Review computer case IN WIN D-Frame Mini

Review computer case IN WIN D-Frame Mini

Following the released late last year, Full-Tower-giant IN WIN D-Frame released the second body using the same ideas, but in a form factor Mini-ITX. And, unlike his oversized relative, the new model, which received the name of a regular D-Frame Mini, the user is ready to go, rather than as a set of self-assembly.

If you somehow missed the so interesting solutions briefly introduce you the ropes. The housing consists of aluminum tubes securely fastened precision welding. This frame is attached a thick plate of the same winged metal, which with the help of the achievements of modern metallohirurgii in the right places cut the desired holes. Further, without changing the selected material, the manufacturer adds the frame and mount to hold the most powerful components, because the other way here ordered. Finally, the structure is crowned two sheets of tempered glass, which play the role of the side walls.

Unconventional appearance and quality of the raw materials do not cause problems. It turns out that we can only estimate the body in terms of ease of assembly and use? And here and there! Like all of our guinea, D-Frame Mini will be studied along and across without any discounts for uniqueness.

Delivery of cargo, which included elements are made of tempered glass – troublesome. Do not remind time the fragility of the contents – down the drain. Fortunately for the body and unfortunately for us, the shipping company has provided prudently box set of warning labels.

Review computer case IN WIN D-Frame Mini

Why unfortunately? Agitmaterialy for longshoremen so stick with packing D-Frame Mini, we were not able to pull them off without damaging the front of the wonderful typography box. However, even with these stickers she did not lose in the appeal – to such an unusual design, peculiar, rather, gaming graphics card, it becomes clear that we face is not an ordinary case. Box size also indicates this: 32 × 50 × 59 cm. It is amazing to see to the extent that anything less than a body board Micro ATX, but no error. Gross Weight, thanks to extensive use of aluminum, turned around seven kilograms.

An impressive list, especially considering that this is a body Mini-ITX. Surely you have noticed that the strongest epithets in it are given in parentheses. The fact that they are highly subjective – which manufacturer will not praise your product? We are guided by the principle of “trust but verify”, will try to objectively assess the D-Frame Mini.

From cleaning the second end turned out more successfully, so the body specifications appear in front of you, not only in our table, but also in the picture. It’s time to open the box.

In addition virtually no alternative foam body is dressed not in the usual polyethylene, and a bag of black synthetic material. Such an approach is occasionally found on products, positioned as an image (remember, for example, Thermaltake New Soprano). In our view, given the small size and ease of transport, housing more than would fit tight cover: with him and all sorts of LAN Party would be more convenient to walk.

Review computer case IN WIN D-Frame Mini

In addition to housing, the box contained a sealable bag with accessories. Multi-language brochure is not devoid of the Russian language. On the next picture, right under the amusing title, you will find pictures and a complete listing supplied. Note that instead of fifteen hex screws (this typo occurs in all languages) Included is a necessary minimum – five: four for the motherboard and one for video. Another caveat is that the 2.5-inch drives to be used in an amount of two copies or fix them in just one or two points – on the five positions laid eight screws, while the three-inch discs for twelve available. All of the above have been carefully arranged into separate bags, which were Subscribe to the assembly could not refer to the instructions. To care for the glass walls of the manufacturer put a soft microfibre cloth with logo – this approach deserves only the highest praise. On the other hand, there is also a spoon of tar – reusable plastic cable clips were without screws.

Body that looks like a race car roll cage, came to us for testing in black.

From the first look at the D-Frame Mini becomes clear that the cooling components will be no problems. Many manufacturers try to maximize gaming corps area vents, IN WIN has moved much further: assembled computer is virtually identical to the open testbed, because almost all roll bar does not create air resistance. Say that the whole body design aims to achieve this goal, it is impossible. For example, a pair of inclined rods in the central part makes it more attractive and focuses on the push-button-interface panel.

