Published specifications “short” SSD Plextor M.2 6G

Published specifications "short" SSD Plextor M.2 6G

Last summer, the company introduced a series of Plextor SSD form factor M.2 – extremely compact drives with extremely fast bus PCI Express 2.0. Such drives disclose potential gaming laptops without taking in a mobile system as a significant volume. Then it became known that in addition to the most productive series SSD M6e company is preparing a series of mass models M6G. Today, thanks to Japanese sources, the opportunity to get acquainted with the characteristics of SSD Plextor M.2 6G.

Links International Corporation of Japan from February 28 to begin to distribute their channels SSD Plextor M.2 PX-128M6G-2242 (128GB) and PX-64M6G-2242 (64 GB). Issue price, respectively, 10,810 and 6,370 yen, which is about 90 and 50 dollars. Even with the high taxes in Japan, the cost of gigabytes of data – less than one dollar. The length of the drive is reduced to 42 mm, what, in fact, says the formula in their title: 2242.

At the heart of the series is M6G controller Marvell 88SS9188 (M6e equipped with Marvell controller 9183). Volume DDR3 cache buffer is 256 MB. Flash memory is collected from the 19-nm chips Toshiba Interface Toggle.

Published specifications "short" SSD Plextor M.2 6G

Established both reading speed SSD series M6G reach 520 MB / s. A recording rate established for the model 128 GB – 210 Mb / s and 64-Gb – up to 160 Mbytes / sec. IOPS values ​​for the older model with random operations (read / write) with 4-Kbyte blocks are 70000/50000, Jr. – 60000/40000. All models support operations TRIM, NCQ and may include saving mode DEVSLP with the consumption of only 0.2 mW.

Published specifications “short” SSD Plextor M.2 6G updated: February 25, 2015 author: John Malkovich