The reaction of the gaming industry on the glasses HoloLens

The reaction of the gaming industry on the glasses HoloLens

Points HoloLens become quite an unexpected surprise that Microsoft has presented to the public during a press conference about Windows 10. Of course, in such an ambitious product that has among other things obviously gaming focus, could not react and representatives of the gaming industry.

CEO and President of Crytek Cevat Yerli (Cevat Yerli) said on Twitter: «We always meet with enthusiasm announcements of new technologies and be sure to get acquainted with a look at Microsoft holographic device. I was impressed with the demonstration HoloLens at a press conference, and we want to estimate how the power and flexibility of our engine CryEngine can be combined with this latest innovation. “

Alexander Bergendahl, CEO Poppermost Productions, working on a game for a helmet Oculus Rift, a more realistic assessment of the technical difficulties in such an innovative device:

“As far as I can tell now, HoloLens add further levels of complexity when creating games than is already facing project developers in virtual reality (VR). In virtual reality, you, at least, create a game in an environment which is already used to working – I mean the screen.

With HoloLens you should be aware that each user is surrounded by completely different environment and the things – all this definitely affects the display of virtual objects in augmented reality. Lack of control over this parameter can limit the scope of imagination of the designer, difficult or fragments environment for different players. However, I note that the modern game developers are excited to work with the new restrictions, and I’m sure we will see some great games in a short time, many of whom had previously been simply impossible. “

The reaction of the gaming industry on the glasses HoloLens

Head of gaming analysts IHS Technology Piers Harding-Rolls (Piers Harding-Rolls) made several analytical comments: “The decision of Microsoft HoloLens, apparently, is flexible and powerful enough to switch between views is quite simple augmented reality like run Skype or online videos and execution of more complex applications such as games. This flexibility allows us to hope that the new Microsoft platform will be adopted a wider range of users than the existing closed virtual reality helmets. However, points can be attractive to players and enthusiasts who demonstrate a strong interest in the Oculus Rift and Sony Project Morpheus ». He also added that the cost of the device may be high, which will make a niche product.

O’Luni Patrick (Patrick O’Luanaigh), head of nDreams, which is now working on games for the Oculus Rift, praised those aspects of points, as no wires and self-sufficiency. According to him, it gives users more freedom. In addition, Mr. O’Luni added that his company is working on concepts that can be applied in the future and HoloLens.

“I think this is a very impressive device, including because it looks almost completed consumer product. I think full games for virtual reality will work fine on this machine, which at the same time be able to offer the possibility of a bizarre mix of the real world with the created on the computer. The camera allows the machine to create a depth map of the environment, and the software will be able to use the spatial information to display virtual objects before and after the real-world objects like a chair or table – Imagine 3D-soldier who jumps out of the cover of your couch. I believe that HoloLens – another fine example of the attractiveness of the various digital technologies helmets. We are not tied to the platforms and intend to produce their products in all key helmets – HoloLens definitely falls into that category, it seems to me, “- he said.

The reaction of the gaming industry on the glasses HoloLens updated: January 27, 2015 author: John Malkovich