of the monitor only the manufacturer’s logo, Mechanical Power button and touch keys that do not provide any explanatory icons.

On the sides of the Dell UltraSharp UP3124Q order reigns: in addition to the slot card reader (SD / MMC / MS Duo / MS Pro HG), on the left side of the monitor is nothing.

On the rear panel of this cooler is almost all done by the classical canons. At the top of the logo, and under it – Mount VESA 100 × 100, closed leg stand. More below – all ports and connectors. This picture strict global order violates only one single connector USB 3.0, which is the right of the port group. Although it would be nice if the manufacturer has placed it next to the card reader slot on the left pane.

Review monitor Dell UltraSharp UP3124Q: professional or amateur?

Set videorazёmov at Dell UltraSharp UP3124Q good: DisplayPort (version 1.2) Mini DisplayPort and HDMI 1.4. If you use the last port is worth remembering that the refresh rate 4K images will be only 30 Hz, and the use of DisplayPort connectors it will be twice as high.

Included with the monitor goes blank plastic cover that helps to gather the cables connected to the monitor into a neat bundle of – look only benefit from this.

Review monitor Dell UltraSharp UP3124Q: professional or amateur?

Stand in the display too simple. It is equipped with a lifting mechanism by which the monitor can be raised to a height of 90 mm. It also allows you to rotate the screen in a horizontal plane. On the table, the monitor is not good and confident thanks to the wide leg.

Screen Dell UltraSharp UP3124Q not able to be rotated to portrait mode, which may upset some potential owners of this monitor. But it can be tilted in the range of -5,5 ° to + 22 °.

Review monitor Dell UltraSharp UP3124Q: professional or amateur?

 Options at Dell UltraSharp UP3124Q not rich. In the box to the monitor are power cables and USB 3.0 (for PC). In our test lab got the monitor without cable Mini DP, but, according to Russian-language instruction, it must be enclosed.

Review monitor Dell UltraSharp UP3124Q: professional or amateur? updated: February 5, 2015 author: John Malkovich