Review 32-inch 4K-IPS-monitor Acer B326HK: many points for little money

Review 32-inch 4K-IPS-monitor Acer B326HK: many points for little money

At the time of this writing among 4K monitors have about a dozen models with IPS-matrix and screen sizes over 30 inches. Due to its price, these several models create the same pattern in which the hero of our today’s article, Monitor Acer B326HK, would seem quite reasonable, because its price at the start of sales will fluctuate around the mark in 1100 dollars,  if the course again not commit what some pirouettes. Our experimental stands out not only the price and size, but also the type of matrix – AHVA. Despite its name, it has nothing to do with the * VA-matrices and refers to the subspecies IPS.

Abbreviation AHVA interpreted as follows: Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle, which literally translates as “advanced hyperangle review” – an expression is obtained very simply marketing and very scary. We also important that AHVA-Acer B326HK matrix does not belongs to the family * VA, despite similar abbreviation.

Manufacturers of LCD panels in the world once or twice and obchelsya, so creating matrices AHVA should do anyone familiar. Long search is not necessary – it’s the Taiwanese company AU Optronics. The properties AHVA very little is known, but judging by some of the monitor, briefly describe this type of matrices can be so: it is IPS-like matrix from AU Optronics. The proximity to AHVA IPS uniquely hinted at Acer, pointing to his official US site that monitor Acer B326HK set IPS-matrix.

Acer B326HK: Specifications

Acer B326HK
Diagonal inches 32
Aspect Ratio 16: 9
Coating Matrix Matt
Standard resolution, pix. 3840 × 2160
PPI 138
Image Options
Type of matrix IPS (AHVA)
Stated gamut ND
Backlight Type LED
Max. Brightness, cd / m 2 350
Contrast the static ND
Display Color 1070000000
Horizontal refresh rate, kHz ND
Vertical refresh rate in Hz ND
Response time, ms 6
The maximum viewing angles
horizontal / vertical, °
Video Inputs 1 × DisplayPort (V. 1.2);
1 × Mini DisplayPort;
1 × HDMI (MHL);
1 × DVI-D
Video Outputs No
Additional Ports 2 × USB 3.0 Type A;
1 × USB 3.0 Type B
Built-in speakers: number x power, W 2, ND
Physical parameters
Screen position adjustment The angle of inclination, rotation, height
VESA-mount: Dimensions (mm) 100 × 100 mm
Fixing the Kensington Yes I Am
Power supply unit Built-in
Max. power consumption
in work / standby (W)
44 / 0.39
Overall dimensions
(With stand) DhVhG mm
737 × 623 × 266
Overall dimensions
(Without stand) DhVhG mm
739 × 455 × 61
Net Weight (with stand), kg 12
Net Weight (without stand), kg 8
Warranty period 3 years
Guide price $ 1100

The screen monitor mat, its diagonal is 32 inches, which in combination with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels gives the PPI about 138 dpi. Scaling in Windows will have to include – or objects on the screen will be too small. But even with the included scaling to such a huge screen will have some time to get used to, and sometimes even remind ourselves that work behind the monitor, not the TV. LED lights at the monitor, and, judging by the small maximum power consumption of 44 watts, it comes to an end type (not Full-LED, when a screen is a network of light-emitting diodes).

The manufacturer claims that the static display contrast of 1000: 1, maximum brightness – 350 cd / m 2. Display Color is 1 billion, which alludes to the use of 10-bit matrix. However, the monitor can be mounted 8-bit rate matrix, supplemented by technology FRC. According to the US site Acer, monitor the response time of 6 ms, but, unfortunately, there has not been specified, by what technique it has been measured: GtG or BtW. On the other hand, nothing but GtG, such a small value can not be.

Review 32-inch 4K-IPS-monitor Acer B326HK: many points for little money

Sales Acer B326HK appear in the second quarter of 2015. As we said a representative of Acer, monitor price will fluctuate around the mark in 1100 US dollars. The exact price in rubles will be known closer to start of sales – because of the sharp and frequent fluctuations of the national currency to predict the ultimate cost of the monitor in rubles, we do not undertake. Suffice it to say that the price of $ 1100 Acer B326HK makes one of the most affordable monitors with a diagonal of 30 inches or more 4K resolution. Only cheaper options on the matrices TN + Film. Similar in front of screen performance with a combination of IPS + IGZO significantly more expensive. The warranty on Acer B326HK is 3 years.