Review computer case IN WIN D-Frame Mini

This part is difficult to come up with something new, so it simply provides the user activity indicator drives, two mini-jack, two-port USB 3.0, recessed below the surface of the button Reset and more impressive and convenient Power button with integrated LED. Despite the ability to use the body in any position, icons are oriented at vertical placement.

On the opposite side of the manufacturer posted a solid metal plate on which is carved the name of the model. This is none other than the seat for the power supply. Cutouts are designed either to reduce weight, whether for a neat cabling, located on both sides of the name.

Let’s see what interesting things came up in the IN WIN for the bottom side … that is for the top, in the photos of this building is not surprising and confusing. Here we will have an S-shaped handle makes it easy to move the whole structure to where you need it. Toward the middle of its cover is made rough – the hand from slipping (if suddenly assembled system is too heavy). In our view, the right decision – rubber pad attracted to this purely utilitarian details too much attention. The second part is a removable frame for double-slot expansion cards, under which in this case should be understood graphics.

The bottom of the housing is designed in the same way as the front side, with the only exception that instead of the buttons are turned frame for mounting two 120mm radiator fan or water cooling to 240 mm in length. All the more there’s nothing here.

Finally we left side view. Not every day we get to test body with the walls of tinted tempered glass. This tells us just two stickers: one of them – a significant diamond – simultaneously warns that contact with the glass must be carefully. Removed easily and without leaving a trace.

Little more translucent sticker shows the character and resist much longer: no sharp and thin tool can not do here. Trace of it will have to be washed by means of a solvent.

On the other side we are waiting for exactly the same glass, where as there is a little reminder that we face Tempered glass.

One of the main features of the body is able to put it on either side, thanks positioned around the perimeter of sixteen soft legs. Previously referred to handle this would be a great help. The only limitation – common sense. For example, the power button on the bottom few people will appreciate, as well as the power supply, looking you in the face. During the tests, we check to see which of the most convenient locations accessories will feel better.

At this point in the article, we usually summarizes the total hardness, quality painting and other specific characteristics of each of the test cases. Today, let us postpone this little moment, because on closer acquaintance certainly add a lot of interesting information.

Despite the fact that the structural features of the D-Frame Mini can be seen on almost any of the above pictures, we will try to dismantle it. Obviously, the individual components therein is less than full-sized D-Frame: a tubular frame is not folding.

Unscrew, so to speak, nuts, we see that the glass is posted on the metal studs that are put on the rubber nozzle. Their thick, protects the point of contact with the frame. More subtle is the basic suspension system.

The edge of the transparent wall is treated very carefully, so about trying to cut yourself on it can immediately forget. Do not forget that significantly toned glass: This is eloquently gray rubber mounting, changing its color almost black. But between the outer side of the glass and the metal fixing member of rubber provided protection. Crush the glass does not work, since the depth of wrap holder is limited, but the very existence of the direct contact of metal and glass somewhat confusing.

The disappearance of one of the dark glasses allow us to proceed to a closer inspection of the interior space. On the left we see again the site for installation of the power supply, it is firmly welded to the frame. Right – three shelves for storage, are easy to dismantle. On the main platform, there are enough different-sized holes for cable management, so that the advantages of the “breathable” design not be broken on the jungle of wires hanging everywhere.
Area for the installation of the motherboard is a solid metal surface with four attachment points, which will need to install a rack in the kit. Rather strange on the housing enthusiast looks no holes for the CPU cooler backplate: declaring support tower models up to 165 millimeters, IN WIN does not make them particularly easy installation.

The desire to maintain rigidity here is obviously to do with it, since the pallet is almost four millimeters thick is more like a sheet of thin armor. Apparently, the matter aesthetics. It also works very high processing quality cuts – no sharp edges or burrs can not find work.

