New image of graphics chip GeForce GTX 960 / GM206

New image of graphics chip GeForce GTX 960 / GM206

One of the websites posted a photo of what he calls the GPU GM206, which will be the heart of the video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960. Image sheds light on a number of details about this chip.

If the photo is published site VideoCardz, is a true image of the graphics chip GM206, it proves two important things. Firstly, NVIDIA has on his hands has not yet announced GPU codenamed GM206. Secondly, the new chip is smaller than the GM204, which means that it focuses on a different segment of the market. The processor is labeled as “GM206-300-A1”, it may mean that we are dealing with the first commercial version of the GPU.

The new device has GM206 GM204 slightly different packaging, on which there is no metal frame, which indicates that this GPU is not planned to install a massive cooling system, which could potentially damage the silicon chip. The exact size of the crystal is extremely difficult to determine, but considering that it is rumored that the graphics processor has a memory bus width of 128 bits (and the corresponding reduced size packaging), the chip must be sufficiently small. Furthermore, it is a rectangular shape that NVIDIA wants to maximize the number of these chips on the substrate during manufacture.

Completely new design of the GPU, reducing the size, relatively narrow memory bus, rectangular shape and some other things show that NVIDIA intends to optimize the cost of manufacturing the chip and graphics cards based on it. This means that NVIDIA has pretty big plans for the GM206.

New image of graphics chip GeForce GTX 960 / GM206

Cheap graphics cards with high performance tend to become bestsellers among the players. But although they say the relationship between price and performance, it is understood that users will not buy graphics cards that do not meet certain performance criteria that are growing every day.

In recent years, the ever-popular graphics cards from the available had a 256-bit memory bus, to increase the capacity and its ability to allow the GPU to show its full potential. Nevertheless, the 256-bit memory bus is necessary to use relatively expensive PCB (printed circuit board, PCB) with a large number of metallization layers and increased the number of chips GDDR. Using a 128-bit memory access will allow NVIDIA to get the maximum price flexibility, because its partners do not have to use expensive PCB for graphics cards based on the GeForce GTX 960.

The low price will enable NVIDIA and its partners to present a variety of solutions based on the GM206. Small chip and a relatively narrow memory bus will provide an opportunity to reduce the price of the GeForce GTX 960 to very low values. But will these graphics cards show a decent gaming performance, and therefore become popular among the players? Apparently, it is only time will tell. According to rumors, NVIDIA plans to formally present the GeForce GTX 960 is already on Jan. 22. The wait is long.

New image of graphics chip GeForce GTX 960 / GM206 updated: January 7, 2015 author: John Malkovich