Acer B326HK: Appearance

Acer B326HK looks exactly the same as the other 32-inch Acer, but with a resolution of 2560 × 1440, – Acer B326HUL . Nothing surprising in this, because they have the same diagonal, and using the same or similar products for buildings involved in many companies. However, this approach is often used for laptops and other computer hardware – see the different monitors in the same housing, we may not ever.

Using the “Done” housing can reduce the cost of design and production monitor that ultimately reduces its cost. The latter is useful always, regardless of how much it cost to display: $ 300 or $ 1100, as in the case considered by us Acer B326HK.

Monitor case is made of matte, slightly rough plastic. The top, left and right frame were quite thin – only 8 mm, but the bottom is thicker – 22 mm. Probably, it is the system and the end of LED backlighting, and for mechanical keys also need a place.

Review 32-inch 4K-IPS-monitor Acer B326HK: many points for little money

All keys on the front panel display in the lower right corner. It is good that the manufacturer did not use fancy touch-sensitive keys and took the “mechanics”. Too bad that no icons but typical power icon next to the rightmost keys, they do not, which makes it difficult to work with the monitor menu.

On the left side of the monitor are two ports USB 3.0 (one of which you can charge smartphones, even if the display is in sleep mode), and on the right side there is nothing remarkable. Generally USB-hub in the monitor – a good thing, but reaching out to the left end face of a 32-inch display is not as easy and convenient as reaching out to the same end face of 27- or 23-inch screen.

On the rear panel Acer B326HK nothing special, except for the logo and manufacturer of fastening VESA 100 × 100 mm, which is screwed on foot.

All monitor connectors located on the back panel, parallel to the plane of the screen. In addition to the traditional three-pin power connector, where you can find the port DisplayPort 1.2, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI (combined with the MHL), DVI-D, as well as three ports USB 3.0. Two of them are designed to connect flash drives or peripherals, and the third is the type B – he needed to connect the monitor to the PC. Headphone jack at the monitor was not, but he has a 3.5mm audio input to output the sound through the built-in speakers.

Review 32-inch 4K-IPS-monitor Acer B326HK: many points for little money

In Acer B326HK is adjustable for height and tilt. Its screen can be raised to a height of 15 inches and tilted from -5 (forward) to +25 (back) degrees.

If the screen is raised to its maximum height, the maximum angle of inclination of – approximately 20 degreesHowever, the tilt angle of the screen back up to 25 degrees can only when it is raised to its maximum height. If you omit the screen, the back of the display housing can lean to about 20 degrees – then it will limit the leg stand.

On the back of the legs has a large turntable – according to the instructions, it can be used to turn the monitor to an angle of 60 degrees clockwise or counter it.Leg at Acer B326HK get more, so the monitor is firmly and confidently stand on the table. On the right side there is hidden a small magnet – it is made for easy storage clips and other small metal “Chancery”.

In the box to the monitor there were some cables, only the rarest cable, Mini DisplayPort, complete was not there. What is, is as follows:

  • Dual-Link DVI-D;
  • DisplayPort to DisplayPort;
  • HDMI to HDMI;
  • USB 3.0 Type A ↔ Type B (for connection of the monitor to the PC);
  • audio mini-jack to mini-jack (for audio output from the PC);
  • two power cords (with European and UK plug).

Acer B326HK: Menu

Virtually all Acer Monitor OSD looks the same. When you press any key monitor, except Power, open the Quick Menu. It is possible to select one of the preset profiles, enable Picture-In-Picture, go to the full menu, adjust the volume or select an input source.

Review 32-inch 4K-IPS-monitor Acer B326HK: many points for little money

The full version of the setup menu is presented not so much. You can adjust the brightness and contrast, adjust the color temperature (templates “warm”, “cold”, and so on), adjust the saturation of the six basic colors, twist or turn on the gamut sRGB. As far as this mode corresponds to the coverage space sRGB, we will tell the next page.

In the other menu items are collected the most common settings for your monitor. Here you can set the display time of the OSD menu, select their language, set up job USB-hub (enable or disable charging gadgets while finding the monitor in standby mode), and adjust the operation modes PbP and PiP.

Work PiP Modes and PbP our guinea implemented properly. When you select PiP mode small “picture” of the second signal source can be in one of the four corners of the monitor, but what if you turn on PbP screen will be divided into two equal parts vertically.

Review 32-inch 4K-IPS-monitor Acer B326HK: many points for little money updated: February 20, 2015 author: John Malkovich