Gaming Monitor Dell S2716DG. What Peculiarities It Has?

Dell Company is initially known as a manufacturer of qualitative image monitors for home and office, however a list of its production is not limited by only one line UltraSharp. So, Dell has a gaming and S-line, where the new 27-inch model with maintenance for NVIDIA G-Sync was recently presented.



Frankly speaking, the monitor does not look like “gaming” – Dell does not vary its traditions and uses stringent style in almost all of its models, comprising the S2716DG. The only ” condescension”, which we detect here – luster on the side parts and the back panel, which Dell commonly does not overuse; otherwise we behold a sufficiently traditional styling, with black plastic for styling the screen and gray ” underneath the metal” – in the pedestal. The monitor employs a “bezel-less” styling, in which the offline screen looks sleek monolithic exteriority bordered by a subtle lateral region. It is notable that even post switching-on the frame round the image turns out to be relatively thin – about 7 mm.


Design of stand in line in 2016 was significantly changed – there is not some special differences from what we have seen in previous models, and it seems that the main purpose was just upgrading of external look and precise visual distinction from the models of previous years. As usually, the stand allows you to adjust the screen position with height, turn it on left and right, to very tilt angle, and convert it into effigial mode.

The connectors are located in a special recess in the bottom of the rear panel and are oriented downward – thus, the connected cables will not interfere in case of mounting the display on the wall. Here you can find the DisplayPort, HDMI, audio output to headphones and USB-hub with two ports USB 3.0 (2 of the same port and an additional headphone output are on the left side face, which makes them very convenient for frequent compound of peripheral devices).




The hardware-controlled buttons situated on the bottom of the right side of the monitor. It is employed for controlling the monitor. The indicator of activity is located in the start button, and makes it easier visibility. There is no guide-marks on the fore panel opposite the buttons, therefore the users will grope their blindfold. Pressing any of the buttons induces the quick menu with two programmable items and call of  the main menu.

Settings in the menu quite a bit. Here we see brightness / contrast adjustment, manual switching between video outputs, selecting color mode, overdrive switching and ULMB function, management of imbedded speaker systems, basic settings of on-screen menu, assigning functions on programmable keys and dropping all options to factory settings. As you can see, there is not even a pre-determined video modes, say nothing of sophisticated settings like gamma selection.



27-inch panel production AU Optronics (M270DTN01.5) is employed for the Dell S2716DG. This panel are made by TN + Film technology and it has a traditional aspect ratio of 16: 9 and native resolution 2560х1440 pixels.

The monitor has the ability to activate the overdrive – without it the plume of moving objects is minimal and the user completely can do well without it.

This model uses the traditional matte coating of screen, which completely excludes the appearance of parasitic glare and unwanted reflections, but it creates a significant “crystal effect”. Dell S2716DG not employing PDM for adjustment the brightness – it hasn’t backlight flickering. So, at least one reason is annulled for additional eyes fatigue during prolonged work at the computer.

The viewing angles are quite good for TN-monitor – at least in the normal position of the user on the computer typical problems of these matrices are not observed. Viewing from the side you see strong decrease of contrast and brightness, and noticeable yellowish tint appears on the image. However, compared to other TN-displays this model looks rather good.


Minimum brightness in this monitor is quite low – only 30 cd / m², this is quite enough for comfortable work (or play) with minimal ambient light or even in complete darkness. Maximum brightness (average of measurement results in 35 points on the screen) was 260 cd / m² – this is an average result, which enough for working in conditions of normal ambient light, both at home and in the office.


Dell S2716DG – «classic” gaming monitor with the fast TN-matrix, with frequency of screen renovation up to 144 Hz, and with maintenance of adaptive frequency NVIDIA G-Sync. Resolution of 2560х1440 points on the 27 inches diagonal gives good, “dense” image, where individual pixels with a typical distance from the monitor are no longer apparent. Image quality – more than adequate for its task, and even the viewing angles are good enough – we can say that by this parameter the Dell S2716DG is  obviously “above average” among other TN-matrix models. Perhaps the only drawback, which you can find like some fault – is the high cost.

Gaming Monitor Dell S2716DG. What Peculiarities It Has? updated: May 23, 2016 author: Darina