Review computer case IN WIN D-Frame Mini

On completely free of attachments, the right side of a huge number of small primary and secondary holes attracted much attention. Some of them are quite obvious purpose – to keep the shelves for storage, the scope of the fans and the video card, motherboard. Some more or less clear – they can be used in cable management. Some also have initially dubious value because of the absence of the thread. The situation changes if we refer to the instruction: it turns out, a place to install the motherboard and resistant to storage, there are two additional positions for 2.5-inch drives!

You must have time to pay attention to streaks. Previous photo exaggerates their visibility, but they generally do on premium products made by hand? Armed with a soft cloth and eliminate flaws pre-sale preparation.

The wires used to connect the front panel are enclosed in high-quality braid and made as flat. Deprived of this joy only cable that connects the 3.5mm connectors with contacts AAFP motherboard. The ends of all wires are protected by practical heat shrink tubing.

On the opposite side of the frame is welded platform for the power supply. Unlike most models, allowing the installation BP barbecue grill up and down our guest offers only one direction – fan out. In fact, to arrange the battle for air between the graphics card and power supply would be quite unreasonable. Nevertheless, it can be turned “upside down”, because the mounting holes are located at both ends of the court. It is impossible not to notice that plenty of space on the plate: claim to support “pitalnikov” up to 220 mm.

In contrast to the place for the installation of the power supply, all three shelves for storage can be easily dismantled. On the problem of finding a suitable mounting in the IN WIN treated with great responsibility, so used a spring-loaded screws, nepoteryashki, which always remain in their positions. Directly under the removable shelves for storage placed one of the additional seats for 2.5-inch drives. Position under the optical drive is not provided.

As you can see, the site of the dismantled shelves were four holes. Two of them are, of course, to have a suitable screws and threaded. Another couple of holes in between – it is designed for the pins that help to quickly and easily position the shelf during installation. Because these two types of holes are not on the same axis, for fastening installation can drive only in one position.

The option to install themselves also drives only one. Three- or two-inch drive is attached the bottom of the four screws, the heads of which at a twisting fall into the recess intended for this purpose. Cushioning gasket between the body and mount the disk or between the attachment and the pallet is not provided. The one-sided way of fixing is also not conducive to a reduction of parasitic oscillations, if not vice versa. Vibration isolation is provided in the four attachment points to the frame of the entire platform, but neither she nor the impressive rubber feet-dampers on the frame itself (as we found out during the test) does not save the situation.

On this basis, it could be said that the body of this type is entirely focused on SSDs, if not for one thing: connectors 2.5-inch drives are spaced far enough away from the edge. Together with the thickness of the base plate is nearly four millimeters, it is somewhat difficult to connect and disconnect drives. L-shaped SATA-cables can not be used at all. The reason is visible to the naked eye – to move closer to the edge of the drive and interfere with the mounting holes for the “big” drives, and spring-loaded screws fasteners themselves.

In fact, in the case there are only two non-removable element – Interface-button panel and mount the power supply. The main platform is removed incredibly easy, perhaps easier than glass walls: it is enough to unscrew four skimpy tabletkopodobnyh screw.
We have already gathered to write that taken out of the frame platform is almost perfect embodiment of an open testbed (only the power supply nowhere to be fixed), when suddenly caught myself thinking that such is the whole body. Moreover, this test stand is very convenient to take with you.

The first one is designed to hold expansion cards. Since we are dealing with the case overclocker-gaming focus, expansion cards are meant for video cards. If you add in the logical chain of the already mentioned “Premium” product, saying “card”, we mean the fastest, most powerful and great representatives of their family. That is why the mounting frame looks so impressive – it should split any video reasonable weight to the motherboard and stay in place. The unique structure of the body allows it to hang on the graphics card up to 150 and up to 340 millimeters.

The second frame, fastened on the same captive screws, as well as shelves for storage, designed for installation of two 120 mm fans or radiator liquid cooling system up to 240 millimeters.

Review computer case IN WIN D-Frame Mini updated: January 12, 2015 author: John Malkovich