Many products but only one new GPU for AMD in 2015

Many products but only one new GPU for AMD in 2015

Since some weeks now emerged several rumors about the next generation of AMD GPU aimed at desktop systems. These models of the family Radeon R9 300, called to counteract the NVIDIA GeForce architecture-based Maxwell.

In particular, the site to provide more detailed information, although not official, on video cards belonging to this family. The online data indicate how the proposals will only top of the range, with single and two GPUs, AMD will present completely new GPU architecture indicated by the code name of Fiji. For this solution the indiscretions report the presence of well 4,096 stream processors, based on the architecture GCN 1.3; to complete the technical specifications 256 TMUs, 128ROPs and memory interface HBM by 1024bit amplitude.

The chip Fiji should be used by AMD for the Radeon R9 390, Radeon Radeon R9 R9 390X and 390X2, the latter a declination with two GPUs on the same PCB as the name lets you easily understand.

The first cards that we will see on the market will be proposed lower-end, the models Radeon Radeon R7 R7 360 and 360X. To find these cards GPU Trinidad, which could be the result of a new design or a rebrand of Pitcairn chip used by AMD for the Radeon Radeon R9 R9 270 and 270X currently on the market. The debut of these cards could take place over the next month so by the end of the first quarter 2015.

Afterwards we will have the debut of other GPU in the second quarter of 2015, with models 370 and Radeon Radeon R9 R9 370X adopting the GPU Tonga that AMD has already matched the Radeon R9 285 on the market for several months now. The technical specifications indicated represent 2,048 stream processors and GDDR5 384bit memory bus width, with 3 Gbytes of video memory.

For family cards Radeon R9 380 will find the GPU instead indicated by the code name of Grenada, model derived from Hawaii that is mounted on the Radeon R9 290 currently on the market. In this case AMD should intervene allowing to obtain higher clock frequency than those accessible with Hawaii, even if we do not believe that this will also lead to a parallel reduction in consumption at full load. The declination most powerful continue to integrate 2,816 stream processors, combined with 4 Gbytes of GDDR5 video memory on a 512bit bus.

The line of GPU that AMD intends to make available on the market over the next few months then sees one important change, in the form of chips that Fiji will adopt GCN architecture 1.3. The other tabs will be obtained by reusing, even with some changes in the technical specifications, GPU already on the market for some time with a rebranding operation that we have seen in the past. This choice is also linked to the constraints of the production technology available, which continues to remain for all of these solutions to the 28-nanometer developed by Taiwan TSMC.

Many products but only one new GPU for AMD in 2015 updated: February 10, 2015 author: John Malkovich